Boys Winter Outerwear 2023 Buying Guide

The innocent look on the face of babies can be harmed in the coming winter months. How? If the child isn’t properly clothed, then you’re opening the door to the cold hands of Mother Nature. This can lead to severe health challenges for these children. In order to avoid such, I’ve put together a boys winter outerwear buying guide to aid you when you go shopping for your kids this winter season.

Need I mention that your kid doesn’t have to dress like he’s from another planet because of cold weather? Oh yes, you’ll learn a few fashion tips that will help you dress him properly, whilst protecting him from the elements.

To start with, you should know your child’s clothing sizes.

The Clothing Size Table for Kids (Boys and Girls)

Adults, unlike children, can manage to stick with any piece of clothing that isn’t their size. Children, on the other hand, have specific clothing sizes tailored for their age ranges. This implies that a baby of 6 months won’t wear what a baby of 2 years will wear.

Below, we’ll share the clothing size sheet with you. This will guide you when making purchases, as you’ll be aware of which size that fits your kids.

Here are the three tables,

  1. The first table is for babies less than 24 months.
  2. Table 2 is for toddlers 24 months up to 4 years old.
  3. The third table is for children 4 years old and above.

Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for boys winter outerwear, in addition to the table above.

Factors to consider when buying boys winter outerwear

  1. Boys winter outerwear need to be lightweight and should not be heavy. The lighter the better. This will allow them to move freely while wearing the clothing.
  2. Booties, mittens, and hats should also be purchased along with their respective jackets and coats. This will come handy when you want them to look all snuggly and cute.
  3. Your baby boys winter outerwear may be bigger or smaller for him. This is because some boys winter outerwear are made for boys within a certain age range.
  4. If your baby boy is now a toddler, his clothing will be marked T. This T mark will enable you to sift through piles of clothes easily. More so, it can help you pick out which ones will fit your boy and which one that won’t.
  5. You should get a winter outerwear with an elastic waistband for him. This is essential for boys below the age of 6. They may not be able to tie their waistbands if it has ropes. It is also important to check the elastic strength of the waistband. If the elastic band is tight, it should be loosened by a tailor or perhaps, you can opt for another boys winter outerwear.
  6. Once your boy passes the toddler stage, he should be a part of the decision-making process. Allow him to chip in a thing or two like colors he wants, designs he wants and stuffs like that. This is essential because he has friends he would like to dress like. If his friends own a customized winter jacket for boys, get one for him – if you can afford it. Furthermore, if they like a Star Wars themed winter jacket, you should get one for him. Don’t fulfill all of his requests, however, as this might make him demand more than you can afford.
  7. Consider the size of the winter outerwear: Generally, boys tend to grow fast. This assertion has been countered by scientists that claim girls grow faster than boys. Well, that’s an argument for another day. It is important to get something a little bit bigger than your son’s size. This will make it possible for them to wear it for about a year or two before you think of replacing it. It would invariably, save costs for you whilst still keeping your little prince protected.
  8. Does the jacket have a removable hood? As a parent, you can save extra money when shopping for your son by buying outerwear with a detachable hood. They can easily remove the hood when the weather starts becoming warmer and fix it back if it gets colder.
  9. Consider getting lined jackets/coats: If you come across a lined jacket or coat that is pretty affordable, please buy it. Lined jackets can be worn for different occasions if you split it. This will save you the stress of carrying one lightweight jacket and heavy jacket along with you when you are traveling with your son.
  10. If you’re on a tight budget, check out used winter outerwear for boys: Who says buying used products is a bad thing? Well, it’s bad if it is visibly damaged. When buying used outerwear, look out for tiny wear and tear signs on the body. Also check the seams very well to make sure that they won’t rip off as soon as you put them on your body.
  11. Don’t look at brand names except you are ready to spend: If you are on a budget, then forget the brand names and go for less known brands that make quality wears. After all, only a few people will notice your boy is wearing a designer winter outerwear.
  12. Soft shell or hard shell? Some people get confused when they hear terms like softshell and hard shell used to refer to a winter outerwear. A soft-shell material is breathable and not 100% waterproof. The hard-shell material is 100% waterproof.
  13. Length of the outerwear: Boys winter outerwear can have lengths that are cropped, knee-length, hip-length, full-length, and cropped. A mixture of two or more lengths can always produce the desired effect. This implies that you should own jackets with different lengths.
  14. What type of fastener does the outerwear have? Winter outerwear have a plethora of fastening options to choose from. They include buttons, zippers, and belts which are the most common. To ensure the safety of your child, you should get them a zippered outerwear. This would be easy for them to zip up and undo in your absence.

Types of Boys Winter Outerwear

Several types of winter outerwear are available in the market. Each model and type is specifically made to be work in certain places and for certain weather conditions. Some other outerwear are made to be worn indoors. Unlike the male adults who adorn wear outerwear whilst trying to make a fashion statement, little boys don’t necessarily need to make a fashion statement.

Let’s take a look at the following and find out the type of winter outerwear that boys can adorn.

1. Down Jacket:

The down jacket is a great winter outerwear that is made from down material. It provides enough warmth and is highly insulated.

Best Selling Down Jackets

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2. Parka:

Parkas are exactly the same for adults and kids alike. They are the long insulated, thick, warmth providing winter outerwear with detachable hoods that look inflated. They are useful for any occasion and can be worn by kids. Please get a size a little bit bigger than your little boy. This will last him an extra year or two before he outgrows it.

Best Selling Parka

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3. Fleece Jacket:

The fleece jacket is a typical indoor boys winter outerwear. It provides warmth and is very light. It can be worn outdoors if the weather is cool – don’t wear it if the weather is COLD. Most large coats are lined with fleece on the inside because of the warmth fleece provides.

Best Selling Fleece Jacket

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4. Jean Jacket:

This is yet another winter outwear that should be mostly worn indoors. Typically, they provide little warmth unless the interior is lined with fleece, for instance. If you are going to dress your son in a jean jacket, please make sure they are going to wear it indoors. If they will wear it outside, make sure the weather is just COOL.

Best Selling Jean Jackets

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5. Raincoat:

Raincoats are waterproof materials that provide protection during rains. It can briefly serve as a winter outerwear if a winter jacket isn’t available. Some raincoats are sold alongside their matching fancy umbrellas. If you intend to make a fashion statement with a raincoat, you can.

Best Selling Raincoat

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6. 3-in-1 Jackets:

As the name implies, it is an outerwear that can be worn separately as three different outerwear, or as one piece of outerwear which is often zipped together. It can have a softshell or a hard shell.

Best Selling 3-in-1 Jackets

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Finally, having known these things, I’m pretty convinced that you won’t find it difficult when you go shopping for boys winter outerwear. Now’s your turn to share the knowledge with others. It takes just 5 seconds…

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