Best House Slippers With Arch Support

The average healthy person is estimated to walk the equivalent of five times the earth's circumference.  

Many of us, hardly give our feet and footwear much attention beyond aesthetic.

However, healthy feet are indispensable to the overall quality of our wellbeing. Right?

If your feet have low arches and tend to roll inwards “overpronation” or they have high arches and roll outward “Supination” they could be vulnerable to common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and arch pain. 

Wearing comfortable House Slippers with Arch Support after long hours of walking, standing or training will help alleviate pain associated with “overpronation” and “supination”.

Dealing with foot ailments is a fulltime commitment. Wearing supportive footwear all-day is perhaps one of the best practices to adopt if you don’t want to visit the podiatrist.

Today, you’ll find a large selection of podiatrist-designed arch support slippers that offer a perfect blend of comfort and style. You have to know what you need.

If you prefer moccasin-style, cushy or closed-toe slippers, this guide will examine the various choices available in 2018 that offer all-year-round wear.

Footwear is the most significant part of an individual’s attire. The shoe must fit so precisely and perform functions that give proper alignment to the feet while shifting body weight.

According to a 2018 survey done by the APMA, “62% of Americans want to be comfortable with their footwear”.

The Vionic Relax Orthotic Women’s shoes with detailed orthotic features were our #1 women's list of cute wide width slippers with arch support that offer an alternative to wearing street footwear inside the house.
The Orthofeet Most Comfortable Arch Support Asheville Diabetic Men’s Orthopedic Brown Leather Slippers topped our list of best men’s indoor footwear solution for Diabetic feet, Arthritis feet, Neuropathy, Metatarsal, Foot pain, and other foot-related ailments.

The Orthofeet is the best men's depth shoes, men's broad slippers, men’s extra wide shoe, men’s Plantar Fasciitis, men’s arch support indoor footwear, orthofeet men's shoes.

If you are obese and have feet problems, the Orthofeet men's Orthopedic Brown Leather slippers have you covered.

Also, Orthofeet slippers provide excellent traction for the elderly who are at high risk of falling.

The Sanuk Kids Vagabond Chill Slip-On aims at giving your child fantastic support around the house after a long day in school.

The Vagabond is reasonably priced to give you peace of mind in case they wear out too quickly in case your kid is super active.

Let’s take a look at further details of our seven top select best men’s slippers, orthopedic indoor footwear for women, cute indoor footwear for kids and best house slippers for men.

Best House Slippers With Arch Support

1. Vionic Relax Orthotic Women’s Slippers with Adjustable Strap

The plush softness that the Vionic Relax Orthotic Women’s slippers offer after a long day is so soothing and comforting.

The Vionic Relax indoor footwear is a cute orthotic slipper that features flexible inbuilt podiatrists designed orthotic footbed, a plush 100% terry polyester fabric that covers the insole and the upper appropriate for wide feet women who experience heel pain and need extra arch support.

The Relax slippers feature a padded adjustable strap to offer a perfect fit and immediate cushioning support.

The biomechanically constructed midsole with Tr-Planar Motion Control system with frontal, sagittal and transverse plains of motion reduces overpronation for improved posture.   

Likewise, the deep heel cup offered extra stability and realigned lower legs.

The flexible EVA midsole helps with shock attenuation reducing feet, ankle and knee strain. At the same time, the footbed features anti-bacterial, odor-resistant Ecofresh.

APMA Seal of Acceptance

The Vionic Relax Women’s Arch Support Slippers is recommended by American Podriatrist Medical Association with a Seal of Acceptance.

Adjustable Straps

The padded adjustable straps offer a perfect and cushy fit.

Shock-Absorbent Midsole

This indoor footwear features a shock absorbent midsole that helps reduce arch pain, heel pain, back pain and soreness triggered by Plantar Fasciitis.

Tr-Planar Motion Control System

The three plane motion in the Vionic Relax helps women to gain more stability and improve their posture.


  • Maximum stability
  • Warm, luxurious slipper
  • APMA seal of acceptance
  • Velcro allows adjustability
  • Supports overpronated and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ecofresh technology
  • Neutral color options to ensure all-year-round wear
  • Great shock absorption


  • Maybe a little larger – order nearest size down if you're a ½ size
  • May take a few days to adjust to the level of orthotic comfort and support

2. Orthofeet Most Comfortable Arch Support Asheville Diabetic Men’s Orthopedic Brown Leather Slippers with Anatomical Arch Support

People with chronic diseases such as diabetes tend to have foot problems. A soft-soled slipper offers sufficient protection when walking around the home. Orthofeet Asheville Men’s indoor footwear features anatomical support against compression points.

Orthofeet features a non-binding relaxed fit along with premium orthotic insoles making it the #1 most comfortable orthotic slippers for people with diabetes.

Similarly, Orthofeet is the most preferred best house shoes for sore feet and best walking orthopedic slippers for men with diabetes, arthritis and sensitive feet.

The Asheville slippers feature therapeutic attributes such as a cushioning heel pad that adapts to the curves of your foot enhancing comfort and alleviating pain on your heel all the way to the lower back.

The design uses biomechanical expertise to minimize the ball of the foot pain while the roomy toe box allows the toes to splay and the foot to lengthen when walking for extra comfort.

This indoor footwear with Easy Gait –Ortho-Cushion system and air cushioning offers a plush feel, enhanced stability and adds spring to every step.

Non-Binding Extra Depth Design

The extra depth design and the broad toe box reduces strain on bunions and hammertoes while the soft, seam-free interior lining eliminates pressure points for superior comfort and protection.

Easy Gait –Ortho-Cushion System

The Easy Gait –Ortho-Cushion System improves the weight of the shoe making it lightweight for a comfortable and pain-free step.

Anatomical Arch Support

Designed to improve comfort and relieve pain for the following footwear: men's depth shoes, men's broad slippers, men's Plantar Fasciitis, men’s arch support indoor footwear, men’s extra wide shoe, orthofeet men's indoor footwear.

Protective Interior Lining

The soft, smooth interior offers a gentle contact with the foot. The collar and the tongue have extra foam padding.


  • Orthotic support
  • Unsurpassed Comfort
  • Protective interior
  • Two-way strap system for easy adjustment
  • Extra width and depth
  • Soft step
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable uppers
  • Best slipper for Plantar Fasciitis


  • We wish  they could last longer with heavy use
  • They don’t have ½ sizes, but you can order a size down

3. RockDove Women's Two-Tone Memory Foam Clog Slipper [2018 Edition]

Expert reviewers and customers have ranked the RockDove Women's Two-Tone Memory Foam Clog Slipper [2018 Edition] with a 4.5-star rating.

RockDove’s women’s shoe features a versatile TPR outsole with shock-absorbing EVA foam footbed that offers a soft plush relaxed fit for women with Plantar Fasciitis and chronic foot pains.

This Two-Tone indoor footwear has an embedded arch support memory foam that helps in alleviating heel, knee and foot pain.

The soft cotton knit material featured in this slipper with waffle texture provides air circulation. Besides, the fabrics on the RockDove slipper is odorless.

The shoe comes in a trendy two-tone style inspired from designer clothing giving each of your family members a personal choice and taste.  

The women sizes range from small to extra-large. The shoe is available in different colors for a personal style.

Embedded Arch Support

The Embedded arch support inside the RockDove slipper hugs your arches to relieve strain on your foot muscles.

Versatile TPR Outsole

The Thermoplastic rubber outsole is flexible and helps in shock attenuation and superior comfort when walking.

EVA footbed

The EVA foam in the RockDove offers lightweight foam-based cushioning.

Soft Cotton Knit Material

The soft cotton knit material is geared to keep your feet warm and comfortable from the first moment you wear the RockDove Two-Tone House slipper.


  • Superior comfort
  • Sufficient arch support for flat feet
  • Durable
  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Cozy and warm
  • Soft interior


  • Some who are ½ sized reported it too big – need to order a size down for a perfect fit
  • Too wide for narrow feet

4. HomeIdeas Women’s Faux Fur Lined Sued House Slippers, with 5mm High Elasticity Sponge Moccasins

The HomeIdeas Moccasin footwear is geared to offer your active lifestyle comfort and support, especially in winter and fall seasons.

The HomeIdeas Mocassin features a 5mm layers of memory foam and high elasticity sponge and a 7mm layer of high elastic sponge heel that provides even distribution for a balanced stride suitable for senior women with overpronation.

The fur lined slippers feature a 4mm layer of EVA cushion and soft TPR soles increases the comfort of the shoe and minimizes foot stress.

The moccasin also features a non-slip soft TPT outsole for safe and secure indoor footing. Additionally, the sole and the vamp have a unique pattern- side-seem- to provide control and durability.

The superior Thermoplastic rubber sole and the high-density gel infused memory foam is temperature sensitive suitable for wearing in the coldest months.

The memory foam in the slippers also provides solid stable support that impresses on your feet for added comfort. 

The slippers offer excellent craftsmanship with the – long faux fur – that’s hard shed off. The moccasin is available in five colors.

The moccasin is easy to clean, and if scuffs occur, you can gently brush them away with a suede brush or toothbrush. For tougher stains, you can dab a household detergent and let the shoes air-dry in the open.

TPR Traction Sole

The TPR is the most conventional and popular material for making soles. The TPR is a combination of PU and Rubber which is safe and offers superior comfort.

Unlike the ordinary die cut soles, the TPR is flexible, washable and more durable.

Smooth Anti-Wrinkle Suede Vamp

The suede vamp featuring a classic bow-tie makes the HomeIdeas Moccasin trendy and outstanding. You’ll get lots of comment with this slipper.

Superior grip

This footwear features a durable rubber sole that provides excellent traction on hard solid surfaces for more safety with the elderly.

Cost and Value

This HomeIdeas Moccasin with orthopedic features is reasonably priced making it affordable.


  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Great traction
  • Ample support
  • Very comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Super soft
  • Affordable


  • We wish they could make ½ sizes

5. Spenco’s Supreme Slipper with a Contoured Total Support Footbed

Various expert and customer reviews have commended Spenco for designing an indoor slipper that combines a casual slip-on style and an unmatched level of support and comfort.

Spenco’s Supreme Slipper features a lightweight EVA midsole and a contoured Total Support Footbed to offer maximum comfort and support best for men with flat feet.

The shoe features an orthotic grade arch support that offers maximum comfort to "fallen arches" for people with painful feet ligaments and strained muscles.

The heel cupping construction in the Spenco’s indoor footwear helps ease the pain caused by flat feet to promote ideal foot placement.

The slipper has other notable features such as the synthetic sole which provides grip on wet and dry solid surfaces for protection against accidental falls.

The metatarsal dome included in the Spenco’s supreme slipper alleviates forefoot pressure for a more comfortable fit.


Spenco’s Supreme men’s slipper an orthotic grade arch and deep heel cupping that offers maximum comfort for a relaxed foot.

Metatarsal Dome

The metatarsal padding helps the arch behind the ball of your foot reduce toe overextension and encourage the return of your forefoot for a more natural posture.

Anti-Microbial Treatment

The Ultra-fresh anti-microbial treatment helps control odor keeping the feet fresh all through.


Spenco’s Supreme men’s slipper features a non-slip and a non-marking outsole for excellent traction on wet surfaces around the home.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Orthotic grade arch support
  • Controls Odor
  • Lightweight
  • Strong, durable sole
  • Supportive slipper for flat feet


  • Pricey but well worth the value than being disappointed by a cheap slip-on

6. Acorn Kids Moc Slippers with Memory Foam Insoles

Children's orthopedic shoes are designed to offer your child with comfort and support especially if the feet constantly pain despite daily stretching.

The Acorn Kids Moc slippers with memory foam insole and a durable sidewall are designed to offer the little feet with cloud-like comfort and repel water for the active flat feet kid.

Likewise, the multi-layer cushion insole molds your child’s feet to offer extra support.

The Moc indoor footwear features extra traction soles for stable walking for the less your less experienced walker.

The kid-friendly designed slipper with details just like mom and dad’s has an adorable and versatile style that offers superior Acorn comfort.

Acorn’s premium quality mini-slippers features a soft, cozy fleece, upper and lining. The kid’s indoor collection also features faux fur or berbe upper designed to offer the little feet from crib to play.

The plush fuzzy fleece keeps the little feet cuddly in cold weather. The kids Moc footwear is machine washable and is usable for both indoor and outdoor activities.


The Acorn Kids Moc shoe features a soft, cozy fleece that keeps your child fuzzy during fall and winter.

Non-slip waterproof soles

The non-slip waterproof outsoles offer fantastic traction ensuring that new walker or experienced cruiser is safe on wet and dry surfaces.

Cloud-cushion Memory Foam

The cloud-cushion memory foam wraps the feet in softness and provides cloud-like comfort.

Cost and Value

This tiny version of the Acorn’s Moccasin classic that features cute, versatile kids’ styles is affordable and durable.


  • Remarkable traction
  • A fantastic quality offering long-time wear
  • Soft and cozy
  • Lightweight
  • Cute kids slippers


  • Some customers sighted some sizes run too small or too big

7. Sanuk Kids Vagabond Chill Slip-On (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) – Vegan-Friendly

Problems such as high arches or flat feet become visible in your child's several first years of life as they learn to walk. However, these “teething problems” don’t require much treatment other than wearing supportive footwear, movement and stretching.

Sanuk Kids Vagabond Chill Slip-On with high-quality craftsmanship featuring a Happy U sponge rubber outsole to offer support for the child with wide feet.

The shoe features a handmade canvas upper and canvas lining breathable enough to keep your kid cool as temperatures rise for comfortable wear.

The canvas upper is easy to clean keeping the Vagabond Chill Slip on as good as new.

The Vagabond is imported and features a super soft molded EVA footbed to offer support to your super active teenager.

The synthetic sole feature on the slip on offers great benefit to children with minor foot issues by providing extra support.

This footwear features faux fur insoles for added comfort.


The canvas materials on this product are excellent for both indoor and outdoor activities. The lightweight is a welcome break from dressier leather shoes.

AEGIS antimicrobial

The Vegabond features an antimicrobial that helps the feet to keep free all through.

Vegan and Vegetarian

This vegan shoe features no animal product and therefore is vegan-friendly.


The Vegabond has faux fur interiors to offer a warm, soft and cozy fit.   


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Superior comfort
  • Stylish
  • Affordable


  • Not very flexible but very comfortable
  • Not supportive enough though snugs fit

A recent evaluation done by Clinical Medicine and Research sighted that foot pain is a common problem among adults limiting 19-25% of both men and women's ability to function.

You can mitigate your child's foot pain by purchasing for them supportive shoes. 

Specific populations of adults are at a higher risk of developing foot problems such as the elderly, obese and active adults in certain occupations.

If you know you are in a high-risk group of developing foot problems, we recommend these house slippers we have reviewed here with arch support after a long day of standing, walking or training.

Benefits of Wearing Slippers with Arch Support

Minimizing barefoot walking and maximizing arch support around the house will offer protection to sensitive feet.

Orthofeet slippers feature with therapeutic detailing and distinctive features as sighted by Health Exchange that offers better mobility and a more natural posture.

Why supportive slippers?

There are several benefits of wearing orthopedic slippers at home instead of walking bare feet.

  • Reduced strain and pain on the legs and feet. Slippers with metatarsal support offer you continued arch support and comfort.
  • Top-quality footwear from superior fabrics and materials aimed at providing you with extra comfort, warmth and dry feet. People with cold-feet benefit from slippers made from leather, cotton or sheepskin.
  • People who suffer from chronic diseases (Diabetes and Arthritis) benefit from improved blood flow on their feet. The slippers offer an added advantage by protecting the feet from feet injuries - toe stubs and minor cuts.
  • Those recovering from fresh leg and foot surgeries are recommended to wear indoor footwear for faster recovery.
  • In warmer months, soft-soled slippers will provide you with the necessary protection and comfort.

When purchasing outdoor footwear, there's a specific criterion that you apply. For instance, you must consider the shoe structure, size, and construction.

This same criterion applies when you are purchasing indoor footwear. The choice of your slipper will depend on your need and personal history.

Here Are Key Features for Indoor Slippers with Arch Support

A famous brand or price does is not a determining factor of appropriate indoor slippers that will provide you with good arch support.

You should check if your indoor footwear has the following characteristics.


Your supportive slippers should be firm and soft. They should provide proper feet alignment and prevent vertical and horizontal heel movement.

Toe Flexibility

The house slipper should offer an adequate room at the front (width and depth). Your toes should wiggle while your entire foot spreads out and lengthens up during your regular walking.


Laces or Velcro allow shoe adjustment according to an individual’s need. The adjustable straps should be of high-quality to last longer.

Heel Height

Comfortable heel height for overpronators and supination is 1-inch to prevent pain and sprains. A thick heel is an additional feature that you should check out when purchasing women's slipper for heel pain.

In Good Condition

Discard any worn out footwear which increases stress on your joints and legs and could lead to further complications.

You should discard your pair indoor or outdoor footwear after 300-400 miles of use.

A majority of people with foot problems have been seeking answers in Quora with questions such as;

What are the most comfortable men’s slippers for indoor and outdoor use?

In this review, we shall highlight slippers designed for foot conditions that offer heel stability and arch support.

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