Best Body Shapers for Weight Loss, Muffin Top, Tummy and more!

It’s quite clear that we want to look good every day of the year. But sometimes our bodies’ imperfections may get in the way. Body shapers come in handy to pull in those bumps and give us the best shapes of our bodies. They give your silhouette extra appeal such that you can pull off those dresses you wouldn’t dare to wear on normal occasions.

Today’s body shapers are much more comfortable so you can wear them all day every day. Most of them meet the threshold of being breathable even as they cinch in the waist and restore your hourglass shape. Some are even better as waist trainers since they can actually help you lose some weight along your mid-section when combined with a proper diet and exercise.

Here, we help you get the most efficient body shaper so you can stick to your style and feel good as you do it.

Tummy and waist, weight loss, Love handles, Plus size body shapers

1. Vinmin ValentinA Hot Sweat Women’s Body Shaper

Getting back in shape just gets better with the Vinmin ValentinA Hot Sweat Women’s body shaper. It is a thermal vest which helps your body generate more heat and more sweat as you exercise. This vest comes in soft materials which feature neoprene, nylon, and polyester. It is a great option for restoring an upright back posture as well as helping shape your body beneath your clothes. Get it to start rocking your wardrobe like a pro.


  • It has no zipper
  • Made from smooth materials to help flatten bumps


  • It’s only in one color

2. FOMANSH Waist Cincher Trainer Tummy Control Shapewear

If you want a total alteration of your current shape, then you’ll love this lightweight waist cincher by FOMANSH. It targets your tummy by tucking it in and compressing your waist to achieve a cute silhouette. For those who are trying to get back their body after having your baby, you’ll find it extra helpful as it hides the fat.

You can wear it underneath your clothes as it reduces two inches of your waist such that when in a dress, it doesn’t show. Not to mention, it closes with an adjustable hook and eye closure to acquire a custom fit.


  • It’s an open-bust style
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Some sizes run small

3. Some sizes run small Gotoly Invasable High Waist Body Shaper

If your muffin top gives you worries when you wear a body-hugging outfit, try out the Gotoly Invasable High Waist Body Shaper. It is your best friend in reducing your pouch and also hiking your butt to help get everything slimmer.

You’ll love the high waist design as it slips on nicely and it lets you wear any bra with it. The shell is firm in that it will not fold or roll down when you sit. You have a seamless undergarment which looks great in slim cut jeans as well as form-fitting tops.


  • Firm and invisible under clothes
  • Breathable material


  • You have to take it down all the way from the waist when using the washroom

4. Eleady Women’s Underbust Waist Trainer Corset Steel Boned

Why contend with a muffin top when you can look a size smaller in the Eleady Underbust Waist Trainer. This corset will help give your body better curves as it draws your waist in. It is your perfect closet secret since it helps your body sweat as you train and gets you those results in a much shorter time.

With a steel bone construction, it stays firmly on your body and keeps the back straight. You’ll feel it is lighter in your clothes, and since it’s very breathable, you can also wear it to the club and parties where there’s lots of dancing. Get your unsightly bulges the control you really need.


  • The sturdy fabric prevents rolling
  • Open bust design ensures it does not obscure your bra


  • It does not have color choices

5. Supplim Women’s Underbust Waist Cincher Body Shaper

Give yourself a confidence boost with the Supplim Underbust waist cincher. It is an exceptional body shaper with 360-degrees body support from your hips, tummy, and waist. It covers your every bump such that it can bring your dress size down by a few inches.

We love that it is a one-piece design so you won’t be hassling with parts. The garment meets excellent aesthetics with lace details and an open bust so you can wear your own bra.


  • Easy to wear and remove
  • It’s a one-piece bodysuit


  • The crotch area is a little tight, so you’ll need to wear a size up

6. Gotoly Tank Top Body Shaper

There’s nothing like effortless dressing when you are dealing with an unsightly mid-section. If you don’t feel like going for a one-piece garment, then you can try a tank top design. The Gotoly body shaper is a great alternative in hiding a not so flat tummy.

It is built with robust materials to give your body the illusion of a flatter tummy and a slimmer waistline. The smooth fabric feels comfortable against bare skin so that you won’t feel squeezed when wearing tight outfits. Wear it to the gym and office with not flinch at all.


  • Gives an immediate flat tummy illusion
  • Smooth cotton interior wicks away sweat


  • Only two color options

7. Sunzel Smooth Wear Women’s Body Briefer

The Sunzel model is a sophisticated make with more nylon elements than others. It achieves a smooth look which helps you wear it faster. It gives an instant slimming effect by squeezing in the waistline to make it smaller. This garment feels comfortable to wear all day long as it also has wide straps for added support.

The hook and eye closure makes it easy to smoothen those curves, and the latches do not show under clothes. With the non-binding legs, you have more flexibility as you’ll not have to remove it when you visit the bathroom. You’ll also love that it only requires a quick hand wash to keep it feeling as good as new.


  • It maintains its original shape
  • Elegant lace details


  • Does not come in 4XL Sizes

8. Maidenform Flexees Romper Shapewear

If you want to feel more glamorous in a cute dress, wearing the Maidenform Romper can give you that fulfillment. It proves that your undergarment doesn’t have to be simple as it accentuates your figure.

The romper design helps give your butt a shapely figure and it compresses your waist in. Since it is firm in all the right places, you’ll find that your back stays upright all day long. It gives you a sophisticated look and great value for your money.


  • Open bust for wearing your own bra
  • Wide straps provide extra support


  • It only goes to 2XL sizes

9. Camellias Firm Control Seamless Women’s Open-Bust Bodysuit

Perhaps the most popular yet simple of the body shapers on our list is this bodysuit by Camellias. This shaper is not only a necessity but also a way to pop up your curves and give them an admirable appeal. Any woman can achieve their most desired silhouette in this firm trimmer. It delivers all-around support from your hips, butt, and waist. The seamless structure ensures it will not show even slightly under your clothes.


  • Comfortable latex fabric
  • Cotton gusset on the crotch


  • It’s hard to squeeze in at first

10. Lover-Beauty Underbust Women’s Latex Corset 9 Steel Boned Waist Cincher

The Lover-Beauty waist cincher is an excellent choice if you need a corset to reshape your waist fast. It is ideal for training and wearing under clothes. The nine pieces of spiral steel bones give it a firm structure so you won’t keep on repositioning after you sit. You’ll find that it helps smooth your waistline so that you can wear tight outfits and feel confident in them.

What’s more this cincher takes off 3-4sizes from your waist the moment you put it on. It is a great remedy for any unwanted bulges since you don’t have to wait months before wearing a favorite dress in a smaller size. The closure system is in three columns to get a custom fitting. When you lose some pounds, there’ll be no need to buy a new corset. Just pull the latches closer, and it will work perfectly again.


  • Achieves exceptional waist compression
  • Nine steel bones help maintain an upright posture


  • It does not fit well on long torsos
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A body shaper is every woman’s helper in desperate wardrobe moments. They help reshape and define your figure giving you confidence in an appealing silhouette. Our top picks have received praise from satisfied customers who appreciate the great work they do. You can also enhance your shape by adding these beautiful bonuses as part of your style.

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