Best Adults’ Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2022

As Halloween 2022 approaches, many people are on the lookout for what’s popular this year. Of course, you want to look trendy, but you also want to fit in, while feeling unique. It’s the day of the year where you get to dress-up and be whatever character you want in the playbook. Don’t lose sleep wondering which costume suits you. We got you covered with the most exciting ensembles.

Best Adults’ Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2022

1. Soap Loofah Bubbles Costume Agent Adult Costume Set

For you and your boo. The Soap Loofah Bubbles set is a creative idea to inspire this Halloween. It includes one soap bar costume for the man and the Loofah costume for the lady. It is cute with white, blue and pink color to bring the fun and life to a party. There are ten clear balloons to imitate bubbles, and they stick nicely using Velcro straps.

We love that the set is one-size-fits-most so whether you are looking for a Halloween plus size costume, we got your back. The polyester material is a sure sign that this costume is made with durability in mind. You can wear over the next couple years in the same excellent condition.


  • Creative and fun design
  • Fits persons of all sizes


  • It can appear short for the loofah so you can pair it with leggings

2. King and Queen of Hearts Fun World Adult Costume

Nothing lets you feel more connected to your partner than a costume that symbolizes who you are. Yes, King and Queen of hearts represent boldness and love. This Halloween, showcase your best sides with this costume from Fun World. The king and queen card are entirely inspired by the theme as they are painted to depict gothic images.

This outfit is easy to wear just like a T-shirt. It has head and armholes such that it will sit well over normal clothing. To complete the look, you’ll want to accessorize it with matching pants, black gloves, and themed hats.


  • Fits most sizes
  • It maintains its card shape when worn


  • The accessories are bought separately

3. Bacon and Eggs Rasta Imposta Couples Costume

When it comes to breaking away from routine and engaging in fantasy characters, nothing works better than something unthinkable. Imagine you and hubby taking the role of bacon and an egg. It sounds silly, but you’ll have people laughing without cracking a joke.

This costume is vest-like from foam material to display the bacon and egg breakfast theme. You’ll wear it over regular clothes as it is only 16inches high with paired pants. This costume is not machine-washable, but you can iron it with a towel on top.

You’ll get many years of use from this outfit seeing that it displays well-knitted seams.  As such it is one of the best fun costume Halloween ideas.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Covers a hilarious theme


  • It is not machine-washable

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Fun World Couple’s Set

Here’s another silly but fun idea. Peanut butter and Jelly characters are just the ideal costumes when you are looking for something for yourself and boo. It is great for those that love bringing humor into a party filled with all the witchy, gothic aspects of Halloween.

With this set, you get two separate costumes for the price of one. The costumes are made from tunic polyester which is pretty easy to maintain by hand washing and air drying. You must let your childhood feelings out to play, when in such an outfit.


  • Affordably priced
  • Sewn neatly to improve durability


  • The back is a bit short

5. InCharacter Women’s Huntress Costume

For the ladies who love thriller action, movies; playing the Huntress on Halloween is fantastic. It’s unique, bold, and stands out especially with the bow and arrow.

 This costume comes all inclusive with a lace front dress that has a cinch up belt. It is in grey and black with a hooded cape to complete the look. There are also printed gauntlets to go with the color of the belt.

This outfit is also sewn from polyester. Although it has a short length, the dress remains warm, and you’ll feel comfortable all night long.


  • Easy to care and maintain
  • It is machine-washable


  • It requires going up a dress size to fit perfectly

6. Spider-Man Men’s Marvel Universe Rubie’s Costume

The all-time popular hero will surely come alive in a spider man’s costume. It’s tried, tested and sure to turn heads on every Halloween.

This suit is textured to bring a near 3D effect which amplifies the Spider-Man character. You’ll not have any extra muscles to show off, but it pays off by being lightweight.

It is in two pieces: the jumpsuit and the mask in blue and red theme colors. Anyone can clearly see the spider character embroidered in the fabric. With the mask, you can see and drink with ease. This way, the Spiderman character remains concealed for the night.


  • Flexible design
  • Comfortable to wear for many hours


  • Some sizes run small

7. Wonder Woman Secret Wishes Deluxe Costume

It’s no brainer that this year’s top favorite costumes are in a character who rocks the movie world. A Wonder Woman outfit is all you need to be popular and trendy if only for a day.

Don’t expect to be the only one in it, but be sure to pull yours off like no other person. Our pick is by Secret Wishes who makes detail-oriented costumes.

It makes for a great play and pretends character if you are going to be acting out your theme. The outfit comes with the strapless red and blue mini dress, boot tops, red cape, and tiara. It fits to size and feels comfortable when worn for many hours.


  • Made from polyester material
  • It is inexpensive


  • Most slim ladies may find the top a bit big

8. Leg Avenue Costumes Deadly Ninja Costume 5-Piece

Hands down, Halloween is most people’s favorite holiday. If you love the display of a really cool character, you’ll want to be in a ninja outfit.

Leg Avenue Costumes brings us their 5-piece suit which includes either top and pants or a complete jumpsuit. The two different styles provide for sexy Halloween ideas for women. To complete the ninja look, you have a waist sash, face mask, and arm warmers.


  • It comes with all the accessories
  • It’s sexy but not slutty


  • It may need going a size up when placing an order

9. Dark Mad Hatter Men’s Costume by California Costumes

To those that celebrate Halloween as being weird, mysterious, and strange, the Dark Mad Hatter costume will drive that point home. The jacket has checkered accents along with the vest and oversized bow tie.

The big magician’s coat is a must too if you want to complete the Wonderland scene. Not forgetting the striped pants that give the ensemble more character.

With such an eerie, dark costume it should play well with treat-or-trick, or as you freak out the neighborhood kids. Be sure to add some dark makeup and bring along the teacup and walking cane.


  • Fits to size and is comfortable
  • Easy to put on and pull off


  • Teacup and shoes are not included

10. Ghostbuster Marshmallow Rubie’s Men’s Costume

Be the marshmallow and skip on making s’mores this year in this costume. It’s an all-white jumpsuit which pumps into an adult size. With a battery-operated fan, it stays inflated so you can be pumped up all night long. The headpiece is perhaps the most exciting feature of this outfit. It bears a permanent smile, making you popular among kids.

The collar is sailor inspired along with a red tie to complete the character. It also has white gloves so that you can glitter from every part. It’s a brilliant design which brings a new role in the Halloween scene.


  • The headpiece is separate from the jumpsuit
  • It maintains a comfortable temperature with the inside fan


  • You have to remove it to use the bathroom

Factors to consider when buying an Adult Halloween Costume

Size and Fitting

As you buy a Halloween costume, make sure it fits well and feels comfortable. Parties can be overwhelming, and you don’t want to watch as others have all the fun simply because you squeezed into a suit. Remember it’s only one day in a year; make it count.


Keep in mind how long you want to have the costume around. If you plan to have it for the next five years, make sure it will not get damaged from normal wear and tear. This is because it’s one piece of clothing that sits in the wardrobe for the longest time.


There are many functions to attend as the year rolls around. That’s why with a multi-functional costume, you can wear it on Halloween and also create the same look for another end of the year costume party.


Most well-made costumes come at a steep price. This is because the materials that make them are high-quality. If you want a one-time ensemble, a cheap outfit can do. But remember to check for broken seams before you wear it.


We talk about the fabric when discussing the weather and safety. Night parties can feel hot in a crowd, but if you choose to go door to door after dark, you’ll want to be in something warm. Polyester which is synthetic wool is an excellent start for a comfy outfit.

When it comes to your safety, we are looking at the dangers of being around a fire in a costume that isn’t fire retardant. The last thing you want is being a fire hazard on a night that would have been fun.

Halloween is now a full-blown holiday. Everyone wants a piece of the fun, no wonder parties and festivals are the in thing. With a costume that symbolizes your favorite fictional character, it’s going to be a blast this year. We have chosen the best adult’s Halloween costumes, well-known for winning the day. Get yours today and await Halloween to unravel the mystery and fun of it all.

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