10 Best Nursing Bras 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Buying a nursing bra seems like an easy thing to do. After all, they all bear the name “nursing bra”. But owe to you if you end with a non-supportive bra. On top of the hospital discomfort, you have a bra that is doing nothing to help you transition from your regular bra to a nursing mother.

To get yours the way you’d love it, you must keep in mind your current size, whether you want one with an underwire or without. Better still, do you want to be sleeping in yours? Remember that it should be supportive, comfy, and most of all fulfill the purpose of helping you breastfeed your baby.

Here, we give a detailed overview of the most supportive bras, in multiple sizes and color options. As you scan through them, you’ll find that they are super-comfortable designed as either sleeping bras or everyday nursing bras. You get to have some style and comfort right here

10 Best Nursing/Maternity Bras for Large and Small Breasts

1. Mamaway seamless Second Skin Maternity& Nursing Bra

Accommodate your girls with the Mamaway seamless Second Skin Nursing bra. It offers the comfort and fit you need when you have grown 1-2 sizes since it is smooth and quite stretchy. It does not have the underwire, but the band feels snug such that it holds you and distributes the weight evenly to prevent any painful sensations from the added weight.

This model is your everyday nursing bra as it is a one-piece molded style such that even when the milk leaks it will not show. And when it comes to tending to your young one, it is just a matter of opening the clips. You have a bra with full drop cups to separate your twins, and it is available in extra large sizes.


  • Wide, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Stretches to take to the changing breast shape


  • Cups are not separate hence it can give the illusion of a uni-boob

2. Stellafash Wireless Sleeping Maternity Bra

The first few weeks after leaving the hospital are the most challenging. But with a good bra, you can sleep and turn without worrying your girls are going to rise to some painful, tender skin. The Stellafash model is that friendly and stylish bra with wide adjustable straps and no underwire. Its best use if for sleeping as it not that elastic so it can maintain you girls’ shape through the months.

You have a 5-pack so as one is in the washer, you have another in hand, another for sleep, and others for a quick change if you have to step out. We like that the sidebands are extra wide to conceal bare skin when it’s feeding time. Not to mention, it maintains its original form no matter how many times you wash it.


  • Wireless design (it does not press the skin)
  • Soft fabric is gentle to your skin


  • Some sizes run large mostly if you are still months away from having the baby

3. Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra Simply Sublime

Even motherhood has its moments. Sometimes you are caught in between holding your child and putting back your twins in your bra. Kindred Bravely offers you quick access and a super efficient way of clasping back the bra with one hand. It feels as soft and gentle like a sports bra. It does not have an underwire, and the material is very elastic. Thus, it makes an excellent match for both nursing and sleeping in.


  • Fits unique cup and band combinations
  • Easy to snap the cups in and out


  • Material can stretch a few sizes bigger since it is too soft

4. Lataly Women’s Wireless Sleeping Nursing Bra

This super comfy bra by Lataly is sure to give you a smooth time as you nurse your baby. The material is stretchy to ensure that it gives you proper coverage over every inch of your girls. With the one-step clasp design, it offers one-handed access so you can secure the baby and feed them at the same time.

It offers the ideal support without the underwire so you can sleep soundly before the baby wakes you in the middle of the night. Not to mention, it is extra breathable, discrete, and seamless so you can wear it over a tank top. It’s just what you are looking for.


  • Looks nice under clothes
  • Withstands frequent washing


  • It’s not available in extra small sizes like a 30B

5. HOFISH Seamless 3-Pack Clip Down Push Up V-Neck Nursing Bra

When you still want to achieve a flattery look beneath your clothes, the HOFISH V-neck, Push-Up design nursing bra is here to help you achieve that look. The cups have an additional modal material to make it feel super soft such that it will not irritate skin. The one access clasp style is unique to allow your baby feed with ease.

What’s more, it has tight bands, not too snug for comfort but you’ll feel it takes off some of the weight. You’ll want it even better when you want to steer clear of any back pain. Plus the straps are adjustable so they won’t dig into skin. Enjoying motherhood is about to get better with HOFISH.


  • Wide side panels and V-neck for breathability and support
  • Comes with extra bra extenders, 6pieces push up removable pads, and 3pieces strap clips


  • Isolated complaints concerning the removable pads

6. CAKYE Women’s Sleeping Tank Nursing Bra

This bra seems more like a yoga bra than a nursing bra, but it feels much better when your bust change during and after pregnancy. It features a sweat-wicking fabric, and the cups have pockets to insert the nursing pads. It is most ideal for workout sessions as the band has a snug fit to avoid that feeling of discomfort when doing aerobics.

Unlike other bras with a nylon material, this one favors cotton so it is sweat-absorbent and it does not catch on the skin when it absorbs moisture. It gives you that extra confidence when you are trying to get back in shape after the bump.


  • Breathable and supportive material
  • Washes up well without overstretching


  • It does not have extra large sizes like 42DD and 42DDD

7. Kindred Bravely Racerback French Terry Nursing Bra

From an award-winning brand, you have a winner in superior comfort, support, and gentleness. The French Terry Kindred Bravely gives you all you hope for in a nursing bra and at a terrific bargain. You’ll bring home 2 bras with no underwire, hooks or clasps. It offers a push-aside style when feeding your baby making it superfast. It is a great option to sleep in since the band does not have elastic so it will not pinch when you turn.

The bra comes in all sizes and cup-band combinations with the capacity to accommodate even the large sizes up to 42G. It is perfect for fluctuating sizes as it stretches as your twins enlarge. Plus it can maintain every new size until it is stretched further. It’s your go-to for all day and night comfort.


  • Adjusts to accommodate every size
  • Eliminates messy clasping and thin straps that cause itching


  • It doesn’t bounce back to original size after washing

8. Bravado Designs Women’s Maternity and Nursing Bra

Your blossoming figure needs extra care. The Bravado design gives you deluxe softness in a bra that feels much like your skin. It keeps your twins nice while it gives you an easy time when feeding your baby. The seamless design shows that you can wear it over thin clothes and it will not show a thing. Better still, it provides a 4-way stretch so you won’t feel like the back is stiff while the cups are already in good shape.

It has the allowance for removable foam inserts to give discretion for those unavoidable leaking moments. We also love the ease in style that it affords such that it can double up as a yoga bra and a sleeping bra. With all the combinations it brings, it’s your best chance at truly enjoying motherhood.


  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Molded cups disguise the foam inserts


  • Foam cups need adjusting after washing

9. iLOVESIA Women’s Seamless 3Pack/2Pack Nursing Bra

Does your bust fill fuller after the bump? Then it’s time to change up your bra for a more comfy option. iLOVESIA is a stylish bra with drop-down cups. It bears removable molded foam cups when you need that extra discretion to hide the breast pads. You’ll be able to adjust the straps so that they don’t dig into your skin. The wire-free band is helpful such that you can sleep in it all through the night.


  • Lightly padded
  • Extra-supportive band


  • There are not many color options

10. HOFISH Full Bust 3Pack Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra

If you have a large bust finding a regular bra is usually a challenge. It gets tougher when finding a nursing bra since you can grow up to three sizes up. HOFISH makes it possible for you to enjoy motherhood in a bra that is very supportive and comfortable. It comes with bra extenders and extra clips so you won’t be going back to the store anytime soon.

With the molded cups, you can remove the pads when you want to give your girls some breathing space. And another plus is the wide side panel that offers full coverage when feeding your baby. And again, it remains breathable and retains the shape it molds into after the first few wears.


  • Seamless and soft fabric
  • One-hand access for easy feeding


  • The foam cups don’t sit well after washing so you may need to adjust them
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If you want to look and feel pretty as you give care to your little-loved one, a nursing bra is a must-have. Our choices are great options as they span the market in terms of many size options, designs, and they offer excellent support and comfort. They are easy to use so you’ll have an easy time. Pick yours and give yourself a smooth time.

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