Best Winter Boots for College Students in 2018

If you are a college student in areas that experience snowy and icy condition during winter, you probably know how uncomfortable that can be. It can be very hard to get to classes especially if you don't have the right feet gear.

You, therefore, need to have your feet protected from extreme cold as well as slippery surfaces. This will require you window shop for numerous varieties of winter shoes in the market which might be tedious.

We have luckily, in this article, compiled for you some of the best winter boots for college students.

Best Winter Boots for College Students

1. Sorel out N about Women Leather Waterproof Boot

 If you are navigating on a snowy terrain which is usually the case during winter, you will need to not only cover your feet but also ensure they remain warm. As a college student, you will want to explore many terrains devoid of the season. We have found a boot for your hiking and walking in the winter season.

Sorel shoe is made of waterproof leather to ensure that your feet are protected from any moisture. At times you will not be doing your outdoor walking, you may be walking to school during winter. You will, therefore, need to have a shoe that has some class and very versatile.

Sorel out N about Leather Waterproof Boot is of classic design and versatile for use for different places.  This is unlike most winter boots that are very ugly with exaggerated fur and wools.

When in these shoes your toes are protected from compression or any impacts. This is because it has a very elaborate toe area. The inner is also made to be very soft with an increased level of padding to avoid blistering or fatigue.


  • It is a short, light and stylish shoe
  • Very versatile for use in different places including hikes, streets, class etc.
  • Very protective to the feet hence good for vigorous outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking etc.
  • Has a removable footbed for cleaning to maintain hygiene


  • Though the shoe is stylish the designing may not be appealing to all the users

2. Tommy Hilfiger Women's Russell Rain Boot

The depth of snow may not be predictable. At times it gets deep and at times will just be at the surface. But would you want to take chances with unpredictable weather? You, therefore, need a shoe that will keep you covered regardless of the depth of the snow on the surface. Unlike the Sorel shoe, Tommy Hilfiger Rain Boot is a high boot with a shaft of about 6.5'' from the arch.

The heel of the shoe measures about 0.75''. This makes it very comfortable to walk on snow with little or no weight on your feet. It is this lightweight nature that makes them among the best winter boots for walking. They can be used by different types of people. In fact, the small sizes of the shoe are among the best winter boots for toddlers.

The faux leather that makes the shoe is widely durable and stylish. This makes it withstand the excessively wet terrains that are not friendly to shoes.

To sum it up for this boot, I found it to have a good fit to the feet. Despite having a comfortable and spacy footbed, it has a lace-up closure to allow you adjust its fit to your comfort.


  • It is made of durable and stylish faux leather
  • Has a slightly small heel to allow easier navigation on snow and ice
  • The rubber sole makes the shoe very light
  • The high shaft increase the level of feet protection


  • One of the common discredit for winter boots is their lack of attractiveness. But it fits the bill

3. Sanita Women Noelle Boot

Even though the main aim of being in a winter boot is to keep your feet warm, excessive warmth may lead to your feet suffocating in your shoe. A situation that would lead to discomfort, sweating, and even bad smell. Sanita Noelle Boot is designed to counter such a scenario. This is due to its waxy leather which is fitted with linings to increase breathability.

Other than enhancing breathability, the shoe is made to give you unmatched comfort. The leather is waxed with suede to make it a hard on the surface yet comfortable on the feet pair of shoe. The sole is made of synthetic material that is able to withstand the extremely wet terrains. This enhances the long-lasting aspect of the boot.

A combination of synthetic sole and smooth waxed leather prompts a featherweight pair of boots. You would not want to walk on hard terrain with additional weight on your feet. While in these shoes you barely remember you are on a pair of boots. They are amazingly lightweight.


  • Made of durable leather and synthetic sole
  • The footbed is made of vinyl acetate to enhance arch support. This makes it a good winter boot for flat feet.
  • Has a heel for shock absorption
  • The insole is removable for cleaning and replacement
  • Very cozy and comfortable


  • The compound outsole can run big in size due to different feet shapes support

4. Roxy Montes Women Winter Boot

 One of the main reasons why many people shy away from shoes is making them rigid and difficult to move. When navigating a challenging terrain like on the ice, one needs a shoe that will allow natural movement of the feet in every stride you make. The bottom of Roxy Montes Winter Boot is designed to allow your feet to spread freely without compression to allow you make natural strides. This reduces strains and fatigue.

The synthetic sole counters the pressure placed on your feet by the terrain. It is strong enough to stand the bruising edges of wet terrains hence keeping you free of hazardous impacts.

The inside of any shoe plays a key role in determining the nature of experience you will have in the shoe. A good winter walking shoe needs to give you guarantee that despite the extremely wet environment, your feet will remain warm and fresh. Roxy Montes Winter boots have hairy instep to keep your feet warm. They also help in wicking any moisture on your feet keep them fresh.

In summing notable features, is Roxy Montes Winter Boot protective nature. It has a metal pin to protect the feet from any compressions. The toe area is kept away from any external hazards. The buckle closure gives it customizable fit and a unique design.


  • Very durable
  • Full boot to increase shoe protection
  • Has a light synthetic sole for shock absorption
  • Has a comfortable and moisture free in-shoe atmosphere


  • Isolated complaints with sizes

5. Adidas Choleah Winter Boot For Women

Adidas Company has continuously dominated the footwear industry. Providing high performance and durable shoes. From athletic shoes to household shoes. They have now conquered the world of outdoor walking with this comfortable winter walking shoe. The Choleah boot is made of a PrimaLoft material for warmth and comfort at the interiors.

It is very easy to fall due to reduced traction the ice or snowy surfaces. Adidas Choleah winter Boot has a midsole with an aluminum board that can be inserted to protect both cold and tripping. It also has an added Adiprene to cushion against any impact or harmful shocks.

The combination of the rubber sole and the Primaloft material makes the sole take on the icy surface with ease. This is due to increased grip.  The combination also weighs around 283gms which is considerably light-weight.

Also, the shoe has a gender friendly instep and insoles. This makes it among the best winter boot for women. It is deeply padded to prevent any blistering or sores.


  • Has deep paddings to prevent feet pains, pressure, and blistering
  • Has an aluminum board at the midsole to prevent from cold and tripping
  • Weighs around 283gms which is very lightweight.


  • Just like most winter boots, it might be attractive to a few

6. Sorel Men's Cheyanne II Snow Boot

 The best assurance when navigating on icy surfaces is that of keeping your feet warm. It may concern me how well am cushioned from sliding and falling on the wet surfaces. I would, therefore, want a shoe that keeps my feet warm and protected from any external hazards. 

Sorel Men's Cheyanne II Snow Boot is a mid-high shoe which provides sufficient feet cover. The suede on the leather makes it waterproof to prevent your feet logging from moisture absorption from the environment.

At the inside, it is fitted with removable footbed. This footbed can be removed for cleaning and replacement. It is also padded for comfort, warmth and blistering prevention.  The Thinsulate added with a moisture-wicking lining ensure that the feet are kept fresh and warm.

Other than the suede membrane making the shoe waterproof, it makes it very breathable. This prevents your feet from suffocation in the warm internal environment. The outsole is made of molded rubber to give good traction and support of the feet.


  • Very supportive
  • Has a warm in-shoe atmosphere
  • Has fleece linings to keep feet fresh and free from moisture
  • It is light with ability to insulate against cold
  • Has good traction on slick and wet terrains


  • Available in only one color

7. Timberland 6 Inch Premium Men's Boots Wheat Nubuck

Let me now introduce you to a shoe that combines both performance and elegance. Timberland boots are well matching with different outfits. They are very famous with the youths due to their trendy aspect. Added with the winter withstanding features, they are good walking winter shoes for teenagers.

Timberland Premium Boot has a high platform of about 0.5''. This makes it good to navigate on snowy and icy surfaces. It is made of smooth leather that makes durable and feet friendly. The shaft measures around 6.75'' and fits well with jeans and slim wears. Most students prefer such shoes and that why timberland is a famous walking shoe for students.

It is of unmatched comfort with waterproof capability. This waterproof aspect combined with a 1'' heel makes is conquer most wet surfaces and environment. Despite being good for winter, it is also good for other seasons. This is one of the qualities that qualify it for college use.

At the top of the collar is a padding to make sure the shoe fits and support the feet well. The fit is even more customizable with the laces which are attractively designed to match with the boot colors and design.


  • It is durable
  • Made of waterproof leather
  • Very comfortable and supportive.
  • Is classic in design and match with different outfits


  • If not used to timberland boots, they can be a bit heavy
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