Best Slip-On Work Boots for Men and Women (2018 Review)

Have you ever tripped with a crate of glasses after tripping on something? Have you ever stepped on your loose shoe lace and fell? You might have not experienced any of those but you might have seen someone who had an accident at their work station. Reason being footwear failure to ensure their safety.

For this reason, foot gear is of essence in ensuring individual safety while working. Due to loose ends of shoelaces and their associated accidents, majority of workers prefer slip on shoes. These shoes are very easy to wear and remove making them a favorite to many workers.  We have compiled for you some of the best slip-on work boots you may consider for your work undertaking.

Best Men's and Women's Slip-On Work Boots 

7. Redback Work Steel Toe Black Rambler Leather Slip On Boots USBBL

Are you looking for a classic casual slip on boot for your work station? Redback Work Boots should be one of your considerations. Made of genuine rambler leather, the boot is both durable and waterproof. At the toe are it’s fitted with steel. These features ensure that the boot not only keep your feet safe from impact but also give you utility for longer duration.  It is a convenient footwear for water relation work stations like kitchen, laundry rooms etc. the Leather is acid, oil and slip resistant making it among the best slip on boots for mechanics and other locomotive servicers.

It is a lightweight boot with easy breaking making it possible to fit and wear right from the parking box. At the inside is well air cushioned midsole and a conveniently removable arch support which makes it easy to wear and move around with at the work station. Other than the comfort, the boot meets the safety standard making the boot the best slip on boot for firefighters, rescue teams and police.


  • Very safe for different work station
  • Has good grip on the ground
  • Has electric hazard protection
  • Has a steel toe for impact protection
  • Has a casual design that matches well with jeans and a safety clothes


  • less breathable

6. Keen Utility Men's Detroit Slip On Work Boot

This is one of the boots designed to take on and off easily. They are made of material that adjusts to the feet while providing the balance and stability of the feet. It is defensively designed with a steel toe for protecting the toe from any impact or compression. It is resistant o different hazard making it a good slip on boot for production site.

The dual density midsole makes the shoe top in the comfort aspect ranking. The lining of the midsole is treated with odor resistant hydrophilic. It is very breathable as it allow maximum flow of air in the shoe keeping the feet cool and free from moisture. The outsole is largely waterproof and durable. Nubuck leather gives the boot a very impressive look.

 The boot keeps the feet free from the prevailing working condition all day long. Imagine working in a laboratory and acid spill on your feet. Or oil spills on your feet while working in a fueling station. The boot is oil, acid and slip resistant. Keen Utility Detroit is arguably the best slip on boot for gas station, fueling station and laboratory attendants.


  • Has a water resistant upper
  • Very protective against work station hazards
  • Odor resistant and comfortable
  • Has dual density sole which has a high grip on  the ground


  • Has a very small steel toe

5. Skechers USA Men's Segment-Dorton Chelsea Boot

This is one of the boots that feet on the foot like gloves. It fits well at the top at the shaft holding up on your feet whole day while allowing natural and flexible movement of the feet. It is made of brown water resistant oil leather. The shaft rises up to the ankle with a padded neck and collar. These ensure that shoe fits and gives support to the feet all day long. Being made of oily leather, it means that the boot can be soften with little hustles.

The Dorton boot is one of the comfort delivering boots. Made if a foam cushioned insole, the boot keeps the feet free from blisters and sores due to extensive friction at the work station. The missile is shock absorbent with a spiny lining to cause relaxation and compression at the landing of the steps. This increases the traction levels reducing chances of tripping at your work station.

The Dorton boots can virtually take up on any form of environment. If you need a boot for rough jobs, this is the boot you should think of. The top-notch leather material used o make the boot is Extremely durable. Though it is hard on the ground and the environment, it hold up well for the user giving him a very comfortable walk in them.


  • Fitted with foam insole to ensure warmth during cold seasons
  • It has excellent level of traction
  • Has a roomy toe area allowing for air circulation and toe safety
  • Durable


  • Can run big in size with time

4. Wolverine Men's Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot

Your hustle for a comfortable booting fitting your work station requirements night have just come to an end. Wolverine Men's Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot Is just a performer when it comes to taking on different environments. At the toe area is steel the keeps the feet safe from any impacts or compression. This ensures that the toes which are the most vulnerable when it comes to work station accidents are protected all day long.

The full grain leather material used to make the boot is exceedingly resilient to even harsh external obstacles keeping you fully secure at the feet. The material is very durable and water resistant. This aspect of being water resistant and durable makes it a favorite slip on wear for hard job workers. It is a slip on boot making it very easy to remove and wear.

The boots comes with detachable cushioned footbed to give the feet steady and comfortable rest. The footbed is removable for cleaning and replacement. It provide good shock absorption. It is designed with contours to ensure that it flexes to fit on different types of feet and arcs.


  • Has a detachable footbed which is easy to clean and replace
  • It is durable as it is made of full grain leather
  • It is a comfortable shoe
  • It provides maximum protection to the toe and the entire feet
  • Has good level of traction


  • Can be heavy for people not used to steel toe boots

3. Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot

This is among the best slip on work boots in Australia. With producing company having experience spanning from 1870s, the boot has continuously provided hard on work and comfortable feel to the users. The boot can take on different work environment. It is actually an all-job boot. Gardeners, electricians and other hard job workers might find the boot very useful. Interestingly, the boot is all weather wear.

Being an all weather boot, the in-shoe atmosphere is set to keep the feet well aerated and free from moisture. The insole is made to be detachable, cushioned and of form

 This allows it to be removed for cleaning and replacement keeping the shoe free of odor, moisture and infections. They are very malleable and breathable.  The boot has a shock absorbent midsole that keep the feet free of unnecessary impact upon landing on steps.  At the sides are elastics gores which make the shoe have a good fit on the feet.

The shoe is extremely water prof and made of a heavy duty rubber sole. This makes the shoe very durable and a perfect feet wear for jobs involving water contact at the feet levels.


  • Made of durable and waterproof material
  • Very secure foot wear
  • Has good grip on the ground
  • It is a comfortable footwear
  • Has high level of shock absorption


  • Can be heavy to people not used to heavy duty boots

2. Ariat Men's Spot Hog Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat cowboy boots do not only give you comfort and safety, they also give you a touch of elegance while on them. The meticulous weaving and hues on the shoe give it a very attractive look. They can very will fit and match with casual straight pants. Their casual look and their hard on work nature make them a good slip on work boot for construction supervisors.

Among the key manufacturer features of this boot are the hard and durable full grain leather, string rubber outsole, elastic missile and a padded neck and collar at the shaft. The boot is high up to the ankle. This ensures that the feet is protected from any hazardous workstation encounter from the toe to the ankle. It also ensure this the shoe get a good fit and is free from tripping out now and then. The insole is removable for cleaning and replacement.

The sole has a heel to ensure more stability and balance. It also increases traction level. While you are working therefore, you are assured of less or no tripping incidents. The material used to make the boot is full grain hence very durable. You can therefore enjoy the protection and comfort for many year to come.


  • Made of durable material
  • Has a heel to increase stability
  • Very attractive look
  • Very protective
  • It is a comfortable shoe for a long day work


  • Needs waxing to maintain water resistance

1. Stanley Men's Dredge Steel-Toe Work Boot

The Stanley’s boot gives you a fortified protection from all work station hazards. It is a perfect combination of performance, comfort, protection and elegance. Made of stretchable fabrics and full grain leather the boot is bound to provide utility to you for many years. Among the outstanding design feature are the infused midsole and outsoles, moisture soaking lining and the high chunky quality leather at the upper. All these combined give a comfortable in-shoe atmosphere and shock free movements.

The slip resistant and excellence waterproofing give the boot a head start of the rest of the slip on work boots. These combined with the fully grain leather make give the boot a long life span of triumphing on as many work stations as possible. Even on the harshest weather condition this boot will triumph.


  • Protects feet from sharp work instruments and hazards
  • Made of full grain leather which is very durable
  • It is waterproof and slip resistant
  • It is a comfortable foot wear
  • Has moisture absorbing insole to keep the feet fresh


  • The cushioning is a bit thick

Regardless of what work you are doing your feet need to protected all the time. Most accidents at work stations are as a result of wrong choice of work boots. You therefore need a shoe that keeps safe, warm, not fatigued and accident free. Though lace-up shoes may be considered to be better, most workers prefer slip on shoes due to their easy in removing and wearing. As such, we have tried to review for you some of the best slip on work boots for you. We hope you find the article useful.

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