Best Shoes For Standing All Day for 2018

Your feet are most vulnerable when subjected to long hours of standing.  A lot of pressure is mounted on them due to the body weight carried on them against the hard surfaces. This means you will encounter some pains, fatigue or even strains if you are not cushioned against the same.

This calls for the need to have a right pair of footwear if you will be standing all day.

Some of the things to consider before buying a standing shoe include:

  • Material used to make the shoe
  • Level of traction and shock absorption
  • The insole and outsole ability to provide comfort
  • The weight of the shoe
  • Breathability

We have reviewed for you some of the best standing shoes for you.

Best Shoes For Standing All Day in 2018

10. ASICS Men's Gel-Foundation Walker 3 Walking Shoe

Get yourself a shoe that gives you high-level comfort regardless of the kind of surface you are standing on. Unlike most insoles that are made of padded insoles, ASICS Men's Walking Shoe's insole is made of two layers of a foam layer. This means you will get an advanced level of comfort.

The platform is wide to give enough room for feet breathing. It also reduces the contact of the feet and the shoe which would otherwise expose you to abrasions and compressions. Also, the footbed has good arch support to support which makes it a good standing shoe for high arches.

To enhance on hygiene, the interior is lined with ortholite sock liner to ensure that moisture is wicked off. This keeps them fresh. It also keeps them away from odor and infection. The insole is easily removable for cleaning. You can also replace the insoles with better ones should they become defective.

The upper of the shoe is made of mesh to enhance breathability.  The mesh is combined with a leather material that is very durable. This perfect combination protects your feet from any external hazards.

ASICS Men's Walking Shoe is among the standing shoes with a high level of stability. The padded neck of the shaft and the anti-slip outsole allow you stand stable all day.


  • Very light
  • Made of durable leather
  • Has odor and moisture wicking linings
  • Very stable
  • Has laces to increase the fit on the feet


  • Not waterproof hence not so suitable for water prone surfaces

9. Skechers USA Men's Segment The Search Slip-On Loafer

 Loafers as are among the classiest shoes. They blend well with different outfits, casual and official, making them very famous shoes.  The oiled leather upper of Skechers Men's Loafer gives it a very attractive appearance. The stitching gives it an added classic outlook making it good walking shoe for leisure strolls.

A good standing shoe should support you well all day. Skechers Men's Loafer has a goring elastic opening at the neck for support. This locking of the shoe to your feet gives it a perfect fit.

Another excellent thing you enjoy when in Skechers Men's Loafer is reduced fatigue. This is due to the padding at the collar which reduces any pressure on your feet. 

A shoe that is easy to slip on and out helps a great deal in dealing with pressure and breathability of the feet. Being a slip-on, Skechers Men's Loafer is easy to wear and remove on a need basis. You can, therefore, remove them for air out after some time of standing on them.

I always consider the company history and its products a key guide to purchasing their product. Sketchers are a company that has a history of making high performing shoe. The combination of performance and comfort-oriented technology makes sketchers among the most famous footwear.

This is arguably among the best standing shoe for men. It combines classic design, high performance, and comfort.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Very classic
  • Made of durable full grain leather
  • Has odor and moisture management


  • Being a slip on, it can run big with time

8. Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

You will want an assurance that a shoe will keep your feet comfortable before investing your hard-earned cash on it. The Merrell shoe has a wide range of feature to provide you with an all day long comfort. The insoles are made of comfortable foam material to give a massaging feeling to your feet.

Standing for a long period may cause your feet to sweat. This moistening of the shoe may lead to infections and bad smell. Merrell Men's Slip-On Shoe's interior is lined with an antimicrobial to prevent any form of odor and infections. The insole is also removable for cleaning and replacement should they reduce the padding.

Merrell Men's Slip-On Shoe's footbed is designed in a way that it keeps your feet supported all day long. It is removable too for airing out after a long day standing on it. Also, the rubber sole provides a perfect grip on the surface making you free from slipping.

Consider yourself a satisfied customer when it comes to durability. Merrell shoe is made of full grain leather which very durable. This means that you will enjoy its comfortable service for a long period.

Being slip on, they are comfortable to use indoor and outdoor. They have a good fit with a small heel measuring around 2''. This makes it very supportive and convenient to stand on.


  • Has a flexible slip resistant outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Has a good fit


  • The heel can be uncomfortable on feet after very long-standing

7. Rockport Men's Slip-On Shoes

Slip-on shoes give you a comfortable wear and remove freedom. You are able to slide on them on a need basis. These Rockport Men's Slip-On Shoes have an elastic goring at the instep to allow customized fitting. In addition, this shoe is very light and comfortable on the inside.

Other excellent features are its slip resistant and a shock absorbing midsole and durable leather at the upper. You are therefore served with a long-lasting, secure and comfortable standing experience.

The internal environment of a shoe determines your feet health. Exposure to moisture exposes the feet to odor and infections. Rockport Men's Slip-On Shoes have deep padding at the insoles which are fitted with moisture wicking lings. This keeps your feet fresh and away from odor.

Other than being a standing shoe, Rockport Men's Slip-On Shoes is among the best working shoes for different jobs. The casual outlook added to the fact that it is very lightweight, makes most people use it for different stations both official and casual. This is further complemented by the general outlook which matches well with different outfits makes it very comfortable to be on.


  • Very light
  • Durable
  • Classy
  • Shock absorbent
  • Versatile


  • Not water resistant

6. KEEN Men's Austin Shoe

If you are stationed in an area where you are exposed to a lot of moisture, you don't have to worry. Keens Austin shoe is made of full grain leather which is waterproof. This means that your feet will remain warm and free from any moisture.  It also means that the shoe will last longer devoid of the external environment.

Another important structural feature is the rubber sole. It reduces the surface pressure on your feet giving you a stable and comfortable grip on the ground. This is key as standing for a long period subject's feet to intense surface pressure.

Other than the casual outlook, the oxford lacing design gives the shoe a very admirable outlook. It, therefore, matches well with different outfits. This makes it very versatile for use for different workstations. The laces allow you to adjust the shoe fit on your feet for maximum support all day long.

Another outstanding feature of this shoe is the arc support. It is designed with contours at the insoles to support different shapes of feet. It is, therefore, a good standing shoe for flat feet.


  • Has an excellent toe protection
  • Has arc support hence a good standing shoe for flat feet
  • Good for both outdoor and indoor uses
  • Has a very admirable casual outlook
  • Has a high-low shaft to protect the ankle
  • Is made of full grain waterproof leather


  • Being lace-up makes it slightly hard to remove and wear at wish

5. Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog

Clog shoes are familiar due to their roomy feet space. The feet are therefore able to breathe well all day and kept away from any compressions. They also have an addition arc support to allow use by different feet shapes.

The interiors are made of thick constructions at the toe area. This is to cushion the feet from any compressions and abrasions. The footbed is made of memory foam. This gives a comfortable resting of the feet for an uninterrupted comfort. The greatest assurance for you is that you are cushioned from the surface pressures by the rubber sole.

At times one might change jobs. You don't have to purchase new shoes for every job or station. These crocs are very versatile and of different designs making them good for different workstations. If you are a nurse, for instance, and you get another job a trainer, you can still use the same pair.

I would describe Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clogs as hygiene shoes. They are very easy to clean which enables one to use them for different purposes while maintaining high levels of hygiene. It is for this reasons that they are among the recommended working shoes for hospital workers.

Available in a variety of sizes, Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog are good standing shoes for children and the adults.


  • Very comfortable and light
  • Odour resistant and very effortless to clean
  • Very versatile
  • Has arc support
  • Has a roomy toe and entire feet area


  • Not convenient for extreme conditions like rainy period

4. Skechers Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe

One of the determiners of which pair of shoe to invest your hard-earned cash is how well it performs. I would describe Skechers Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe as a performer. Sketchers products are known to be performers and rarely disappoint. This makes sure that regardless of where you are stationed, you can do your duties without fear of footwear disappointment.

Despite being a women's shoe, a men's version is available. Your feet fit your convenience as it is a lace up. You can, therefore, be sure you will be supported all day long. The neck of the shaft is padded to add on the support aspect. This means that your ankles and the feet balls are insulated for abrasions and fatigue.

Despite being made of a durable leather, the entire upper is very soft to allow your feet to stretch. The insole is also made of memory foam to give you a continuous comfort of your feet. The interior is highly breathable to keep your feet fresh and free of odor.

Another feature worth mentioning is Skechers Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe's weight. They are amazingly lightweight. This aspect together with the casual outlook makes it match well with many outfits.


  • It is very flexible and comfortable
  • Has a classy casual design
  • Has a shock absorbing ability
  • High levels of durability
  • Lace-up hence very supportive to the feet


  • Not so good for slippery surfaces

3. Nunn Bush Men's Bleeker St Slip-On

The fact that Nunn Bush Men's Bleeker St Slip-On is a slip-on makes it easy to wear and remove. You can, therefore, keep on removing and putting it on a need basis. At some points, you may need to have your feet grasp some fresh air. This is possible due to the very breathable in-shoe environment. This ensures that you stand for a long period with your feet remaining fresh.

Usually, leather shoes are very durable and heavy. But despite being durable, Nunn Bush Men's Bleeker St Slip-On shoe is amazingly lightweight. After spending a long day standing, the last thing you would want is carrying extra weight on your feet.

You can fail to admire the extra comfort technology used to make the interior part. This enhanced comfort ensures your feet are insulated from intense pressure and compressions. The fact that your feet will be resting your feet on a padded insole and rubber/synthetic outsole, makes you have a comfortable experience for a long duration.

Another feature that gives Nunn Bush Men's Bleeker St Slip-On a unique taste is a footbed. It is of open cell that it can support different feet shapes and arks. This aspect makes it a good standing shoe for flat feet. The interior linings make it hard to have pains that are resulted by feet contact with shoe material and abrasions.


  • Very durable
  • Considerably lightweight
  • Good for casual and official use
  • Supports different feet shapes


  • Has a slightly high sole but very light and well-cushioned form the inside

2. Merrell Women's Dassie Buckle Slip-On

When choosing a pair of shoe, one might consider how well it is going to match with their outfit. For example, if the shoe can be worn together with their workstation gears. The Merrell shoes are designed to match with different outfits like the casual wears, khaki, and uniforms. This means it can be a good working shoe for office stewards, nurses, teachers etc.

On the durability aspect, Merrell Women's Dassie Buckle Slip-On shoe scores very high. The leather material used to make the upper part is very durable. Though it is hard on the exterior environment, it is very soft on the feet.

The insole is of high quality with deep and soft padding. This makes is last long while providing the uninterrupted comfort of the feet for a long period. Standing for long requires the feet to be resting of soft material to avoid strains and fatigue.

A shoe that doesn't fit well can cause a lot of discomforts. Imagine standing whole day on a hoe that pressed your toes hard. That would be a frustrating experience. The side buckle makes it possible to adjust the shoe fit. You are therefore able to keep the shoe on the best fit for your feet.  At the neck-tongue, it is fitted with an elastic padded goring to ensure that your feet are supported all day long.


  • Has a traction outsole
  • Has a very comfortable insole
  • Is very durable
  • Has a side buckle for adjusting the fit


  • Might not cushion the ankles from fatigue as it is a low shaft shoe

1. Klogs USA Women's Naples Mule

When you are standing for a long period, the ankles and the feet balls are the most vulnerable to fatigue and pain. You, therefore, need enough cautioning and support to withstand the same. Klogs USA Women's Naples Mule provides you with both of these. This is because of the padded insole that allows natural and soft resting of the feet.

An additional feature on the outsole is the anti-slip aspect that prevents your form tripping.  At times you may find yourself on some slippery surfaces like the oil stations et al. You are cushioned from traction absence related accidents. This aspect makes Klogs USA Women's Naples Mule not only a standing shoe but also one of the best working shoes for concrete and slippery floor.

If your shoe is not of the right material, there are chances of it not lasting for long. However, Klogs USA Women's Naples Mule shoe is made of leather which is durable. Other parts including the insoles and the outsoles are also made to last long. This is devoid of the kind of the environments it is exposed to. Therefore, people working in institutions like the schools, hospitals, gas stations etc., will find this shoe very useful.

Despite being having a high sole of about 1 inch, you will find Klogs USA Women's Naples Mule considerably lightweight and matching well will work uniforms as well as casual wears.


  • The insole, outsole and the upper are durable
  • Has anti-slip feature to reduce accidents
  • Has extended comfort and supportive aspects to counter feet pressure on the surface
  • The insoles are removable to enhance comfort and hygiene


  • Slightly high sole but very light

And there we have it, 10 of the best shoes for standing all day. Choose depending on what you do.

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