Best Shoes For Heel Spurs in 2018

What are heel spurs?

A heel spur refers to a “bony” protrusion under your heel bone that’s as a result of calcium deposit. Heel spurs are not necessarily painful, but they can get uncomfortable. There are many ways to get rid or relief from heel spurs and the simplest and most effective is getting one of the best shoes for heel spurs.

Most people have confessed that countless visits to hospitals and taking various medicines and injections did not bring long lasting relief as did shoes made for heel spurs. In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 shoes for heel spurs with the hope that you will find one for yourself and enjoy walking and running again.

Heel spurs vs. Plantar Fasciitis 

Is heel spur same as plantar fasciitis? This is a common question and most people confuse the two and even though they might be related, they are very different. And, you are better off knowing the difference to ensure that you are looking for the right remedies.

The main difference between the two is the source of the pain. For plantar fasciitis, the pain is felt in the arch of your heel and foot and this is because of overuse or damage of the plantar fascia. However, heel spur pain is felt in the heel, but only a few people really experience painful heel spurs. Most of the time, the pain is from plantar fasciitis. If you are not sure about which one you are suffering from, make a trip to your doctor for proper diagnosis then start looking for the solutions.

What are the Best Shoes For Heel Spurs in 2018?

10. ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 18 - Best Men’s running shoes for heel spurs

The ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe tops the list of the best Men’s running shoes for heel spurs. It’s designed to offer ultimate cushion and support thus helping you manage your heel spurs. And, it’s not only for running. If you walk a lot, this is the perfect shoe to keep your feet happy. Being a high-performance shoe, you can expect nothing short of comfort when wearing them. They are made to protect your feet when exercising or walking. If you tend to underpronate, this is an excellent shoe for you. They provide superior midsole support and have perfect gel cushioning in the rear and front sections combined with a heel stabilizing system, hence ideal for heel spurs.


  • Features a heel clutching system technology
  • Built to adapt to the wearer’s natural gait
  • Features a flexible and breathable upper
  • Has a cushioning & shock absorbing midsole
  • Features rearfoot and forefoot gel inserts


  • The sizes run slightly small, thus you are advised to order half a size up

9. New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Best running shoes for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis

If you love running, but suffer from heel spurs, you definitely need a pair of the New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe.

These are the best running shoes for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. They are not only comfy, but also offer the much needed support for sensitive feet. They are a great fit and don’t need breaking in. If you are on your feet for long every day, these shoes will definitely help keep your feet safe.

 For superior support and comfort, these shoes feature the fresh foam midsole cushioning technology and they also have blown rubber outsole for durability.


  • The shoe looks good, feels great and fits perfectly
  • Offers great comfort and support for heel spurs
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Features the fresh foam midsole
  • Great for running, walking and standing


  • The price is high, but totally worth it

8. Orthofeet Monterey Bay Comfort Wide Orthotic Men’s Sneakers Velcro

These are the best all-purpose shoes for heel spurs. Every part of them is designed to offer orthotic comfort and support for your feet. They feature premium orthotic insole that helps alleviate pain throughout your foot from the heel to your lower back as it offers anatomical arch support. If you have been dealing with heel spurs for a long time now, these shoes have all the relief you need.

The shoes are also designed to offer excellent protection against any pressure points. They also feature a deep toe box, a great design that allows your feet relax even when wearing the shoes for long hours. They are all-purpose so you can have them on no matter where you are going or doing. They are great because you don’t have to buy different pairs for different purposes.


  • Great all-purpose shoes for heel spurs
  • Deep toe box
  • Offers excellent support and comfort
  • Fits perfectly out of the box


  • A bit pricy, but performs excellently so they are worth buying

7. Rockport Men’s Eureka - Best men’s walking shoes for heel spurs

If you have been looking for the best men’s walking shoes for heel spurs in vain, Rockport has a perfect pair for you. The shoes are made from leather, thus looks good and feels comfortable at the same time. The reason they are great for heel spurs is because they are designed to cushion your feet, thus less foot fatigue as you walk around. They also have great heel stability as they have a thick padding at the tongue and collar. And, they feature a super breathable mesh lining, thus easily wicking away moisture. Again, the insole is removable so you can always switch it and the bottom sole is made of rubber for additional foot support.


  • Comes in a wide size, thus ideal for wide feet
  • Offer a great arch and heel support
  • Feature a durable bottom sole and comfortable insole
  • Very affordable


  • The upper leather could be softer
  • They might run narrower for people with wider feet

6. adidas Neo Cloudfoam Vs City W - Best women’s running shoes for heel spurs

This is the best women’s running shoe for heel spurs. It is so comfortable and super flexible. It’s lightweight and a perfect athletic sneaker choice. It features a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool even after a long run and the bottom sole has enough grip for a comfortable run or walk when on various terrains. Again, the pair features the cloudfoam footbed, thus providing extra cushion and support and as such they are an excellent choice for everyday use. It also has a super soft plush collar and tongue combined with the cloudfoam sock liner, hence superior comfort. It’s a reliable sneaker pair for both running and walking and they fit well.


  • Available in various great colors
  • Excellent for both walking and running
  • Offers great cushion and support
  • Very breathable


  • Not waterproof

5. Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4 Running Shoe - Best Nike shoes for heel spurs

The heel units in these shoes make them the best Nike shoes for heel spurs. They are built to cushion your heels, hence allowing them to recover without the constant pounding each time you walk. They also feature a breathable mesh on the upper part to provide ventilation, thus keeping your feet fresh all day. And, they fit perfectly out of the box, so don’t be worried about them running narrow as most other brands do. It’s the one pair that perfectly fits the bill. The style is topnotch, they look amazing. The detail in the design is great and they are super comfortable.


  • Very comfortable with great support
  • Great design that makes them look so cool
  • They do not run narrow
  • Perfect for flat feet too
  • They feature reflective elements to help with visibility when running or walking under low light


  • They run small in size, so you might want to order a size or half a size down.

4. Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog - Best nursing shoes for heel spurs

Everyone should have the right shoes for their career specialty and the Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog are the best nursing shoes for heel spurs. They come in different fits, so you are guaranteed to get the right fit for you plus there is a fit guide on the Crocs site. The design is great and this is what makes them stand out from the various options available elsewhere.

They also have a heel strap so if you walk a lot you can have it on for more comfort. Again, the shoes feature a non-slip sole so they stay put even when you are not wearing the heel strap. And, the sole come up a little higher on the shoe thus offering better comfort for your feet and they are also stronger. Plus, these shoes can be worn just anywhere. They are perfect for work, at home, when going shopping for groceries, etc. You can choose to wear them with socks or without because they remain comfortable either way.


  • Non slip sole
  • Available in various sizes, even for the very wide feet
  • Feature a stronger sole for durability
  • Have a more professional look
  • They are attractive and well-made


  • The sizes run big, so you might want to order a size down for proper fit

3. Skechers for Work, Slip Resistant Shoe - Best work shoes for heel spurs

If your job involves a lot of standing or walking and are dealing with heel spurs you need the best work shoe for heel spurs and Skechers got the best deal for you. It is made of leather, thus looks great and it’s durable plus it’s designed to offer the best comfort and support to prevent or help relieve any pain from heel spurs.

It actually features athletic cushion so there is no doubt about support and cushion and the outsole is slip-resistant, thus making it perfect for any type of floors. Also, the bottom sole is made of rubber so it’s durable and flexible. They are also true to size, so don’t worry about getting a size up or down and they are also pretty decent on wet floors.


  • Great shoes for all floors
  • Very comfortable with a perfect toe box
  • Very durable
  • They are true to size and don’t need breaking in
  • Well sown with great cushion


  • They don’t have wider sizes

2. New Balance Women’s W1540 - Best women’s tennis shoes for heel spurs

Your search for the best women’s tennis shoes for heel spurs ends here, thanks to the New Balance W1540. It doubles as a running and tennis shoe and it is also very comfortable to walk in.

It’s designed to leave your heel relaxed at the end of the game or training. It is one of the highest rated women’s tennis shoe on the market for heel spurs with great cushion and support. It has a rubber sole for durability and has a breathable mesh for ventilation throughout the practice. With a PU footbed, this shoe guarantees perfect stability and cushion.


  • Great design and price
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Built to relieve and prevent heel spurs
  • Very durable


  • The wider sizes can be really wide if not chosen carefully.

1. OOFOS ooClog - Best unisex walking shoes for heel spurs

This shoe might look like it features just a simple design, but it really delivers when it comes to dealing with heel spurs. It’s the best unisex walking shoe for heel spurs and it’s unorthodox. It actually makes one feel like they are walking on air as it features cradled arches to offer support on your feet thus eliminating any pain coming from heel stress.


  • They are synthetic and machine washable
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Well ventilated to prevent sweating
  • Very affordable yet highly performing


  • Sizes run small

You don’t have to struggle with heel spurs while there are shoes specifically designed to help you eliminate the problem. And, the best thing is that these shoes are available in all categories and also in various prices. However, if you don’t get full relief from the shoes, you can try combining with any other remedies and see how it goes. Also, get your doctor’s advice on the best way to go about it, but the above ten shoes for heel spur is a good place to start. Get yourself one today and introduce your feet to the new painless world.

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