Best Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids 2018

This year, gift your kids a themed costume to celebrate the Halloween holidays. Every child likes feeling special among friends, that’s why you’ll want to pick something unique that reflects their character and brings out their best aspects on this fun day.

Here, we’ve included boys and girls Halloween costumes and the best ideas of what Halloween is all about. Whether your kids want to spend a night in watching scary movies or going out for a trick-or-treat night, we got you covered.

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids 2018

1. Stealth Ninja California Costumes Toddler Costume

Known for their high-quality costumes, California Costumes brings us this interesting Stealth Ninja suit. It showcases a cute design in a jumpsuit with fluffy shoulders and ribbons to bring out the ninja character. The outfit is all dark and concealing with a black hood and matching belt.

What’s more, it is fully accessorized with the ninja stars, sword, and knife. You’ll love that it is all 100% polyester to not only keep your kid warm but also comfortable for a night around a bonfire. If your boy child is into martial arts, he’ll marvel at this gift this Halloween.


  • Comfortable to wear all night long
  • Includes accessories (ribbons, sword, and stars)


  • Does not come with ninja shoes

2. Batman The Joker Costume Dark Night Deluxe

A night of trick-or-treat could never be better without a joker character in the picture. For the kid who loves bringing out the humor in Halloween, they’ll want a costume that drives the point home.

This suit is specially designed for them. It comes as a jacket, with the vest and tie attached. The pants and Joker mask are also included in the bundle, so no going back to the market to fit pieces together.


  • High-quality polyester material makes the costume
  • Available in three sizes


  • It’s not ideal for toddlers

3. Baby Lovable InCharacter Lion Costume

The smallest of toddlers also love the fun of the crowd and community. Even if they may not understand what the day is all about getting them in character is a fun way to spend the day.

This costume is an impressive Lion style jumpsuit made from 100% polyester. It carries zippers to easily change diapers to eliminate the hassle of removing the whole jumpsuit.

It brings out the lion character with a lion mane in brown plus tan and cream colors for the body. The feet are shaped like paws, so you’ll have a complete lion toddler roaming your house this Halloween.


  • It’s cute and trendy
  • Uses zippers for closure


  • The mane in the hood is not removable

4. The Flash Justice League Costume

Every boy loves the thrill of playing a hero character on Halloween. Justice League brings us the Flash costume with all its glory. It’s red with yellow lightning strikes signifying everything we love about The Flash.

Your kid can symbolize speed and savior in one on this big day. The headpiece also includes the lightning bolts to complete The Flash look.


  • Has an inspiring theme
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • Some of the seams are not well-sewn

5. Supergirl DC Super Heroes Child’s Costume

To give an immersive experience this Halloween, get your girl in the Supergirl costume. It’s another Justice League theme with the girl as the hero with super strength. This outfit comes complete with the blue and red dress, attached red cap, golden belt, plus shiny red and gold boots. It’s safe to say you have a costume that will turn heads and get other kids in the mood to give gifts.

If you’ll be hosting a fancy dress party for neighborhood kids, this dress makes for a great Halloween idea.


  • Crafted for an authentic look
  • Great quality at an affordable price


  • The socks need some extra fitting to stay up

6. Batman Child’s Costume Deluxe Muscle Chest

If your child does not like to play The Joker, then the hero as Batman may be of interest to them. This costume is inspiring from every dimension. It displays Batman’s muscular chest and his bold batman hat. The winged suit includes the utility belt, scalloped cape, and cowl.

With a construction from polyester, it is great for the cold evenings as your kid pursues Halloween criminals with friends. The design is excellently crafted while taking care of the delicate points.


  • It’s from top-quality materials
  • It’s in one-piece


  • The sizing is not correct for some designs

7. California Costumes Little Mermaid Costume

The Little Mermaid Costume comes with everything you’d like in a Kid’s Halloween costume. The dress is from polyester with metallic accents while the gown is also from polyester with the tricot being metallic. The crafting is on point as it is curved to bring life to the mermaid character.

This costume comes with the headband and foam shell decorations. What’s more, it is machine washable to keep it in good condition for many Halloween parties. Yes, it’s not a one-time costume. You are saved from next year’s costume expenses so have it at a lovely price.


  • It’s a Halloween sea creature theme
  • Super cute and affordable


  • It’s long and sweeps the floor

8. Snow Queen Gown Disney’s Frozen Elsa Classic Girls Costume

The feeling of elegance never leaves The Snow Queen. If your girl loves being bold, she will like to take on the role of Frozen Elsa this Halloween. This beautiful dress is from satin. It comes with white knit mesh sleeves adorned with glitter swirls. It stands out in a crowd thanks to the organza overlay which screams its presence with the glittery snowflakes, icicles, and snowflakes.

We love that it is not that long to sweep the floor and keep your child from walking and dancing. It gives them the freedom to be playful and create beautiful memories for their special holidays.



  • It’s well-knit with not torn seams
  • It’s a genuine Disney product


  • It is not machine washable

9. Wonder Woman Super DC Heroes Child’s Costume

You may be asking what the new fuss in town is this Halloween. Well, with Wonder Woman still playing in people’s minds, there must be a costume to accompany the super talented lady. This outfit is designed for all the cute little girls who love taking the lead and looking unique in their attire.

The dress carries the accessories including cape, belt, bracelets, headpiece and boot tops. You’ll like how every fabric feels soft and comfortable. It resists wrinkling so that it can stay in good condition for a long time.



  • A stylish and trendy Halloween look
  • Brightly colored in polyester fabric


  • The boot tops are a bit big when compared to the skirt sizing

10. Deluxe Toddler Disney Frozen Olaf Costume

Allow your kid to be their favorite character as Olaf. It is the perfect costume to bring together cute hugs in a warm outfit.

The all-white jumpsuit is accompanied by a plush overlay with brown sleeves and extended fingers.  The headpiece is all-inclusive of a lively snowman with eyes, carrot nose, and teeth. It then achieves a delightful finish with the black accents.


  • Has a chinstrap to keep headpiece in place
  • It is lightweight so you can carry your kid when in it


  • It is for taller kids around three years old.

Your child’s imagination gets even better every Halloween. These costumes will allow them to play their favorite characters and feel the fun of the holidays. As you pick out the best Halloween costume for kids, remember to keep them comfortable and safe.

We hope you’ll find our picks inspiring. Don’t let your child’s outfit arrive after the D-day.

What to look for when buying a Kids’ Halloween Costume

The Trend of the Day

Every year, some costumes stand out as the most popular among kids. Like this year, we have Wonder Woman to thank for inspiring many girls’ costumes.

But even with the trending costumes, the classics of yesteryears always seem to win the day. You can’t miss out on the witchy black cat costumes as well as monster styles. Heroes and playbook characters also win the day.

What’s the weather like?

We celebrate Halloween mostly in the wake of winter. This means the temperatures are dipping and the night will be colder than the day. Always choose a costume that will provide warmth and comfort throughout the time your kids will be in the costume.

If your child has to wear a cute Disney character gown; layer it with something warm on the inside like a woolen/cotton vest.


As costumes are cut into a character, some may not come in a size that fits your kid. That’s why it’s important to have kids try on a particular costume before bringing it home. You don’t want to find out the suit or dress is too large or they can’t breathe in it when it’s already D-day.

The Design

A costume looks good when put together. But how easy is it to put on and pull off? You see, there’s no humor in wrestling with a costume as it can spoil the mood of the day. Look for dresses that wear easily using zippers and buttons.


Halloween is synonymous with lots of lanterns, candles, and bonfires. It’s therefore important that you dress your kid in costumes that are fire retardant. Nylon and polyester resist fire, so it would be great if you can find an outfit made from such materials.

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