Best Boots for Rucking and GORUCK for 2018

Are you looking for the best boots for rucking? Well, that's because you have a ruck march coming soon.

We all know that having the right boots can often be the difference between success and otherwise out there in the field. It is vital therefore to have boots that will help alleviate the apparent strain exerted on the limbs by extra load you carry.

 So, what options do you have out there on the market? Here we give you a top 10 list of the most in-demand boots. From their ultra-lightweight, the technologically enhanced comfort features and a guaranteed durability, these boots are designed to give you optimal performance in the field.

Best Boots for Rucking Reviews

10. Blackhawk Men's Warrior Desert Ops Boots.

If rucking is what you are gearing up for, then look no further than the Warrior wear. The Blackhawk Men's Boots is an ultra lightweight boot crafted to do well in the field, including rucking.

The soft rubber outer sole and an equally more flexible insole offer extra comfort foot protection.  It features the unique Vibram "Multisport" outsole with open lugs that gives the boot an excellent traction on tricky surfaces.

You know you have quality when you consider the upper construction that is all leather to give you durability.

The boot protects the foot superbly holding ground so well; walking feels lightweight. And if it happens to rain during the ruck, these boots are one of the best out there for use in wet weather conditions.

9. Oakley Men's Assault 8" Boots

These boots are light but rugged enough to withstand the rigors of combat or in training for rucking. The one thing we noted is its use of a lightweight Cordura synthetic upper that offers durability and flexibility.

There is an EVA midsole that works symmetrically with the outsole to give it shock absorption for maximum comfort. These qualities make Oakley 8" ideal for rucking and other such challenging marches.

There is a dual inner sole that absorbs impact from the upper body due to the massive load. This feature helps to protect the ankles and lower Achilles from straining.

We have examined the rubber finish, and our verdict is that this boot is best suited to provide comfort in hot weather conditions. The crafting optimized ventilation and breathability by eliminating thermal shielding that insulates against cold weather.

8. Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boots

The history of rocky speaks through these pair of boots. It is the lightest boot made by the company making it a great hiking or tactical boots for rucking. When on the ruck march, being slowed down is not a concern because the C4T boots are crafted using a synthetic upper fabric that is waterproof and has easy to handle faux Molle straps.

The design of c4t enables it to withstand the most rigorous training including slippery surfaces, hot weather conditions, and abrasions.

 What's more, the rocky c4t is water resistant and dries very fast to give you the comfort you need to focus on your rucking.

You’ll love the 550 cord laces with NATO hooks that deliver a snugly fit around the foot while its molded rubber sole provides a formidable traction on all surfaces.

7. Belleville One Xero 320 Desert Tan Ultra Light Assault Boot

This excellent boot combines an ultra-lightweight design with a sturdy construction that makes it suitable for ruck marching and treks. These boots weigh a mere 40 ounces. These leather boots have an upper nylon fabric that helps to prevent soaking and allows the Xero to dry within 20 minutes.

They are built on the strobel-stitch construction that uses the Vibram sole for an excellent traction. The Belleville one Xero comes with a polyurethane removable insert and features dual vent zones that give it sleek comfort.

These boots are fast becoming popular because of the flexibility and comfort they render the wearer. Featured are easy to tie laces that lock nicely around the boot to give you a great fit. If you are a pair that will help you withstand rucking, and then go for Belleville for around $150

6. Reebok Dauntless RB8820-M Tactical Boot

These boots are AR670-1 compliant and guarantee you the best on the field. They feature a nylon mesh that enhances moisture venting making them refreshingly breathable and comfortable.

In addition to these great features, the Dauntless 8” has an Aegis Microbe Shield that absorbs shock making your ruck march less daunting. Furthermore, the Dauntless RB 8820-M is made from genuine cattle hide leather which makes it one of the most reliable and durable boots.

To give your feet extra protection, the boots utilize its ballistic nylon finish and a top range Aegis Microbe Shield.

The TPU bruise plate protects you from abrasions while the incorporated NATO laces ensure your boots fit tightly enough for an unforgettable experience.

5. Garmont t8 Bifida Tactical Boots

First and foremost, the T8 Bifida is AR 670-1 compliant. This top design from Garmont is made for all terrain. It features a Vibram sole that gives it maximum traction and excellent stability for a long march.

What makes this boot great for rucking is its durable upper construction that utilizes nylon mesh for continuous breathability and hence foot comfort. Furthermore, the Bifida boots feature rugged soles that are excellent in wet conditions due to the ability to dry very fast.

The well-ventilated boots are therefore excellent for rucking, in any terrain and for extended periods. For about $150, these pair of sturdy boots, come with a perfect optical integration of refraction and bearing hardware that enhances the performance of the instep.

4. Danner Tachyon 8" Men's Tactical Boots

Danner constructed this ultra lightweight boot to offer maximum comfort and performance during long marches and in combat terrain. One thing you will notice is the top finish which is a complete synthetic make that gives it a super fast dry time.

 The boot measures approximately 6.5" in length from the ankle arch to the toe and is crafted out of open-cell polyurethane that makes it breathable allowing maximum foot comfort. What's more, you will love the removable insole that allows for further cushioning to give the wearer the most out the boot.

The insole features a 3-layer comfort system that enhances a snuggly fit and creates maximum comfort for the foot. The Danner Tachyon 8 features a rubber sole that guarantees a superior abrasion resistance and promotes traction.

3. Nike FSB Field Leather Boots

The Nike FSB has both a leather and synthetic fiber finish. The boots feature a Phylon midsole that provides a cushion for your ankle arch and stability. Also, we liked the rock shield that protects the feet against pricks and reduces pressure on the foot sole. 

The super rubber sole has a firm grip that helps reduce slipperiness, offering a vast advantage during wet marches. On top of this, the FSB sole sheds off mud and debris quickly making dirt march less daunting.

Nike has used a leather top that features a breathable canvas that provides your feet with adequate ventilation. It also boasts an 8-inch angular design with the lace-up secured in a loop at the foot of the boot for lockdown.

 One great thing about this boot is its competitive pricing that guarantees quality over the price. It is worth every penny you spent on it. 

2. Garmont T8 NFS Tactical Boot Coyote

This is an absolute favorite with Goruck challenge enthusiast and to say the least; it does deliver. If you aim at enjoying the rigors of rucking rather than suffer the pain, then my advice is mere to get one of these.

It is AR compliant, crafted with a suede upper nylon finish that has a mesh for maximum breathability. What we like about the Garmont NFS is its ultra-fast drying capability that allows use even in extreme wet weather conditions.

The manufacturer also ensures durability by adopting the use of Texon and canvas to reinforce the boots. What it means then is that you get a pair of boots that don't compromise on quality but remains light for that heavy load march.

Another feature we noted is the soft rubber outsole. This redesigned sole offers excellent traction on wet surfaces and being ultra light; you will walk long distances without feeling any strain on your foot.

1. Rocky Men's 8 Inch S2v 101 Work Boot

The best feature of the Rocky S2V is its ability to perform in every imaginable terrain and weather condition. Utilizing the formidable and durable Vibram sole, the S2V wraps around the foot brilliantly to offer unsurpassed protection and comfort.

The super touch design makes it offer protection against cuts, snake bites, abrasions and foot blisters. Furthermore, the advanced s2v technology ensures there is continuous air circulation while helping to keep the water out. Rucking in the Rocky S2V is a comfortable experience; what with the 9" shaft and a heel length of 1.5" with a cushioned instep that gives you a nice feel as you walk. This supremely crafted triple stitched boot boosts your foot by supporting it with a super fabric insole.

Though a bit on the high end regarding pricing, the rocky s2v is durable meaning you end up saving when you invest in getting one.

Rucking is a rigorous exercise and therefore to excel; you need to arm yourself with one of these top 10 rucking boots. However, before you get one of the pairs, it is advisable to consider factors like durability, ventilation, weight, resistant capabilities and foot comfort. We believe that we have helped you choose the best boots for your next rucking.

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