5 Must-have Toys And Games To Keep Your Kids More Active And Engaged

Playing with various toys is an important part of our childhood, and every kid should get an opportunity to have fun or amusement while dealing with their toys. Modern games allow the children to develop various skills, and most of the parents have realized this truth. Whether it is a simple innovative toy for an indoor game or a big ride-on, your children can spend some memorable moments with those playthings.

But, do you know that toys are something more than fun? They allow your kids to –

  • Improve the creativity
  • Learn social skill
  • Become selfless
  • Increase their attention span
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Best Toys for Kids

1. Hasbro Pie Face Game

If your kids love the game of suspense, then this Pie face Game may be an outstanding option for them. However, almost anyone, who is 5+ in age, can take part in this game. The main idea behind this game is that the player’s face will become full of cream at any time. You may also use a sponge instead of this cream.

The design of this game is very simple, and the package includes a number of components, like a slap arm, stand, a mini board for spinning, sponge, and knobs. There is no need of applying any skill. Rather, everything depends on your luck, and that’s why the children love to play this game to have fun.


  • Game suitable for almost all family members
  • Easy to clean parts
  • No intricate mechanism


  • Need supervision for avoiding any chocking issues

 So, try out this game to have fun at your home anytime.

2. Hasbro Connect 4 Game

This is another simple game that makes your kids amused throughout a day. You may find this game in many daycare centers. The game manufacturer has designed this game for toddlers, who are more than six years in age. Set up this game instantly and you have to place the small disks on the grid. Your child may play this game with another kid.

 The player, who is able to link four disks in one row, can become the winner. The disks are of yellow and red color, and each of the two sets contains twenty-one disks. The package comprises the blue colored grid with a slider and legs.


  • Helps in co-coordinating eyes and hands
  • Simple game
  • Improves thinking ability


  • The blue grid structure is not much resilient

 Though it is a simple game, your child will have fun from it.

3. Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit

If your children love to deal with the simple scientific facts, this gaming kit is an excellent solution for them. Scientific Explorer has offered a unique, interactive tool that allows your kids to know the difference that is present between acids and bases or to understand volcanoes. This is not only a game but also a learning tool.

Your kids can do eleven experiments, and for all of them, the manufacturer has provided instructions. Your little scientists have to find out the secrets behind every experiment. The comprehensive kit comprises oil, citric acid, colorful tablets, starch, tubes, cups, scoops and many other things. The game not only offers fun but also increases the concentration level of the kids. Children, who are more than 6 years in age, can play with it.


  • Enhances the level of excitement
  • Keep your children engaged
  • Provides authentic experience of learning
  • Increases love and interest for science


  • No image in the guide book

 So, this is an innovative game, which stimulates the learning activity of lots of toddlers.

4. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

Most of the kids in the present world are tech lovers, and they like to play with various technological kits. Snap Circuits is also another electronic kit that causes no safety issue but gives only fun to your toddler. The kids can build up various models with these electrical components.

Connect the parts manually and there is no need of using any other tool. There are thirty parts in this kit. Many elements of the kit include copper chord of diverse lengths. The children of over eight years in age can deal with this kit to design different things.


  • Allows kids to make innovative devices with their own ideas
  • The manual is very precise and informative
  • No intricacy in working on the electrical parts


  • The size of the set needs to be bigger

 Overall, this electric circuit is well-designed gaming kit with lots of elements for fun.

5. Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids

Playing with kite is interesting to almost all little boys and girls, and this is a big, rainbow colored kite, which looks much different. As a parent, you may spend some memorable time with your kids by helping them to fly the kites.

In the outdoor area of your house, your kids may play with this kite to have lots of enjoyment. The toddlers can learn the technique of launching the kite and controlling it.

The tail portion and the main body of this kite are designed with polyester material. Durable rods are attached with it; however, the overall weight is very light. With no strong blow of wind, this kite may fly high. The package also includes a durable string (50 meters) and a high-quality winder. As the poles are rigid, the kite can stay consistent for several years.


  • Stable and flexible product
  • Easy to assemble
  • No toxic substance is used


  • The sewn needs to be better

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Before you buy any toys for your children, you need to consider important factors:

Is the toy safe? : You want to choose toys, which do not cause injury to your toddlers. The durable toys, manufactured with the non-toxic component, are best for your kids. There should not be any spiky edges in your toys. Attractive, lightweight toys give the maximum entertainment to the children.

Can the toys strengthen your kids’ senses? : You can find that many toys include lights with noise-making kits. You may pick those toys in order to make your toddlers’ sense organs much strong. Your children will turn out to be more attentive. They will have an understanding of sound and light.

Is there any educational benefit? : Adding an educational value with is a highly desirable factor to most of the parents. The toys can encourage kids or increase their interest in learning. The growing tots may get the highest advantages from these toys. Lots of toy manufacturers have released this kind of toys for the kids.

How the game increases the creativity : As a parent, it’s your duty to increase the creativity of your kids. Many modern toys give them a chance of enhancing this skill. You do not know how much creativity or artistic skill is potential in your children. Buy the right toys for unleashing it. Puzzle games, block building or board game can be most helpful for your kids. Their power of imagination will also get increased with these games.

Consider the age of your kids : Kids of different ages have diverse preference while they deal with toys. A toy that is entertaining for an infant may not be acceptable to a mature child. That is why you have to focus on your child’s age.

  • Infants’ toys â€“ As they are too young, they love to deal with soft, squishy playthings that they can grasp easily. Large sized balls are best for them.
  • Toddlers of about one to three years â€“ They are much active physically, and want to deal with the bigger blocks or ride-on. Board games are also suitable for these toddlers.
  • Preschoolers â€“ These are children with age range from three to five years. They love to have fun with construction sets, toy mobiles and many other playthings.
  • School-going children â€“ Scientific and mathematical toys are the right options for these children.
  • Preteen – It includes children from nine to twelve years. These children have much self-worth, and they love to deal with kits, which allow lots of activities. You may look for the toys, which promote their intellectual or social skills. Electronic toys work best for these kids.

To conclude, we can say that most of the parents have chosen this outdoor gaming item for their toddlers to increase their coordination and strength.

So, have you decided to pay for the best toys for your toddlers? Your toddlers will be happy to get a plaything as a gift. Many toys are designed for boys, while others are only for girls. However, you can also purchase the unisex ones so that all the children of your house can play with it.

The awesome, educational and enchanting toys give a wonderful pleasure to your children. Choose the right one by reading our guide and get the utmost value from your investment.

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