Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

If you work or spend most of your time standing on a shoe which has a tapered toe, you may be exposed to possibility of tissue thickening around your third and fourth toe a condition called Morton’s neuroma. When this happens, the worst you can do is continuing to wear a shoe that has a tapered toe.

As much as this may require medical attention, it would be advisable to wear a shoe that is not properly cushioned for the same. A wrong footwear may make your movement be full of distress and pain. You will therefore a shoe the does not only provide safety, fancy, comfort etc. but also helps you correct you gait, stability, easy movement and pain relief.

We know it might be hard to know the types of shoes available for this painful condition.  We have, in this article, reviewed our picks the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma for you.

Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma for Men and Women for 2018

7. Orthofeet Bismarck Stretchable Orthopedic Wide Diabetic Shoes for Men

If you don’t like a complex form of footwear, Orthofeet Bismarck Stretchable Orthopedic Wide Diabetic Shoes is a simple. It is of sleek design with a wide toe are keeping your feet free of sensitivity and enough space for breathing. With that roomy space you are able to make natural steps. The adjustable strap allows you to narrow or narrow the fit of the shoe. This makes sure you get maximum comfort.

The wide toe box which allows stretching of the toe. This makes it a convenient shoes for Morton neuroma. One of the biggest causes of Morton’s neuroma is narrow toe boxes. A wide toe box therefore allows the feet to relax and contract freely without any strains.

These shoes despite being orthopedic, they are a casual wear that can match well with casual clothes for use in the house, sleepers to move around with and recover from feet diseases. It is a versatile wear for many environments. Despite not being waterproof, it keeps the feet warm and free from moisture.


  • The insole has anatomical Arc support hence fitting to different feet shapes and arcs
  • It is a lightweight and supportive to the gait, feet and entire body
  • It is padded and with foam to allow comfort to the feet
  • It is made of stretchable material
  • Has a strap to enhance feet


  • Not waterproof hence not comfortable for all environments

6. Orthofeet Shreveport Comfort for Plantar Fasciitis and Diabetic Men

You don’t have to lose or abandon your adventurous habits due to footwear’s disappointment. With these shoes you can do all your outdoor activities. It can comfortably take on rough terrains. I know it might scare you when you imagine going outdoors with Morton’s neuroma condition. Orthofeet Shreveport serve you with good support and maximum non-slick movement on slippery and rough surfaces.

The arc support and the padding on this shoe makes it convenient for Morton’s neuroma. It has a deep and soft heel area to give the feet arc a perfect rest on the foam insole. The shoe hold on its initial shape and design for quite a long time.  Being lace-up, you can always adjust the fit should feel the shoe falling off.  All pressure points are therefore sealed hence keeps you off strains of the feet.

The concern of many users of outdoor shoes is how warm the shoe can keep your feet. The shoe has moisture winking foam at the insole to keep your free of sweat. It also insulates your feet from extremely cold seasons ensuring that your feet are kept warm at all time. To add on this, the shoe is a lightweight and requires little effort to wear.


  • Has orthopedic arc support with wide heel area and padding to ensure it fits to many feet shapes and arcs without pains
  • It is a lightweight shoe
  • Has moisture winking insole to keep your feet free of moisture
  • Takes on different terrains hence good for outdoor activities
  • Has a good fit and pain relieving effect


  • Not designed for extreme weather conditions

5. Orthofeet Gramercy Comfort Wide Shoe for Diabetics and Plantar Fasciitis

When you start seeing symptoms of Morton’s neuroma, you will most probably start being scared of shoes. The most comfortable footwear will most likely be the orthopedic shoes. It is very hard to get a fancy orthopedic shoe to wear for fancy events. Orthofeet Gramercy provides both class and style while at the same time keeping you comfortable all day wrong.  To add on this, the shoe is a lightweight and supportive. This makes them best shoes for Morton’s neuroma for events like weddings, dinners and parties.

The comfort delivered by these shoes is unmatched. The cushioning at the insole and the linings gives you a strain, blisters, sores, sweat and odor free environment to your feet. The shoes gibe you a tremendous paying relieve even at the apex of biting Morton’s neuroma.  At the same time, the shoe is supportive and can help you regain your gait within a short period of time. This is due to the wide toe box that allows relaxes and flexing of your feet freely.


  • They are very comfortable yet stylish. This makes them comfortable to use for fancy events
  • The arc support on this shoe makes it convenient for different shoe shapes
  • Has excellent cushioning to give the shoe support
  • They are lightweights
  • Have pain relieving effect


  • Not perfect for extreme conditions

4. Orthofeet Avery Island Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic, Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Men

These shoes of the sleepers design. They are loafer comfortably designed with orthopedic touches like the arc support. The insole is made in a contouring design such that it can take up different shoe shapes. To add on these orthopedic benefits, the shoe is very stylish with a leather finish.

To ensure that you are not don’t lose comfort at the expense of safety, the shoe is fitted with comfortable insole which is detachable for replacement and cleaning. It can be treated with antimicrobial for protection against sweat and odor.

In case of intense Morton’s neuroma, one might lose his gait. However this shoe helps in correcting your gait within the shortest time possible. It allows you to make natural feet movements and easier walking experience. Whether one decides to use them with socks or not, the shoes will still give a good fit and breathable atmosphere for the feet.


  • Easy to wear and comfortable
  • They have pain relieving effect
  • Can help correcting gait and walking challenges
  • They are safe for the toe and the entire feet
  • Has a deep heel area design and arc support


  • The shoe gets grimy very fat.
  • Too hot during hot seasons

3. Orthofeet Tahoe Women's Comfort Wide Orthopedic for Diabetic, Orthotic Athletic Shoe

This is an athletic orthopedic shoe. Athletes and long distant walkers with Morton’s neuroma should consider trying this shoe. It has an orthopedic arc support making it comfortable for different shapes and arcs. This shoe is capable of correcting your gait and badly support within a shirt period duel to the heel space extra deep design.

The shows are of matched color’s like blue and white which makes them trendy and very casual. One can comfortably wear them with other casual clothes. It is a perfect wear for workers with the Morton’s disorders.

People who enjoy laced shoes will find this useful as it is a lace up shoe. The laces allows you to adjust fit depending on how tight you need them. With extra orthopedic features, the boot can perfectly replace the traditional gym shoes.


  • They are lightweights with a casual touch
  • They are comfortable with a wide toe area to allow relaxing and flexing of the feet
  • They have an orthopedic insole that support numerous arcs and feet shapes
  • The laces and the side pads give the shoe an adjustable fit up to the feet


  • For people with bending challenges, the shoe can be problematic when lacing up

2. Orthaheel Women's Rachel Slip-On Mule Peat

This is one of the most stylish shoes for Morton’s neuroma. We know it is very hard to find an orthopedic shoe which is stylish. But Orthaheel Rachel Slip-On Mule Peat Size 5 is an exception.  The sleek design with leaves crossing at the face of the feet and the tan color make the shoe have a very attractive look.  It takes the loafer design with a strap at the back to allow ease to wear and hold on the feet for a perfect feet.

The removable orthotic foot bed is podiatrist-designed to allow you to control your steps. You are therefore kept comfortable in all your steps you make. The toe box is open to prevent aggravation of the bones which causes Morton’s neuroma.


  • Very stylish and very impressive look
  • It is a comfortable lightweight shoe
  • It has a pain relieving effect
  • It has a back foot strap to help maintain a perfect fit
  • It has an arc support allowing use by different types of feet shapes


  • Not water resistant

1. Orthofeet Charlotte Comfort for Arthritis, Diabetic and Arch Support Orthopedic Slippers for Women

These shoes are made with orthotics in mind. The heel area is deep and easily fits to different feet shapes and arcs. The designs in which the shoe is set allows easy wearing and removing of the shoe. It provides a comfortable and relaxed cover for the feet.

Even with the Morton’s neuroma, the shoe is designed to ensure that you can be able to walk and stand for longer hours than before. They allow your feet to relax and contract comfortable hence free movement of blood and air which keeps you more energized and insulated from fatigue. Ergonomic-Stride design ensure stability of the feet, the back, gait and the whole body. Despite being slip on pair of shoe, they fit very well to the feet all day. Therefore, whether you prefer wearing socks or not, the shoes will give you relief all day without fear of coming off.


  • Contoured orthotic insole in the shoe provide arc fit for different shapes of feet
  • The sole is lightweight with air cushioning and hence easy to wear and move around with
  • They fall under the category of sleepers and hence easy to wear and remove
  • Provides maximum stability not only for the feet but for the whole body
  • They have a pain relieving effect to the feet.


  • Not comfortable to wear in wet environment

The best thing to do is to ensure that you don’t worsen your feet situation by wearing poorly cushioned, unsafe and unfavorable pair of footwear when you are having the Morton’s neuroma. We have therefore outlined for some of the shoes that can help you recover from this situation as fast as possible without interfering with your daily routine and chores.

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