5 Best Backpacks That Hold All Your Personal Items Securely

You are perhaps one of the office goers, college students or love to have an adventurous trip on different occasions. No matter what your profession is, a backpack is always your companion.  There are people who want to pack up all the stuff and put them inside their backpacks.

However, if your backpack is too much big or too small, you may not get convenience from this piece. That is why we have presented you with a guide to buying backpacks and it will allow you to pick the right one.

Best Backpacks with enhanced security

1. Jansport T501 Superbreak Backpack

Whether you are a hiker, traveler or a student, you may use this excellent backpack of Jansport. As Jansport has become a reliable name in the backpack manufacturing business, lots of users have relied on it. It is made of only high-quality materials, which have an outstanding power to accommodate your heavy items. If you are looking for small-sized backpacks that have a very limited amount of space, this one is best for you. There is no intricate feature in this backpack. The school-going kids can also take these backpacks for their everyday use. The padded area gives comfort to all the users. Zippered closure is also very secure.


  • Polyester material with denser weave used
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Simple in design
  • Straps and back panel included


  • No waterproof material

 However, the black colored backpack is convenient to carry for all the users.

2. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Backpack

This backpack is best for all those, who need to carry a laptop or other gears. As the backpack is much room, it can hold almost all your items. Manufactured with polyester, this laptop carrier is much durable.

There are multiple zippers, which are much rugged in look. The versatile divider allows you to put the laptop in the secure place. TabletSafe™ is another notable feature, which protects the electronics.

You can also get a separate pouch for holding sunglass. The airflow panel allows an excellent level of ventilation. The organizer section is intended to keep cards, mobiles, pens and many other small items.


  • Spacious backpack
  • Lots of compartments
  • Suitable for carrying laptop or notebook
  • Strong construction
  • Flawless design


  • Too much bigger

 Thus, if you think that these features will meet your needs.

3. Venture Pal Sling Shoulder Crossbody Bag

Available in eight different colors, this backpack is the right option for almost all men and women. Though the model is lightweight, it is durable and water-resistant. The back portion has padding and the shoulder strap is also breathable so that the users will not have any discomfort.

You may switch this strap to the right or left side. Or, you can also loosen it, depending on your convenience. Put on the belt around your waist, and there will be no issue of swaying.

Multiple compartments allow you to keep all your items organized. You can store your magazine, iPhone or camera in this bag. During your outdoor activity also, this bag is most useful to you. Thus, this bag is not only fashionable but also handy.


  1. Roomy though small in size
  2. Shoulder strap with reversible system
  3. Ergonomic design


  • Little costly

 So, this backpack has lots of positive features that have attracted several users.

4. Vaschy Unisex Classic Water-Resistant Travel Backpack

Vaschy has offered unisex bags, with fifteen options of attractive color. Keep all your accessories and gears neatly in this bag. With excellent design, this backpack will have no effect, if you get drenched in water.

The water-resistance material has made this piece unique. In addition to it, the smooth zipper allows you to close or open the backpack easily. On both the sides, there are pockets for water bottles, and on the exterior side also, there is another pocket. Four interior pouches are much useful to all the users.

You can put in your laptop (fourteen inches) and adjust the padded strap at the time of carrying this backpack. Take this backpack when you are shopping, going to college or cycling.


  • Safe compartment for laptop
  • Comfortable backpack
  • Reinforced base
  • Water and wrinkle-resistant


  • Straps need to have better stitching

 Overall, this backpack is really recommendable because of its high quality.

5. AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops up to 17-inches

AmazonBasics has offered one of the spacious backpacks that can hold your laptop efficiently. You may put your seventeen-inch laptop easily in this bag. However, this bag is designed not only for carrying the laptop but also some other small items. While you are on your way, your laptop will stay safe inside the bag.

There are separate compartments, in which you may keep your mobile, pens or keys. Mesh pockets are present to let you store water bottom. The backpack also includes multiple big compartments, where you can put lots of things.


  • Holds lots of accessories
  • Comfortable backpack with pads on the strap
  • Side pockets for more convenience


  • Nylon separating the compartments is thin

Overall, the backpack is acceptable to lots of users, and you can also use it for your everyday use.

We have found that backpacks are of three major types – Daypacks are useful for your one-day hiking trip, biking or climbing. These are frameless with a softer back portion. They are much lightweight in design, and your shoulder will not have any discomfort due to the load.

Another category is the backpack with an external frame. Usually, it is big in size, and you may just carry it while walking through the trails. Internal frame backpack is also used for holding heavy loads. You may find plastic or aluminum frames.

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Besides considering the type, you can focus on several diverse factors-

Backpack size- Does it fit you – Most of the backpack buyers usually want to know about the size of the product. The major thing to be remembered is that this backpack needs to maintain a proportion to your own body. If the sizing is not right, there would be an issue of balance. Consider the size of your waist and torso length so that you can determine whether the backpack size suits you best. When your backpack does not fit you, it will also cause pain on the shoulder and back. So, focus on the size to get comfort while carrying the bag.

Support provided by the bags – In many bags, you can find aluminum-made stays that are able to distribute the load. The tubular stays are the best option because they are most effective in decreasing the heavyweight. In some other models, there is durable plastic frame sheet to sustain the load. The sheet prevents the poking of any object at your back.

An additional cover at the top – This is an extra pouch, which enhances the capacity of the backpacks. Many lids are detachable so that you can use them as your waist pack.

Ventilation system – Backpacks, having internal-frame, are designed in such a way that they hold your body very closely. And thus, you can face the issue of air restriction. But, the external-framed models can allow smooth flow of air. You will not have heavy sweating while carrying the bag. However, nowadays, most of the manufacturers include ventilation unit for solving the issue and for increasing the breathability.

Materials for your backpack – Material is one of the major factors that can help you to determine if there is a balance of weight and durability. Most of the backpack users have found that strong nylon fabric works best. The brushed surface also makes the bag semi-waterproof.

Double zippers – Check out whether every compartment includes 2 zipper systems that allow you to secure your things with locking system. This feature prevents the risk of stealing or losing your valuable items.

Number of the compartment – A well-designed bag always has more than one compartment, and you may use the smaller or bigger ones to store your things. Your books, umbrella, laptop, pen and all other stuff will stay in separate compartments.

Is the back padded – You will not feel the heavy load that you are carrying with your bag. Many brands also offer contoured back, which is more comfortable to you because it follows your natural body arch. These bags also curb your backache significantly.

Interior waterproof cover – The interior side of a backpack is waterproof. However, still, rainwater may access your bag through the zippers and rims. That is why many backpacks include rain cover so that your stuff will not get damaged during the rainfall.

We have tested the features of various backpacks, offered by the reputed brands. You may make your decision after reading our reviews.

Now, you have got a comprehensive idea on the styles and features of backpacks. Perhaps, you need to carry the heavy load with your backpack or want to accommodate the lightest items in it. Though fashion is also a factor to the young backpack users, you have to know whether it is highly functional.

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