The 10 Drawbacks that Makes the World’s Almost Best 4G LTE Flip-Phone A Smashing Failure…

Should they only fix 80% of these...

​LG Exalt 4G LTE Flip Phone (VN220)

​LG Exalt 4G LTE Flip Phone (VN220)

​With the technology advancing fast forward, and people simply can't disconnect from social networking day and night, it has come time for this too, namely, a sophisticated phone, working on the 4G LTE network, with many great features, but still in the form of a nice clean flip-phone. And yes, believe it or not, there is still a strong demand for such.

LG launched it's first ever flip phone in a nice, clean and comfortable design, yet working at full speed on Verizon's 4G LTE network.

​Featuring a big screen with sharp and clear views, clear pictures and video, it's definitely a significant upgrade to the old traditional flip-phones.
And surprisingly, this phone is not falling short in hardware too. Out of personal use, I had the chance to witness its sturdiness after falling down and hitting the ground many times, it's still in an excellent brand-new condition.

Pros and Cons:

Here's a quick list with some of its key-features and benefits:


  • ​3.0-inch screen (400 x 240 pixels), makes it easier to read text, browse, and view pictures
  • ​5.0 megapixel camera for shooting high-resolution pictures and HD-quality video
  • ​HD Voice, using Verizon's 4G LTE network to enable HD Voice, for digital and high-resolution sound during phone calls.
  • ​8GB of internal storage and supports for a microSD card up to 32GB

But here comes the big problem...


  • ​No easy option to send voice message. The only option is to record a voice note, and then share it via messaging or email, but no option to send one in first place or reply to someone with a voice message.
  • The phone has no zoom functionality in email to see the text larger, even you make 'large' fonts in the phone settings, it'll only enlarge the raw text, but if there is some formatted text in an email, then forget about it, no way to read it
  • No way to select part of an email, like select and copy some text, etc.No support for some basic file formats, like a text file or PDF, etc.
  • While using T9 Word, there is no way to just click right and proceed, you must click first left and then right - those who experienced this phone will know what I mean
  • While on a call, this phone has no easy way to return to the text message screen, to see incoming text messages or send a new one, the only option is to send a message to the person you're on call with. Wanna see or use any other feature/app during a phone conversation? Forget it...
  • When sending a new text message, there is no option to choose from a list of those recently sent to
  • Trying to send a message to a group of contacts, or select from a group? Looks like they have worked on such feature, but it simply doesn't work... It'll bring up the list of contacts in that group, but you'll have no way to actually select any or all contacts in the group
  • When you dial a number and call it, after the call ends, it'll go back to a blank screen as if it's waiting for me to enter some numbers. I gotta press the 'End' button again to clear and return to the home screen
  • Last but definitely not least, sometimes it takes a second to respond to a specific button-click, especially when going into the text messages screen, it may take a second or 2 to load the messages, etc.
  • ​Know of anything else wrong with this phone which I didn't mention? Drop it down in the comments below...


The full-packed good features in this phone, still doesn't compensate for it's so many drawbacks, which makes it falling short even of way-older basic phones, and it's a shame that LG shouldn't be able to include such basic features.

Wondering how LG is responding to these and many more complaints? Take a look here at many other reviews and comments of frustrated consumers...

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Oh yeh, this flip phone sucks.
I think it was a premature release, hope they’ll fix it in the next version of this phone.


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