Best Scooters for Adults 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

A single foot strike is all you need to get to town in a fun and engaging way. With the best adult scooter, you can ride the traffic, commute and compete with youngsters at your local park. But buying one isn’t as easy as riding one.

We have gone through the maze of adult scooters on the market to bring you this list of incredible designs. Hopefully, it’s going to be a smooth read to the best pick.

Best Scooters for Adult Commuting

1. EXOOTER M2050 9XL Kick Adult Scooter

The EXOOTER translates into a reliable adult scooter. For one, it uses a suspension shock absorption system such that when it rides too close to the ground, you’ll not feel the bumps. This ride explores super-wide 200mm wheels which use ABEC 9bearings. It can take on unpaved surfaces as the wheels achieve excellent traction. Not to mention, it has a robust aluminum frame to support weights up to 220lbs.

You have a 32oz bottle holder so you can take refreshment beverages with you. The manufacturer gives you total peace of mind since it has free repairs for two years. It is a total value for your hard earned buck.


  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Folds and unfolds fast and easy


  • It’s not intended for performing stunts and tricks

2. Hudora 230 Teen Adult Big Wheel Kick Scooter

Featuring an all-aluminum frame body, the Hudora model promises nothing but utter fun. It can hold weights up to 264lbs so you can be sure it won’t break with too much pressure. This ride comes with a wide deck to provide optimum stability as you cruise down the neighborhood paths. You no longer have an excuse for staying in the house when you can join youngsters for some amusement in the park.

With the large polyurethane wheels, this ride has no troubles taking a bump or two. You can do the spins and kick-outs, and it will give you a safe landing. The brakes are quite effective as they engage fast from the rear wheel making it safe for both adults and teens to glide with confidence.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Rides on cement and asphalt roads


  • It’s only in black and white color

3. Globber Folding Scooter Adult One

If you love commuting with your scooter, then you better grab the Globber Adult One. It features some incredible qualities which assure you of safety even when around traffic-congested streets. The braking system is on point. We find that with two braking mechanisms, you can stop abruptly using either the handbrake or the rear brake. This way, you have no chance of bumping on to other cars.

It parks using a stand just as you see in motorbikes. The handbrake ensures it does not roll down when you lean it against the wall. Not to mention, it has high-grade polyurethane wheels which have ABEC bearings and nylon cores. They are accustomed to absorbing shock; hence giving you a smooth and safe ride.


  • Folds compactly for carriage and storage
  • Robust aluminum frame


  • Cannot support more than 220lbs

4. MIA WHEELS Suspension Adjustable and Foldable Adult Scooter

For a long gliding time, the MIA WHEELS comes as a great option for an adult scooter. It has comfortable handgrips which are adjustable to your height. You also have an aluminum alloy frame, so this bike can take you through the outdoor elements without corroding. The deck is heat treated and grip enhanced to ensure your feet will always be planted when cruising at top speeds.

What’s more, it folds into one unit, and there’s a strap to bring the whole unit together. This way you can store it in your car’s boot when you want to travel and use it someplace else. Unlike other adult scooters, this one can take weights up to 300lbs.



  • Soft handgrips
  • Can ride on all floor surfaces


  • The kickstand is not strong enough to support its weight when you lean it against a wall

5. Ancheer Adult Teen Dual Suspension Kick Scooter

Take your ride to any place you love. Be it to work, for entertainment Fridays, or the bus. Ancheer folds and unfolds making it portable such that it doesn’t mind the streets you are on. It is adorned with 205mm wheels with a dual suspension mechanism. This way, every vibration and hit you take is absorbed, and as a result, you have a super smooth ride.

With the telescoping handles, you can lean in and take tight corners safely. It also excels in being a durable product since the aluminum frame has an anti-rust finish. It promises years of fun in a model that offers you real money value.


  • Fold in seconds to a compact size
  • Rides smooth with the dual suspension system


  • It’s not for riders under the age of 12

6. Vokul Freestyle entry Level Pro Stunt Scooter

Not everyone gets to ride a scooter at a young age. But when you want to begin scooting and look like a pro, you’ll want to feel safe when performing those kick stunts. The Vokul Freestyle is a fantastic option as it has 100mm PVC wheels which can take on rugged paths. It has many shock absorbers, so you won’t feel the frame take a beating.

The reinforced heat treated footplates are designed to ensure you have a stable footing even when you grind back and forth. Not to mention, it comes with a rear fender, steel brake to ensure your stability and safety at all times.


  • Comes in lots of fun colors
  • It has high-rebound urethane wheels


  • It does not fold

7. Razor Longboard California Scooter

With a 32inch polypropylene deck, you can place both feet side by side on the Razor California scooter. We like that it has rubber handgrips to save you from feeling every bump on the road. Many people agree that the large urethane wheels give you total enjoyment of the neighborhoods you visit.

It boasts a non-slip deck to help in balancing your feet so you can keep going through tight corners without losing your grip. The rear brake gives you total control of rides; hence you can master the streets.


  • Adjustable rubber handlebars
  • Extra long deck


  • The wood deck model is pricier

8. Razor Pro Dirt Scooter RDs

You want the feel of being in a BMX; well you must be riding the Razor Pro Red RDS. The extra wide pneumatic wheels mean they are made of rubber. You are no longer restricted to the pavement since it can hit the dirt paths. The fixed riser, steel Y-style handlebars, give you the total confidence of going the skating way. You can do the tricks and feel the thrill of a rear fender braking mechanism.

This scooter is the real deal when it comes to quality. The frame is all steel, and the head tube is triple stacked so it won’t be coming apart anytime soon. The handlebars and deck are of aluminum; thus it is intended to last a decent period in the best condition.


  • Wide pneumatic rubber wheels
  • Superior construction from steel and aluminum


  • It’s only in red and a bit pricey for the super-strong design

9. Fuzion CityGlide Adult B200 Kick Scooter

The Fuzion Cityglide is a popular scooter for adults. It comes in a sleek aluminum frame to support riders up to 220lbs. If you love taking a trip around town or engaging in some fun exercise together with youngsters, you’ll have this scooter to thank. It has an efficient braking system using the handle brake or the rear fender. You can keep up with high speeds and still feel the thrill of an abrupt stop.

The Fuzion CityGlide is lightweight. It can fold to a subtle unit such that you’ll be able to park it compactly. Better still, it has a low center of gravity which makes it effortless to lean and steer. The 200mm polyurethane wheels give a safe ride whether you are on dirt or asphalt.


  • Telescoping handlebar
  • Lightweight aluminum frame


  • The folding mechanism is a bit hard to master at first

10. Mongoose Scooter 12” Wheels Expo

For many people riding a scooter with no chance of performing tricks is quite a bore. But the Mongoose Expo is ready for whatever you throw at it. With 12inch air wheels, it can tackle hills and down paths the same. The two-way caliper brake engagement system ensures you can spin and make a safe landing. We love the wide-foot deck since it assures you of a stable footing every mile of the ride.

The BMX freestyle rotor is a fascinating feature which offers it extra safety when you do complicated kick-ups. Plus, this scooter has soft handgrips to preserve your hands. It is the best adult scooter for the money.


  • Sophisticated braking system
  • It’s excellent on paved and unpaved surfaces


  • Needs assembling
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As you have seen, there are some fascinating selections when it comes to everyday adult scooters. Our list covers the best-selling and top-rated brands which have a host of safety and amusement features. They can support lots of weight, their frames are robust, the wheels are extra-wide, and their braking systems are very reliable.  Go on and have the best ride on two wheels.

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