Best Walking Shoes for High Arches for Men and Women (2018)

When the arch is a bit deeper than the normal arch, commonly referred as high arches, the weight of your body is placed on the feet balls. The unfortunate thing is that its something you’ll have for life if it can’t resolved medically.

To reduce pains and enhance comfort you’ll need to wear the right shoes. This is especially if you are runner or spend most part o your day standing.  The right shoe will provide necessary cushioning enhancing your performance when working, walkig or running.

We have, in this article, reviewed some of the best walking shoes for high arches.

Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

7. Spring Step Women's Orella Slingback Sandal2

When you have a high arch condition, it means that excessive weight will rest on the feet balls. They, therefore, have to be cushioned from this. Spring Step Women's Orella Slingback Sandal2 Is structurally designed to cushion your arch from paining. The heel is made to be of a convenient height of about 1.74'' and the platform approximately 0.5''. This provides a raised resting bed for the feet.

Another utility providing feature in this Italian design shoe, is the material used to make it. The leather is very durable and of attractive colour. The nubbuck upper makes it even more appealing.

Of importance to high arch, is the comfort padding which deliberately modified for arch support. This ensures that regardless of the feet arch type or shape, you will be served with an unmatched comfort. This makes Spring Step Women's Orella Slingback Sandal2amng the best women walking shoes for high arches.


  • Made of durable and light synthetic sole
  • The Italian leather used to make the upper is both durable and attractive
  • Has a slingback for customizing the fit
  • Has excellent arch support


  • Being a semi-open shoe, it may not be so appropriate for outdoor activities

6. SPIRA Women's Classic Leather Walking Shoe

Here is a classic leather walking shoe for women with high arches. A very lightweight shoe with high durability history. Spira Women's shoe is an imported lace-up shoe with long-lasting comfort to its users.

The sole is made of rubber which is both shock absorbent and of high traction. This makes it possible to take on different surfaces and terrains while keeping your feet away from excessive and hazardous pressure. To add to the protection aspect is the wave spring technology employed to enhance the heel and forefeet protection.

Another feature which makes this shoe favourable for high arches is its arch support at the footbed. This allows the spreading and raising of the arches at comfortable lengths. The upper is also made of perforations to increase breathability.


  • The tongue is padded and the entire closure made of laces to enhance fit and support
  • The sole is made of shock absorbent and durable rubber
  • Has arch support making also good walking shoe for plantar fasciitis.
  • Has well-embroidered logos which make it very attractive


  • Most shoes which support numerous arch types usually run big in size with time.

5. Saucony Men's Triumph 11 Running Shoe

The biggest challenge of most shoes is to deliver both comfort and performance. Saucony Men's Triumph 11 Running Shoe, however, delivers both. The structural design is aimed at given runners their best output. It is actually among the best running shoes for high arches.

The fact that the footbed has a good arch support, topped up with the lightweight nature, Saucony Men's Triumph 11 Running Shoe is among the recommended running shoes for plantar fasciitis.  The rubber sole ensures that users are given a spring back feel at every step they make. 

To enhance breathability and foot hygiene, the synthetic material is blended with mesh. This makes the entire shoe breathable with a fresh internal environment. The insole is also lined with collar linings to enhance moisture management. These linings help in wicking any moisture present on the feet or the shoe walls.


  • It is a good athletic walking shoe for high arches
  • Has a wide range of designs and colours
  • Has moisture management linings moisture wicking
  • Has good feet cushioning ability

4. Brooks Men's Adrenaline Gts 14 Ankle-High Running Shoe - 12M

Here is an ankle-high running shoe that gives you a comfortable walking experience regardless of your feet arch type or size. This is due to the arch support mechanism at the footbed. The Brooks Men's Adrenaline running shoe is made using DNA cushioning technology that adapts to every step you make.

The spring back effect from the rubber sole is accompanied by a high-level balance and stability. This means that you walk at a high traction level without fear of tripping or falling. The midsole also is biodegradable. This aspect of being eco-friendly has earned this shoe numerous recommendations.

Another element of Brooks Men's Adrenaline running shoe is the ability to keep the feet fresh all day long. This is due to the mesh at the upper which allows for breathability. The feet are able to flex comfortably as you undertake your walk.


  • It is very light
  • Made of durable and breathable material
  • Has a good level of stability and balance
  • It is made of eco-friendly material at the midsole
  • Has a good arch support system


  • One may be concerned about its convenience for extremely wet terrains as it is not waterproof

3. Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

We found a walking shoe with arch support for overpronation. Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes support both high and low arches. The footbed is loaded with arch support to ensure that all users devoid of the sizes of their arches are taken to their destinations comfortably.

This imported brooks Company product is made of durable leather. The leather is also smooth and of attractive appearance. The leather blends well with the light rubber sole to give the entire shoe a featherweight feel. This makes the shoe one of the best walking shoe for men.

 Other than the sole being durable and lightweight, the midsole part provides excellent traction on different surfaces. The shoe can, therefore, be a good working shoe for high arches as it can comfortably take on the different work environment. It is also shock absorbent. This means that your feet are cushioned from hazardous impacts as you walk around.


  • Has a very attractive leather and nubbuck material make at the upper part.
  • The entire shoe is made of durable leather and synthetic materials at the upper and sole respectively
  • The footbed is loaded with arch support for different feet shapes and arches users.


  • Just like most arch support shoes, the shoe might run big in size with time. However, this can be controlled through the lace-up closure customization.

2. New Balance Men's MW928V2 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's MW928V2 Walking Shoe the best definition of comfort. Virtually every aspect of this imported shoe is comfort-oriented. From the collar, tongue to the insole. They are all padded to ensure that your feet are served with a heavenly comfort as you walk around in these shoes.

The upper part is made of full grain leather which is very durable. No one would want to invest their hard earned cash on a shoe that won't last. This New Balance shoe last long with an assurance of uncompromised comfort.

The rubber sole provides a shock and impact resistant effect. This means that your feet are cushioned against any hazardous pressure that may be exerted on your feet by the surfaces as you walk around. It also provides good grip on the surfaces making it a good walking shoe on concrete floor for men.

Of interest to this article is the arch support at the footbed area. The footbed is loaded with arch support to ensure that different feet shapes and arches are given a comfortable walking experience. This aspect combined with its athletic orientation makes it one of the best athletic walking shoes for high arches.


  • Very durable
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Very comfortable and excellently cushioned
  • Has a very elaborate arch support for used by different feet shapes and arches users


  • May have fit issues for some users. This, however, can be sorted out by the lace-up closure customization.

1. Soft walk Women's Abby Clog

Our top pick for the best walking shoe for high arches is an imported all-day comfort providing women's shoe. Soft walk Women's Abby Clog is made to deliver comfort and feet cushion against any pressure. The pressure exerted on the feet is evenly distributed to prevent it resting on selected areas like the feet balls.

This is made possible by the well-cushioned insole which allows the feet to have a soft resting space. The outsole also is made to be flexible to ensure that the feet are abler to make natural movements. This reduces the strains that would otherwise cause feet pains.

Other than just providing a long lasting aspect to this amazing shoe, the leather material used to make it is dyed to give it a very attractive appearance. The vegetable dye makes it look very eye-catching and beautiful.

To sum it all, the heel is of about 1.75''. This raises the feet to a comfortable level for efficient walking. The footbed is also loaded with arch support to ensure that users of different feet shapes and arches can comfortably walk in them.


  • Has a well-cushioned insole
  • Has good arch support
  • Made of beautiful and durable dyed leather


  • May have fit issues for some users

As much as you may not be in a position of correcting the high arch condition, you can control the type of shoe you wear. This would determine how best you enjoy your walk or lack of it. We have just reviewed some of the high arches friendly shoes for you.

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