5 Best Ethnic Wears That You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

When it comes to best ethnic wears, women are spoiled for choices, because unlike what most people who prefer western think, ethnic wears are not limited to just sari and kurti. There is a wide spectrum of ethnic clothes to choose from, more so in the last ten years as more and more designers like Bibi Russell, Rohit Bal and Agnimitra Paul are infusing ethnic wears into their collections.

In fact, Sabyasachi’s annual bridal collection has to be one of the biggest and most anticipated ethnic collections of the year.

Best Ethnic Wears

1. e-VASTRAM Women’s Tassar Silk Saree With Zari Blouse

Handwoven with utmost attention to details, the e-Vastram Women’s Tassar Silk Saree is made from the silk cocoons collected from forests, and thus giving this saree the quintessential golden tassar sheen. The fabric has shorter threads, and that is the reason why this saree is so delicate and therefore needs to be handled with extreme care and caution.


  • Very smooth, and hence very easy and comfortable to wear
  • Light color and hence can be worn during the day as well as night
  • Has an extra blouse piece that needs to be cut


  • Since it is a tassar saree, it can always ever be dry cleaned
  • Must be dried a room temperatures and not in any hot region

2. Yogalz Women Indian Blue Denim With Embroidery Party Wear

Yogalz Women Indian Blue Denim Women’s Blue Denim kurti combines the traditional A-line Indian ethnic kurti with the western denim, giving it a perfect balance of the two worlds. If you are worried about a casual outdoor event, then this is one of the things that you should have in your wardrobe because the contrasting two textures of the two different kinds of fabrics used in this, give it an extra dimension. All you have to do is pair with some pumps or stilettoes and a nice and glamorous bag, and you will be good to go. Beware of adding too much bling with this outfit, though.


  • Made with lightweight denim that is breathable and easy to wear
  • Can be simply washed in the machine and air dried
  • Can be worn to formal as well as informal occasions


  • Extra fabric which is provided, is only for capped sleeves
  • This kurti does not come in an XS size

3. e-VASTRAM Women’s Mysore Art Silk Saree with Blouse Piece

Mysore silk happens to be one of India’s most celebrated and popular fabrics, with Karnatak being the leader in producing it, and the Mysore silk never goes out of fashion. This e-Vastram Women’s Mysore Silk Saree comes in a myriad of gorgeous bright colors, making it a perfect outfit for a celebratory evening out. It can also act as the perfect gift for the special woman in your life. It blends traditional techniques with vibrant colors, giving it a new spin.


  • The saree comes with an attached blouse piece that has to be cut
  • Very lightweight and is hence, very easy to wear


  • Since it is Mysore silk, it has to be dry cleaned
  • Too bright to be used as a formal wear

4. W for Woman Women’s Straight Kurta

When it comes to utilitarian fashion that is both sleek and affordable, few can compete in the Indian market with W. Known for their fusion of easy and everyday style with sleek and classy cuts and designs, W’s kurtis are flattering for women of every age, figure and complexion.

However, it is the simple black, straight kurta from W that is a craze among ethnic wearers right now. Simple and yet effortlessly chic, pairing this straight cut black kurta with a pair of contrasting, equally airy and elegant palazzos is just the right outfit for a day at the office or even for a light brunch out with friends.


  • Can be machine washed and dried out in the air
  • Perfect for a normal day out or even a day in the office
  • The straight cut of the fabric is flattering for every figure.


  • Since it is satin, it can be a little uncomfortable to wear during the summer season
  • It is sleeveless and does not have extra attachable sleeves

5. Ethnic Junction Women’s Cotton Jacquard Straight Fit Unstitched Dress Material 

A good churidar is essential to flattering one’s figure, and also because it is one of the most common and quintessential ethnic clothing. The Cotton Jacquard Unstitched Dress Material from Ethnic Junction combines the soft and delicate femininity of the pin fabric with a very light pattern, so as not to overwhelm the tone of the overall fabric.

Perfectly light, both in appearance and weight, this piece is a perfect outfit for all of your day-to-day activities, and does not require any special care or washing.


  • This fabric can either be hand washed or machine dried
  • Since it is unstitched, it can be easily stitched according to your measurements


  • The material is limited, and hence can be used only to stitch traditional churidar bottoms
  • Since it is not one hundred percent pure cotton, it can be a little difficult to wear during the summer season.

Ethnic clothes are a must have, especially at important family functions and celebrations. But what essential ethnic wears should a woman have in her wardrobe? Let’s take a look:

  • A hand me down saree: It is no secret that most women inherit their love of sarees from their mothers. Therefore, it makes sense that every woman should have a hand me down saree that she has inherited from her mother, which is important, not because of its price value, but for the emotional value that it holds. Honestly, whether it is a south Indian cotton or even Bengaluru silk, a hand me down saree is absolutely irreplaceable.
  • A Bangalore silk: Nothing speaks of elegance and grace quite like a Bangalore silk. Known for its thread count and intense but muted colors, a Bangalore silk is the one ethnic dress that can literally be worn any time. Yes, they are a little on the more expensive side, but trust us when we say this, a Bangalore saree is literally one of the best things that you can ever buy.
  • A black kurta: While the Americans have their quintessential Little Black Dress (LBD), we, the desis have out black kurta. Believe it or not, it is the perfect emergency outfit, seeing as how black is the one color that flatters every figure, age and skin tone, and that it is very easy to pair. Not only can a straight cut or even an A-line kurta be the perfect formal attire for your meeting, but you can also splurge on an anarkali black kurta or ghagra choli as something special for you to attend the big fat Indian weddings in.
  • A pair of well-fitting Patiala pants: One can never exaggerate the importance of clothes that fit well, and same goes for Patiala. Unfortunately, most of the times the Patiala pants that we wear are not only ill-fitting but also badly tailored, making them look terribly out of place. A good Patiala set should project the shape of an hourglass and the pants should be airy and breathable, and also have a huge number of pleats on them, because more than half of the charm of a Patiala piece lies in its pleats.
  • Lehenga: Our whole generation’s obsession with lehengas may have been a borrowed factor from the lehengas that populated the screens of TVs and award shows back in the 90s, but the appeal of the lehenga is something that will never go away. Although it is a bit on the expensive side, a lehenga is the go-to dress if you are planning on attending a blinged out event. Today, the lehenga has taken such a modern and contemporary turn that more and more designers and high-end stores are putting their own spins on it, and giving it a makeover by combining it with sexier slits and flared, mermaid cuts. Today, lehengas have become especially important in the wedding market, with more modern brides going for it rather than the traditional saree.

There is literally no end to the beauty and diversity when it comes to ethnic wear, especially in India. Like we keep saying, the field of ethnic fashion keeps breaking its own boundaries with every passing day, which is why we get something new and unique every single day. It is all about finding your style and deciding on ethnic clothes that fit your own unique sense of style.

Do take a look at these ethnic choices, and don’t forget to let us know which one of the above-mentioned clothes you liked the best of all. Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know what you think.

Until then, happy shopping!

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