Best Walking Shoes for Men for 2018

Human movement from one place to another is usually by walking. In many time you will find yourself walking to an event, stroll, walking your dog etc. walking is different from running or athletic activity as it is less rigorous. When walking, one needs to have an excellent walking shoes on. However, just like women, picking the best walking shoe for men can be frustrating because of the different considerations and the flooded market.

The type of shoe you choose for walking is very different from that of running. If you do a long walk in athletic shoes you may feel uncomfortable or worse still end up with blisters or sores.

You may why you need to buy walking shoes while you can just stroll around without shoes. The main purpose of the shoes is to protect your feet as well as the whole body. The shoes give you grip to the ground preventing tripping and other accidents while walking.

To choose good walking shoe, you may consider the following:

  • The cost of the shoes
  • The durability
  • The shoe design and style
  • Level of shock absorption
  • Shoe flexibility and shape of your feet
  • The weight of the shoe. Should be relatively lightweight.

In this article, we shall review the top 10 walking shoes for men for you.

Best and Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men

10. ​Dreams Pair Sport Men's Walking Slip On Shoes Sneakers

This is one of the lightweight walking shoes. The slip on pair of shoes is made of manmade material sole that makes them very light. In addition the well-designed light synthetic material make makes it stylish and multipurpose while still maintaining their lightweight feature.

The shoe is fitted with a very comfortable insole. It is therefore convenient to wearing different types of socks. The only flop on the issue of the insole is that it is not glued at the bottom making it slip around after extreme walk.

For those who do not like laced shoes, Dreams pair sport walking shoe is a slip on shoe. This means it fits well without using shoe laces. To add on this feature, it easily fits and takes the shape of the fit.


  • Very cheap
  • Very comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Good grip to the ground cushioning from tripping


  • Insole not  glued hence slipping around

9. adidas Cloufoarm Men's Walking Shoes

Adidas cloufoarm neo is made of a mesh upper and knit leather that make the shoe very breathable. The insole is made of foam making it comfortable for the user.

The three stripes running on the side of the shoe and seamless toe cap give the shoe a plush look. This is complemented by the suede overlays. The outlook is stylish hence making it among the best stylish walking shoes f or men.

The most important thing while walking is to be free from accidents. The rubber sole gives the shoe secure traction. This means the user is free from tripping and other related accidents.

The shoe fits well from the top as it is designed with a high-low shaft from the arc. The feet therefore can slide in and fit properly. The mesh make is slightly elastic making the shoe favorable for narrow and wide feet.


  • Very comfortable
  • Fits well for both wide and narrow footed users
  • Provides secure traction hence reducing tripping chances
  • Stylish
  • Made of synthetic leather which very breathable


  • Can run bigger in case of wide footed users

8. Skechers Performance Men's Walking Shoe

Made of athletic mash fabric, Sketcher go walk 4 is very comfortable and stylish. The mesh at the upper part of the shoe is seamless making the shoe radically comfortable and breathable. This ensures that the user feels comfortable even after extreme walking.

The goga max high quality insole and the 5gen midsole provide maximum cushioning to the user. It is complemented with soft fabric lining. This ensures that the user doesn’t get corns, calluses and blisters.

With all these amazing features, the shoe is still radically lightweight. The rubber sole make the shoe light to walk with while still maintain good grip to the ground. The Sketcher go walk 4 is excellent in shock absorption. This means the user is protected from the external detractors while walking like hard stones, murram, sticks, and sharp grass ends etc.


  • Radically lightweight
  • Very stylish
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Excellent in shock absorption
  • Available in variety of colors including gray, blue, red, black, white, charcoal etc


  • The soft foam wears out slightly easily

7. Saucony Men's Grid Omni Walking Shoe

Issues of protonation are things of the past with this shoe. It is fitted with molded EVA midsole complemented with higher durometer.  These reduce the rates of protonation.

The sole is asymmetrical to ensure bio-mechanical fit. The outsole is of walk trac patent design to ensure smooth transition. At the same time the shaft is of low-top from the arch to ensure good foot slip in and fit. The laces allow the user to adjust the fit of the shoe.

The combination of synthetic leather and rubber sole make the shoe a comfortable lightweight walking shoe. The leather is slightly oiled making the shoe slightly waterproof. The full synthetic leather is hard on the external atmosphere while at the same time being soft on the inside. This provides maximum protection to the users’ feet while providing a walkable atmosphere.


  • Reduces the rate of protonation
  • Excellent fit
  • Durable
  • Very comfortable
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Excellent level of traction on dry grounds and pavements


  • Insole padding may not support different arch-types.

6. Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

You may find yourself in a set up where you are working hard and walking a lot. Reebok work and cushion is a workers walking shoe. It is made of a slip resistant outsole that provides maximum traction. This means accident of tripping at the worksite are reduced.

At work places one needs a lot of feet support. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather to provide support. The neck shaft is low-cut design which ensures the feet are supported from the ankles.

The rubber sole is made with the DMX ride technology. This gives the shoe maximum grip and shock absorption. Accidents as a result of tripping and sliding are reduced. For unpaved areas the shoes have laces to tighten for more security.

For wide footed and long stride walkers, the shoe is constructed with a beveled heels. It is all synthetic in the inside. This ensures that all moisture is wicked away. The feet of the user is therefore assured of both comfort and warmth regardless of the prevailing weather condition.


  • Enhanced grip to the ground
  • Maximum traction
  • Very shock absorbent
  • Very supportive
  • Durable


  • Not so favorable for wet grounds like kitchen tiles

5. Merrell Men's Helixer Distort Walking Shoe

For buyers looking for not just a walking shoe but also a casual footwear to match with khaki pants or even cargo shorts etc, Merrell Helixes Distort shoe is one of the best. Made of full grain leather and a complement of a suede upper, it brings out a stylish casual outlook.

The shoe is fitted with a mesh lining which makes it very breathable. The insole is removable and treated with M select odor control. It is therefore possible to wash the insole and ensure in-shoe hygiene.

The heavy leather and textile combination makes the shoe very durable. At the same time, it provides maximum traction and protection to the wearer’s feet. The nylon arch shanks and the crisscrossing laces design give the shoe stylish outlook.

To sum the Merrell Distort features is the high shock absorbent levels and stability.  It is designed with Merrell air cushion at the heel and EVA midsole for cushioning. With this shoe therefore, you can walk outdoor comfortable and safe.


  • Extremely durable
  • Stylish and easily match with casual wear
  • Maximum traction
  • Very comfortable
  • Removable insole for cleaning
  • Has a  good fit


  • It’s a heavy shoe
  • The material can get stiff after extreme outdoor activities

4. Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Asics Gel Tech walker is one of the best upper fit walking shoes. It has an approximately low-top shaft and an upper neck lining. This makes sure the fit are well fit and supported from the upper area.

The shoe has an addition of ortholite sock liner. This provides extra internal comfort touch while ate same time delivering anti-microbial protection. The user’s steps are stable and of natural movement as the DuoMax and Trusstic system technologies used in the sole geometry allow for stability of the feet inside the shoe.

Imagine walking for a long distance characterized with numerous tripping. This could be heartbreaking and tiring. Asics Gel-Tech shoes forefront gel cushions it from tripping. The midsole which is well fitted provide maximum traction.

Unlike Reebok work and cushion which all leather at the outside, Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 has a section of upper mesh which gives it medial window advantage. The mesh is very breathable hence allowing aeration of air in the shoe as well as providing a comfortable in-shoe atmosphere for the feet.


  • Remarkably lightweight and easy on feet
  • Comfortable to walk on long distances
  • Provides maximum traction
  • Very supportive and provide security from external injuries
  • Removable insole for cleaning and replacement


  • May not be suitable for wide footed men
  • Insole not multi-shapes

3. New Balance Men's MW928 Walking Shoe

This white men’s shoe is available in plain colors of brown, black and white colors.  Made of full leather, the shoe durable and slightly waterproof. The sole is made of rubber making it more shock absorbent.

At the neck of the shoe, it is fitted with a thick cushioned collar and a secure lace vamp. It has a high shaft of approximately 2.33 from the arch. This makes the shoe more cushioning and supportive. More so, it is made using Stabilizing ROLLBAR technology to enhance the stability of the user’s steps. It is further fitted with an ABZORB midfoot for cushioning it from tripping. This way it increases traction levels.

The toe box of this shoe has plenty of space. This could be very advantageous for the big and wide footed males. Despite the shoe having a lot of space, they are odor resistant reducing the chances of trapping bad smell in the spaces.


  • Has a lot of space and hence favorable for wide foots
  • They are odor resistant hence reducing chances of bad smell
  • Increased level of traction
  • High shaft making it more supportive
  • Made of full leather making it more durable
  • Very stable and allows natural feet movement


  • Shoe mesh becomes dirty a bit fast

2. New Balance Men's MW759 Country Walking Shoe

This unlike the New Balance Men’s MW 928S Leather/Mesh which is made of full leather, is made of synthetic material which makes it more breathable and comfortable. Despite being made of synthetic material, they are a sturdy form of shoe. This ensure maximum support to the users feet while at the same time allowing flexibility.

Another outstanding feature is the possibility to wash and replace of the insoles. They are easily removable and hence possible wash and replace.

Other interesting features are the ABZORB shock-absorbing cushioning, STABILITY WEB midfoot support, protective overlay at the toe section, high shaft of approximately 3”, multi-arch support and the synthetic sole while ensure high levels of traction.


  • High levels of traction
  • Replaceable insoles
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • High level of shock absorption
  • Support different types of arcs


  • Loses grip in case of wet grounds
  • Not so favorable for wide foots

1. Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Available in over 7 different colors, the Sketchers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 topped our top 10 best walking shoes for men. This slide on shoes are available in different sizes and widths.  The shoes are made of mesh which allows them to excellently breathable.

To enhance the in-shoe comfort, they are fitted with full length goga mat insole. The goga mat technologies is specially for ensuring feet pampering. This ensures the feet are comfortably resting on the 1.5” goga polar sole. The goga polar sole provides maximum traction an important feature for any good walking shoe.

The Sketchers are the classic case of an excellent combination of performance and style. The shoe is stylish while at the same time providing cushion against injuries, tripping, blisters etc.

To top it all, the shoe manufacturers employed the GOimpulse and GoPillars technologies. These ensure high responsiveness, shock absorption and flexibility of the feet while allowing natural movement of wearers’ steps.

The sketchers amazing light weight nature makes them a perfect replacement of slippers. They are very comfortable to walk in around the house, yard or even walks to the restaurants. Neuropathy patient would feel more comfortable walking in these shoes both in and outside the house.


  • Made of quality yet comfortable mesh
  • Very lightweight
  • Can be comfortably worn without socks
  • They are slide on hence easy to put on and remove
  • Available in many colors
  • Good for walking around in and outside the house


  • Make not be favorable for unpaved grounds

Walking shoes buying tips:

You will realize that at different times of the day, your feet are of different states, it is therefore advisable to test your shoes a bit late in the day. At this time, most likely, will be swollen as a result of all day movement.

To ensure you don’t mess with shoe fit and comfort, it is advisable to try both feet on your shoes before buying them.

 If you intend to be wearing the shoe while in socks, try your shoes with socks on at the shopping point. This ensure you don’t have fit and non-fit issues after purchase. You can as well try walking around the shopping area on the shoes before buying them.

Summing up

Even though we have picked on the Sketchers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 as the top pick for the best walking shoes for men, you will agree with me that it isn’t the best for all activities. As we had started from the onset, the choice of a walking shoe will/is determined by a combination of  factors for example the distance to be covered, the event you are walking to, the nature of the terrain, the prevailing weather conditions etc.

Therefore, even though we might have not provided you with the ultimate all-time best walking shoes, we believe you will be able to compare our top 10 picks under this cluster and get yourself the very best pair of walking shoes that fits your specifications.

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