Best Multi Purpose Seat Cushions

Nowadays when people find themselves sitting at a computer for many hours, the number of people suffering from at least some sort of back pain are terribly increasing.

If you can identify yourself as one of those, you’ll find the following Buyer’s Guide to Seat Cushions very informational and it will surely help you make an informed buying decision, should you come to buy one.

What is a seat cushion at all, what is it made of, and how exactly will it help you?

With the various types of chairs you may find yourself sitting on, you’ll agree that not all of them are properly padded. In fact, some aren’t cushioned at all, and sitting on them for longer periods of time, may be painful in best case, but may also become dangerous should you continue this long – often inactive – sitting habit, and cause health complications down the road.

While there are many different types and shapes of seat cushions, each for its need and purpose, including the round or oblong-shaped donut cushion (popular from its use to treat hemorrhoids pain, etc.), the lumbar/back-support cushion, and the standard general-purpose seat cushion, our focus in today’s guide will be on the last one.

Where are seat cushions used?

Seat cushions are most commonly used in offices or at home, with many consumers even putting them in their car, especially if they’re due to traveling in their vehicle for many hours. Those cushions are also often used in train commuting, on stadium seats, bleachers or even on airplanes.

While some companies will choose to design different cushions for specific needs, such as for boats, RVs, wheelchairs, unless you have a unique seat shape or design, the most common seat cushion should usually be a great fit for any of your needs.

The general-purpose everyday-use seat cushions are ergonomically designed to give you the comfort you need for your buttocks and the extra support you need for your back (sometimes, a seat cushion will not do the full magic with you back, and you’ll wanna look into getting a good lumbar pillow for a better back-support). Some of the characteristics of a good seat cushion include the U-Shape cut-out for your coccyx and the contours for leg support. Others will have a gel coating on top to keep the cushion cool and comfortable, but this added feature may up the cost of the cushion.

Following are some of the benefits of using a seat cushion include:

  • Additional softness and comfort to a hard chair seat, plus added cushioning to your butts
  • Promotes a good and healthy posture, thus resulting in overall health improvement
  • A better posture will drive a proper blood flow and circulation, avoiding further health problems
  • Assists in the recovery from tailbone injuries, herniated discs, hip pain, hemorrhoids, sciatica or other spinal issues
  • Minimize other aches and body pains often resulting from prolonged sitting
  • In some cases, provide additional warmth to your sitting area

What to look for when buying a seat cushion?

A few added features to consider when buying a seat cushion, as they can often make a significant difference in your cushion use and overall sitting experience.

  • Anti-slip back, so the cushion stays in place and isn’t shifting away. This is an excellent feature now available in many cushions, and shouldn’t add much to the price
  • Removable zip-off cover, allowing for easy home laundering
  • A cooling gel-enhanced technology to stabilize the temperature by reducing trapped body heat in the cushion
  • Sewn-on handle or otherwise attached strap for easy carrying
  • A tote bag, designed for carrying the cushion with you, as well as keeping it clean when not in use

What are seat cushions made of?

With seat cushions made of a variety of materials, including the famous memory foam or latex, with or without an added gel on top, you’ll find helpful our detailed walkthrough explaining the different foam types, qualities and comfort levels.

Taking care of seat cushions

Most of the cushions now on the market will include some sort of velboa (velour-feel) fabric cover, which can easily be cleaned thru regular machine wash at home.

To wash, you’ll just unzip and gently remove the cover, throw it in your laundry machine, and get it out clean and fresh. Still, important to note that the foam itself is usually not washable, so don’t even dare try…

So, when looking for a cushion, make sure it can be washed easily, as you don’t wanna get stuck with one that isn’t.

Which are the best multipurpose seat cushions?

While your decision may factor in comfortability, price or added features, to offer you a starting point, we’ve put together the following list of seat cushions, each with its point of uniqueness. We hope you’ll find it helpful and take it further to the cushion that’ll best fit your need.

1. Chesna – Most Affordable, Offers Softness and High-Density

2. Aylio – Most Popular in Memory Foam

3. Kieba – with Cool Gel Technology

4. Xtreme Comforts – Breathable Mesh Cover 

5. Cushy Cloud – with Carrying Bag

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