Best Steel Toe Boots in 2018

You might have noticed that in most work stations the toes are usually the most vulnerable body parts. They are the most tripped on part and the usually are the ones that take the greatest impact in most workplace accidents. Most accident in workplace usually are as a result of tripping or slipping on the surface either due to moisture on the ground or the shoes not having a good grip.

 It is therefore important to have a boot that not only give you a good look but also give you assurance of safety. Steel boots are among the best shoes for different work stations.  However not all as comfortable and convenient to be in. we have done some homework to make you selection work easier by reviewing the best steel toe boots for you

Best Steel Toe Boots

10. Skechers Work Men's Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe

There is nothing as fulfilling as being comfortable and safe at your work place. If you are oriented towards achieving this, you will need Skechers for Work Men’s Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe. They are tough and durable slip on shoes which only require little effort and time to put on. The steel toe keeps your toes at peace knowing that they are protected from sudden impacts and compressions.

The inside is fitted with foam to give the feet a comfortable feeling and wink on moisture. The shoe also has a very relaxed feet. Topped with its stylish look, the shoe is a lightweight making it possible to walk on them all day long in different stations. It is slightly wider than normal hence can be defined as one of the best steel toe boots for wide feet. The arc is designed to accommodate different types of feet arcs and shapes. This makes is a best steel toe shoe for flat feet.


  • Has standard steel toe for impact protection on toes
  • The rubber sole has maximum traction and is slip resistant
  • Has very relaxed fit
  • Can be described as a lightweight
  • Very durable and tough


  • Can run big as it takes different feet shapes

9. Caterpillar Men's Convex Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

While working one of the things that matter most is endurance. Caterpillar Men’s Convex Mid Steel Toe is one of the boots that stand up to different works and days demands. Made of dynamic leather and a combination of rubber and mesh, the boot gives you maximum protection from any hazardous impacts on your toe while at the same time delivering maximum comfort.

The outsole is one of the high performing with excellent levels of traction. It is slip resistant giving the feet and grip to the ground. With these shoes accidents in work stations should not worry you much. At the toe area is a steel part which ensures protection to the toe. It is very durable even on the face of hard jobs. It is and enduring shoe. It is designed with slick nylon laces with a touch of waxed leather. This makes them have a good adjustable fit and a water resistant aspect.


  • Very durable
  • Has a water resistant waxed leather make
  • It is a comfortable shoe
  • Has a high level of traction
  • The steel toe provides protection to the feet from hazardous impact


  • if you are not used to steel toe shoes, you might find them heavy at first

8. Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6 Inch Safety Toe Lace-up Boot

Made of dual density hybrid outsole, Thorogood Men’s American Heritage gives you a slip resistant and comfortable grip to the surface.  The shoe is hard on the external environment but very soft on your feet. It has a very breathable and comfortable atmosphere in the inside. 

The biggest challenge when it comes to shoes is failure to support the wearer effectively. This hoe has a high shaft of approximately 6.5” from the arch and a platform of about 0.95 inches. This give a good support to the wearer. To top this up, the neck is padded giving the feet a pressure free feeling after wearing them day long.

The oiled pure leather make is very durable and waterproof. This makes them among the best waterproof steel toe boots. This therefore means they can be used by workers in professions involving water and slippery floors. 


  • Waterproof leather
  • Has good grip on slippery floors
  • Very durable
  • Very strong sole for support
  • Very comfortable


  • Can be very heave  for you if not used to steel toe boots

7. Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt CMF6366 is made with rugged flex technology that it stretched with your feet movements. This allows for natural movement of the feet. Added to this feature is the rubber sole that provides both shock absorption and high of traction. The shoe is very versatile as it provides support and protection regardless of where you are. Be it in the farm, taking a stroll on the pavements, walking indoors etc.

The outsole which is made of cement and rugged flex makes the sole very durable and flexible. The hard on terrain outsole makes it a good boot for woods travel with steel toe. The padded tongue and collar at the neck makes if very comfortable. This is an added feature to the cushioned insole. Theses ensure comfort to the feet all day.

To protect the ankle while on and off job, the shoe is made of full grain leather which is water resistant.  In addition they have string tie laces that are strong and sturdy. The help in keeping your boot tied and your shoes intact. This feature makes them the best steel toe boots for construction and welding workers.


  • Very sturdy and supportive
  • Very flexible and tough
  • Very durable
  • Has high level of traction and slip-resistance
  • Water resistant


  • Not comfortable for wide and flat feet.

6. Timberland PRO Men's Powertrain Mid Alloy-Toe ESD Industrial Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Mid Alloy-Toe ESD combines both functionality and swag. It provides enormous protection to the feet. It is one among the best steel toe boot for basketball players. It is not only fitted with still alloy to counter impact but also but is also equipped with ASTM which actively protects against shock. It keeps the owner away from sensitive electronic and high static levels.

We recommend Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Mid Alloy-Toe ESD as the best steel toe boot for electricians. You are insulated from live circuit in the course of the work. In the course of working, the atmosphere may change. At time extensive heat and cold. As such you may not want to have your feet sweating or freezing inside. Timberland pro is made of a breathable mesh at the upper and an antimicrobial lining to keep the feet off bad odor and moisture.


  • The shoe is designed with ghillie-style lacing to give a sure fit.
  • The toe area is made of alloy to give the feet maximum protection
  • Has less break in period and can be worn immediately after purchase
  • It is very breathable due to the upper mesh
  • Very light and flexible


  • Not so comfortable for flat feet and wide feet.

5. Timberland PRO Men's 6" Stockdale GripMax Alloy Toe Work Boot

This timberland boot highly protective. Other than having a steel toe, it is highly waterproof. It therefore does not only protect the feet from impacts but also any external moisture. The shoe is a perfect exhibition of durability, quality and protection.  . While taking on your daily activities, you can be certain that the show won’t come off on you as it is a lace up form of shoe to allow you adjust fit.

You may be concerned that a shoe with a steel toe will be too heavy on you. However Timberland PRO 6" Stockdale is of manageable weight to allow you move about without fatigue or strain. The full grain leather material makes the boot very durable. This is one of the feature most buyer would consider given that the show isn’t for the stylist but for the people looking for quality and protection.

The tough rubber sole acts hard on the ground make it a good boot to take on different terrains. Its perfect grip on the ground makes the feet have an excellent traction level. Topped up with the shoes slip resistant nature, you are assured of an accident free movement while in these shoes.


  • It is a complete foot wear as it is up to the ankle high
  • Has a breathable mesh lining making it cool, warm and free of moisture depending on the prevailing weather conditions
  • Made of a very durable full grain leather making it a long-live boot
  • It has a padded tongue and collar at the neck for comfort and support
  • Very stable as it is slip-resistant


  • Can be heavy for people not used to steel or alloy toe boots

4. KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Outdoor is a no go zone without a good seal to your feet. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh provide exactly this. It is a masterpiece boot that has elevated the feet safety bar. With the steel toe, it ensures that the feet are protected from any impacts and compressions. The shoes casual look should not be confused for weakness. It is a tough boot and can take on any form of terrain. It provides maximum traction and slip-resistant effect on your feet when on your outdoor activities. Some of these activities include hiking, strolls etc. to give the user a warm and comfortable feel all day, the shoe has a super cushioned insole and padded tongue and collar at the neck.

You don’t have worry of the show keeping on coming out while making your movements. The shoe has string tie laces that are strong and sturdy to allow you adjust the fit of the shoe.


  • Water resistant outsole
  • Has a steel toe for protection
  • Has arch support
  • A wide toe area
  • Is a light weight show


  • Can be heavy for users not used to steel toe shoes

3. Danner Men's Quarry GTX 8" AT Boot

This is a well styled pair of boots that has a matching brown color with white stitches and oranges races. They combine so well to give the boot an admirable look. The admirable casual look is a covers a durable and a hard triple stitched leather. This makes the boot very durable, comfortable when taking on hard environment, water resistant and high level of protection from the toe tip to the rear of the foot.

At the neck of the boot is a padded collar and tong which make the boot very comfortable and supportive. The high shaft makes it a complete waterproof footwear that covers up to the ankle. This makers the boot one of the best steel toe boots for winter.  The deep ridges on the sole makes the boot have an excellent grip to the ground and reduced chances of slipping while in them.


  • Made of double stitched full grain leather which is very durable
  • The boot is made of high shaft covering up to the ankle
  • It is has good grip to the ground hence reduced tripping chances
  • Has a steel toe which ensures protection to the feet
  • Has and admirable look


  • Not so comfortable for flat feet

2. Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

This comes with extra comfort to every part of your feet. Made of waterproof leather material which allows the boot to be a favorable wear for hiking. The steel toe are is made aluminum alloy which reduces the impact on the two from the external obstacles by half. This gives maximum protection to the feet. These shoes have absolutely little break in period. This means that they can be worn immediately after purchase without fear of feeling stiff on your feet.

Making this shoe among the best steel toe waterproof boot, it is made of oily water resistant leather. In addition to that, it is abrasion and slip resistant pair of boots. When in them therefore you are assured of reduced number of slips and accidents. Maximum protection and support to the feet is a guarantee.


  • Has good grip the ground hence reduced slip rates
  • Is water proof hence keeps the feet away from moisture
  • Has a steel toe making them a protective wear for the feet
  • They are abrasion and shock absorber making it very stable
  • Very flexible and allows natural movement of the feet


  • Could be heavy for people not used to steel or alloy toe boots

1. Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ is one of the products that prove the key principles of Caterpillar the company of integrity, hard work and strength. This comes with extra comfort to every part of your feet. It is the best pair of boots to take on rough and scruffy terrains. It gives you an unbreakable will to explore different terrain as it can virtually take on all of them.

It provides enormous protection against hazardous work places environment like obstacles, impulse impacts, compressions, water clogging, slippery surfaces etc.  The heavy duty rubber sole is slip resistant and is incorporated with a ladder safe heel to ensure to the feet are free from tripping and enjoy excellent level of traction.

To ensure the boot give you great support, it has a padded collar and tongue at the neck. The shaft is raised up to the ankle making it a complete footwear. It is only fair to say that regardless of how you’d want to view this boot, it is simply the best to take on different terrain. It is on this basis that we crowned it the best steel toe boot.


  • Made of full g rain leather which is very durable
  • Has internal mesh lining making it possible to wick on any moisture
  • Has an odor resistant insole keeping the feet away from bad smell
  • The outsole is electrical hazard and slip resistant
  • Gives maximum protection to the feet with steel toe and up to the ankle shaft


  • Might be heavy for those not used to steel toe shoes.

One of the major characteristic of steel toe boots is being heavy. We however considered them to be of manageable weight compared to the utility they provide. In this article we analyzed other key features in our picks for the best steel toe boots which we considered are helpful in distinguishing which would best fit different users, different, terrains, different feet shapes and sizes etc.

You may have noted that all along the article we have majored on the safety aspect as this is what the steel toe shoes are entirely made for. Most of the boots discussed above have features centered to this like the slip resistant soles, the steel toe, high shaft, waterproof material etc. as a complimenting feature, given that most of them are casual and not so stylish, virtually all the boots discussed in this article have polished the comfort aspect of the shoe, fatigue reduction and support.

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