The 10 Best Activity Trackers 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Fitness trackers are much more than what they were as portable pedometers. Today, you have to search through a maze of different models devised to perform various functions. All the variety in the market does, is to bring the confusion to a whole new level. You have to find out what you are looking for exactly, lest you’ll end up with a device that you don’t need or one that underperforms.

You have to know how much to spend when picking an activity tracker and match it to your style and activity level. Here, we help you narrow down the options. Is it for your heart rate, sleeping patterns, the steps you take every day, or for your particular sport? You can find the ideal activity tracker right here.

Best Activity Trackers - Waterproof, Multisport for Men, Women and Kids

1. Wesoo Fitness Tracker K1Smart Band Activity Tracker

The Wesoo model is a pocket-friendly tracker which comes in handy when keeping tabs on your health. If you aim at taking the 10,000steps every day, you can know your balance as this device collects the information as you move every day. It is a discrete watch which does not scream its presence when you are among the corporate.

This tracker uses an advanced information processor which improves the overall accuracy of the information it gives. Not to mention, there’s the Wesoo App which works with all Android and iOS devices. This way, you can know the meaning behind the numbers so you can make changes and improvements to your fitness plan.


  • Recharges using USB
  • Band is interchangeable in other colors


  • It does not monitor the heart rate

2. Coffea C2 Fitness Tracker Wristband

Understanding your fitness level can be a bit tricky. But not when you have a reliable assistant like Coffea C2. This wristband monitors your workouts, calories burnt, sleep level, steps and distance and relays the information via Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices.

But you’ll have to take your phone with you as it connects via Bluetooth. This makes it ideal for activities that do not involve things like cycling since you may feel like your phone is a bit of a drag.

It is a comfortable band which is slim and with a 0.86inch OLED display. You can read the displayed metrics even when you do your training after dark. It also has a sedentary reminder to get you moving when you have sat at your desk for too long. It is the solid choice for a healthier lifestyle.


  • Gives accurate information
  • Band is customizable


  • It’s not ideal for runners and swimmers

3. Ronten R2 Fitness Tracker Bluetooth

If swimming is on your to-do fitness list, then you have a winning tracker with the Ronten R2. It is water resistant up to 1 meter deep so you can take on those underwater endeavors. The band is in a slim design which sits nicely on your wrist. You can match it up with your outfits by changing the band color if you are the fashion conscious type. What’s more, the band connects directly via Bluetooth to its mobile phone App which works on Android and iOS smartphones.


  • Sleek wristband is not conspicuous
  • Charges using USB


  • Does not offer heart rate tracking

4. NewYouDirect Smart Watch Activity Tracker

The NewYouDirect brand has come a long way in making changes to their activity trackers. This particular model sees that their app can run on all Android 4.4 systems and iOS 7.1. It has a beautiful exterior making with a bright LED display so you can see the metrics nice and smooth.

The tracker offers a lot more bang for your buck with functions like sports target setting, camera remote control, and it has an alarm and anti-sedentary reminder. Your fitness life can be effortless if you know what you get into every single day.


  • Has an alarm and anti-theft function
  • It has a tap to see display


  • Does not work with Windows smartphones

5. LETSCOM Bluetooth fitness Tracker Watch

This tracker is well-rounded with features that are up to its impressive money value. It has a heart rate monitor making it perfect for outdoor runs and cycling. You have a device that is easy to use every hour every day.

It can track your sleep activity such that you can know what it means for your stress levels in terms of your sleeping patterns. It is waterproofed for the rainy days, and it has a standby time of up to seven days. The OLED screen is also easy to use just by tapping on it. Just relax and let this device lead you.


  • It has a music control function and alerts for device and phone theft
  • It supports SNS notifications like WhatsApp and text messages


  • It has few color options

6. HOMOGO Smart Band Activity Tracker

The HOMOGO brand gives us what is yet another smart band. It has lots of functional features so you can really get information regarding your health. From your level of physical intensity to how well you rest at night; it is your best companion.

The tracker uses a silent vibration to remind you about the various operations instead of beeping and alerting everyone around you. It is also pleasing that it has an exceptional battery life.


  • Stores data over seven days
  • Budget-friendly


  • You need to sync to the app for you to know the results

7. Teslasz Fitness Tracker

If you love the feeling of breaking a sweat and knowing what it takes to get fit, then you’ll appreciate the value of a smart activity tracker. The Teslaz model is a unique make with numerous band colors to change into every day. It can monitor everything you get into every and it helps you translate those results in the intuitive “VeryFitApp.”

This tracker is your go to if you spend time outdoors but don’t like taking your phone. It can record the data and then relay it later to your phone using Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports notifications plus you can also use it to take photos from your phone.


  • It automatically syncs with phone when it’s in range
  • It uses silent vibrations for notifications


  • It does not track your heart rate

8. Garmin vivosmart HR Regular Fit Activity Tracker

Meet your goals with an improved wearable. The Garmin vivosmart HR is not an entry-level model as it has all the bells and whistles you could ask for in an activity tracker. It comes with a large 1inch OLED screen which displays the metrics in big symbols. You’ll not keep referring to your phone for activity level.

The vivosmart HR does not just track your walking steps, but it also records them when taking the stairs. This is thanks to the barometric altimeter which knows when your legs are taking it hard when going up a flight of stairs. You’ll also get accurate results for calories burnt as it monitors your heart rate.


  • Big tap to see display
  • Provides accurate results for calories burnt


  • You have to tap the screen to start recording intense physical activities

9. Polar M400 Smart Sports GPS Watch

You don’t have to take your phone to the gym with the Polar M400. This device is sleek and much more advanced than regular trackers. It is best if you are preparing for sports events since it features intense workout monitoring using the heart rate. It is the kind professional athletes pick since it also comes at a hefty price tag.

You’ll find it interesting that it has an inbuilt GPS tracker so that you can know where you’ve been and where you are. The Polar M400 App is a great accessory as it helps translate the results and in turn, keeps you motivated. You can make goals every day and meet them with the support of this device.


  • It is customized for the running sports
  • It achieves high levels of accuracy


  • Battery life is only eight hours during training

10. Fitbit Surge Black Fitness Superwatch

The Fitbit Surge is a favorite among fitness lovers indeed. Everyone has something good to say about this model. It features a wide touchscreen display which helps to view results fast and easy. It integrates GPS and monitors the routes and paths you take every day and can also record intense climbing activities like hiking or when taking the stairs.

The Fitbit App is perhaps the most used in the fitness world as it can work with Windows Android, and iOS operating systems. It syncs wirelessly, so you’ll not need any cords. Plus it automatically detects the onset of physical activity such that you don’t have to tap the screen for it to start recording. This is your all-around wearable that will keep you informed 24/7.


  • Tracks all-day activities
  • Syncs automatically with computers and smartphones


  • It quite chunky when worn to bed
ImageModelScreen Display in InchesData SyncBand MaterialsWaterproofing
Wesoo Fitness Tracker K1Smart Band Activity Tracker0.87 inchesBluetooth 4.0, iOS 9and Above, Android 4.4 and aboveThermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU)IPX7 (water resistant to 1meter submersion)
Coffea C2 Fitness Tracker Wristband0.86 inchesBluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4 and above, iOS 7.1 and aboveHigh-grade TPUIP67 (water and sweat proof)
Ronten R2 Fitness Tracker Bluetooth0.86 inchesBluetooth 4.0, iOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and aboveHigh grade TPUIP67 (water resistant to 1meter submersion)
NewYouDirect Smart Watch Activity Tracker0.86 inchesiOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and abovePlasticIP67 (water and sweat proof)
LETSCOM Bluetooth fitness Tracker Watch0.91 inchesiOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and aboveThermoplastic Elastomer TE (Rubber)IP67 (water and sweat proof)
HOMOGO Smart Band Activity Tracker0.86 inchesiOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and aboveHigh-grade TPUIP67 (water and sweat proof
Teslasz Fitness Tracker0.86 inchesiOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and aboveThermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU)IP67 (water and sweat proof
Garmin vivosmart HR Regular Fit Activity Tracker1 inchiOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and abovePlasticIPX7 (water resistant to 1meter submersion)
Polar M400 Smart Sports GPS Watch1.5 inchesiOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and aboveSiliconeIPX7 (water resistant to 30meters submersion)
Fitbit Surge Black Fitness Superwatch1 inchWindows, iOS 7.1 and Above, Android 4.4 and aboveThermoplastic Elastomer TE (Rubber)IPX7 Water resistant level

When you want to get better at reaching fitness goals, an activity tracker is that one gadget that can help you get there. We have covered the most significant brands which stand out among others on the market. We believe you’ll find your ideal tracker as you add something sophisticated to your daily routine.