Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet 2018

Flat foot is a condition where the arch is collapsed. This situation can be very challenging for runners. This is because collapsed feet arches cause pains and strains when running on shoes without different arches support.

Even though this is a mild form of deformity, it can remedied by getting a shoe that has an elaborate arch support. These are shoes that contour to different feet shapes.

In this article, we have reviewed for you some of the best running shoes for flat feet.

Some of the factors to consider before buying running shoes:

  • Cost
  • The arch support availability
  • The outsole ability to take on different terrains
  • Level of traction and shock absorption
  • The material used to make the shoe
  • Other unique features like design, colours, moisture management etc.

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

10. Karhu Men's Running Shoes Fluid3 Fulcrum

Running on flat feet might expose your feet to excessive compressions and strains if you are not in the right pair of shoes. You require a shoe that has a good arch support. And this is exactly what Karhu Men's Running Shoes Fluid3 Fulcrum provides. You are provided with excellent support for your feet.

 If you are to run for a long period you may be prone to feet moisture due to sweating. To prevent this the upper of the shoe is made of open-air mesh to allow breathability. Your feet are therefore kept aerated and fresh.

Making a good run involves rigorous training on different terrains. This means that the feet are exposed to different types of landing impacts. The rubber sole gives you a high level of responsiveness for every step you make. The insole is made of very soft foam and deep padding to serve you with an unmatched level of comfort all day. This makes Karhu Fluid3 Fulcrum a very good training shoe for flat feet.

The toes are the most vulnerable in case of tripping or slipping. The upper part of the feet is also exposed to external hazards when running. Karhu Men's Running Shoes Fluid3 Fulcrum has a welded form of skeletal structure to keep the entire feet safe.

One of the disappointing things is running on a shoe that keeps falling out. A running shoe needs to fit well and support your feet regardless of how hard the race may be. The tip of this imported Karhu shoe has a soft padded neck in the form of a cap to support the shoe from the upper part. The laces also provide a good chance to adjust the fit of the shoe to a comfortable level.


  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


  • Though it is good for most races it might not convenient for water involving races since it isn't waterproof.

9. NIKE Men's Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe

The desire of anyone is to invest in something that will give them value for their money for a long period of time. The fabric that has been used to make Nike lunar glide shoe is very durable. Nike as a company makes very quality and durable products. When running shoes are mentioned Nike is usually the brand of shoe that comes into most peoples mind. They never disappoint.

What makes NIKE Men's Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe more convenient for flat feet is its ability to support different types of feet arches. It is therefore also a good running shoe for a Motor neuroma.

I personally find the smooth fabric used at the upper very attractive. The same level of attractiveness is evident in the interior. The foam is not only presentable but very comfortable. It is highly padded to ensure that little surface impact is felt on the feet.

Most athletic shoes are designed to allow breathability. And so is NIKE Men's Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe. It is designed with Flywire cables which allow free circulation of air in the shoe keeping the feet fresh.


  • Has a shock-absorbing rubber sole
  • It is a light shoe
  • Very breathable
  • Made of durable fabric
  • Has a padded neck for upper feet support


  • My only worry is if one is running on waterlogged surfaces since it isn't waterproof

8. Saucony Men's Omni 16 Running Shoe

I find synthetic materials very favourable for running. This is because they allow stretching of the feet. They have an added aspect of being durable. Saucony Omni 16 Running Shoe is made of durable fabric material which allows you to use it for a long period of time.

If you have a fallen feet arch, your feet can spread comfortably on the roomy footbed. The insole is padded to give you comfortable rest of the feet. The pressure is therefore reduced on your feet hence minimizing the chances of pains due to compression.

Every landing you make is insulated from compression. This is by the rubber sole which absorbs any type of shock hence preventing the feet from hazardous impacts.

The neck is continuously cushioned for both energy return and support of the foot. The shaft is also of the low-top design to ensure the shoe fits very well. You can also customize the fit using the laces.  


  • Combines flexibility and durability
  • Has high traction different surfaces
  • Very adaptable to different feet shapes and arcs
  • Very protective from different hazards
  • Fits very well
  • Designed for high performances


  • Can run big in size with time

7. Brooks Men’s Ravenna 8

One of the features that made us rank Brooks Men’s Ravenna 8 as among the best running shoes is its moisture management element. It is designed not only to wick feet moisture but also maintain a breathable environment. The upper mesh also helps in keeping your feet fresh.

Another admirable character is the smooth fabric that is blended well with to give a very attractive outlook. The fabric despite being smooth, is very durable and hard on the exterior environment. This gives your feet maximum protection from external hazards.

The outsole is made of highly responsive rubber. Every stride you make is, therefore, free of shock or hazardous impacts.

The midsole gives the sole good traction and anti-slip feature. This is to keep you cushioned against tripping.  To keep your feet comfortable, the inside is fitted with a padded insole.  The insole is also moulded to fit the contours of the feet. Brooks Men’s Ravenna 8, therefore, be recommended as a walking shoe for orthopaedic cases.

Other features worth mentioning are the padded collar at the shaft, the laces and the low-top neck. These ensure that the shoe fits you well and customization of the same on a need basis.


  • Has a removable insole for cleaning and changing
  • Is very light and versatile
  • Has shock absorbing rubber sole
  • Is made of durable and flexible fabric
  • Support very many feet shapes and arcs


  • Am concerned that it may run big in size as it takes the shapes of different feet

6. New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Vongo Stability Running Shoe

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Vongo Stability Running Shoe is designed to help athletes give their best performances regardless of their type of feet. They not only fit so well on your feet but also allow you to make natural steps. You are, therefore, able to run as long and fast as possible without strains which would otherwise give your feet pains and fatigue.

The wide footbed gives your feet enough space to spread and stay aerated all day long. The no-sew upper ensures breathability. Your feet can stay fresh regardless of the nature of the run .The footbed also has an excellent arch support. A feature that makes it good running shoe for high arches.

Other than the insole being moulded to fit the contours of different feet shapes and arches, it is padded to reduce any pressure exerted on the feed upon landing. It is also fitted with sock liners that help in wicking any moistures for the feet keeping them fresh. Should it get dirty or defective, it is attached in a way that it is easily removable for cleaning and replacement.

The low-top design of the arch makes it fit very well and support your feet in the shoe. You are also able to customize the fit with the laces. These laces are well matched with the shoe colours and design to give it a very attractive outlook.


  • Made of attractive, breathable and durable synthetic material.
  • Has a shock-absorbing rubber sole
  • The insole is comfortable and removable for cleaning and replacement
  • The inner part is fitted with moulding sock liners to fit different feet contours


  • Is not waterproof hence may not handle extreme wet running grounds

5. Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 16

Let me introduce you to a well-cushioned shoe that will give you a very comfortable run devoid of the terrain. Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 16 is made of a strong shock absorbing rubber sole. You are therefore cushioned against any fatigue and pains due to excessive pressure on the feet.

The midsole is designed to increase the level of traction. It would be dangerous to run on a pair of shoes that do not guarantee you a good grip on the ground. You can, therefore, make natural strides without fear of slipping and falling.

Your feet need to keep fresh due to hygiene maintenance. Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 16 has a mesh upper to allow breathability of the feet and the shoe. There is, therefore, free flow of air into the shoe. To add to the hygiene maintenance, the insole is removable for cleaning.

The footbed is extended to create more room for feet spread. This is an addition to the arch support at the insole area. The shoe, therefore, allows use by different types of feet. It is available in different sizes and colours. It is, therefore, not only good shoe for adults but also a good running shoe for children with flat feet.


  • Has moisture-wicking ability to keep the feet free from moisture and bad smell
  • The cushioning design is gender friendly hence a unisex shoe for flat feet
  • The insole is high density for extra comfort


  • Even though it is designed for long distances runs, it might not withstand extremely wet terrains.

4. Brooks Women's Transcend 3

Just like most running shoes, Brooks Women's Transcend 3 shoe has a hard on the surface rubber sole. The sole is light and shock absorbent. Its spongy nature gives the entire shoe a featherweight touch which allows you to run for long distances without fatigue.

It is overpronated to blend safety and support. Your feet fit well and remain cushioned from any external hazards. The mesh protects the upper of the feet while at the same time making the entire shoe breathable.

After a long run, your feet may be suffocating with heat and sweat. This may lead to a bad smell or even feet infections. But Brooks Women's Transcend 3 is one of the running shoes with moisture management abilities. This means the linings wick any moisture from the feet.

Brooks Women's Transcend 3, unlike many running shoes that just give your feet a resting footbed, gives you ability to make natural strides. It is fitted with guide rails at the insole for this purpose.

The outsole is one of the things that would make you consider this shoe over the rest. It is designed and made of a material that gives you long-lasting durability. It also allows flexibility and even distribution of pressure on the feet.


  • Even distribution of pressure on the entire feet avoid concentration pressure at some feet area which may lead to pain and fatigue
  • Supports multiple feet arches
  • Has moisture-wicking ability to keep your feet fresh
  • Has rails guides to support hips, knees and joints. It is, therefore, a recommended wear for athletes recovering from arena accidents

3. Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe

You may not have had an experience with a shoe made of textile and synthetic material. A combination of durability and comfort. The textile material is hard on the external environment while giving a soothing effect on the feet. Mizuno shoes have revolutionized the running shoe standards by introducing a tough on job spirit.

Despite giving you a sprint response on every landing you make, the rubber sole protects you from slipping or tripping.  The inside is fitted with a very deeply padded insole for unending comfort.  Should the insole get dirty, it is easily removable for cleaning. Should the padding run shallow, you can replace them with other comfortable ones.

The midsole does not only give you responsiveness but also long-lasting protection. It reduces the pressure on the surface of the sole hence cushioning you against hazards impacts as you run.

No runner would want to have their feet suffocating in shoe heat. Am sure you would want to have your feet fresh and free from any moisture. Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe has a breathable upper to allow air circulation as well as moisture management enabled interior.


  • Made of durable synthetic and textile material
  • The interior is designed to keep the feet comfortable, fresh and warm
  • Has a good fit and cushioning for support
  • Has shock absorbing rubber sole
  • The synthetic material makes the shoe very flexible and stretches with the feet


  • Given that it takes on the shape of different feet, it can run big in size with time

2. ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes

Am getting attracted to Asics shoes. They are inclined to giving runners not just a fast run but also a comfortable one. The design and material seem to change with the changing needs. ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes has taken the design of impact guidance system. This means it is designed to cover your feet from any external hazards from the toe to that back of the feet.

The midsole is made fluid rode material. This means that it will bounce you back after every landing. This kind of responsiveness reduces the chances of fatigue. The insole is also padded to give you a comfortable shoe rest on the insole.

Of relevance to this article is the excellent arch support element. This means that people with different feet shapes can comfortably run on this shoe. People with flattened feet palms are usually disadvantaged when it comes to getting shoes. But ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes has a broad footbed to allow the spread of their feet.

Just like the Brooks Transcend shoe, this too is made of durable synthetic and textile material. It is also very breathable with a unique moisture management interior. This ensures that the feet are fresh, warm and free of moisture.


  • Made of durable textile and synthetic material
  • The rubber sole is shock absorbent
  • Has a deep shaft to allow good support and cushioning
  • The fluid ride midsole reduces fatigue


  • Being not waterproof, the shoe may not withstand extreme wet surfaces run

1. ASICS Women's GT-1000 4 Running Shoe

Here is another amazing Asics running shoe. I rated this the best running shoe for flat feet on the account of it convenience to different feet arches. The arch support is excellent with the feet spreading conveniently on the roomy footbed.

Another factor that made us rank ASICS Women's GT-1000 4 Running Shoe above the rest of the shoes is its comfort. It has a very soft and padded insole for comfort. The mesh at the upper area makes it very breathable reducing chances of the feet suffocation.

A shoe needs to fit well and be supportive to give you a good running experience. That is exactly what this shoe does. The overlays are very supportive while the laces give you an opportunity to customize the fit to your convenience.

The impact guidance system is another distinguishing feature of ASICS Women's GT-1000 4 Running Shoe. You are able to make a natural movement without fear of tripping, accident or harm from the external hazards.

Other than having a shock-resistant rubber sole, the shoe has a durable midsole. The midsole increases the traction of the shoe as well as ensuring that the sole last long. It also allows the shoe to bounce to any landings during the run. This bouncy nature and the arch support makes it a good basketball shoe for flat feet.


  • Has an excellent fit and support
  • Very breathable
  • Durable
  • Supports natural gait and movement of the feet
  • Supports multiple feet arcs


  • Not waterproof hence might not very convenient for extremely wet terrains

The pain due to compression of the feet in the shoe can be disturbing. You might not remedy the feet defection of fallen foot palm but you can get yourself a good pair of shoe. We have made this easier for you by reviewing some of the best shoes for your situation.

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