Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Whether you are standing, walking, exercising or running, stabbing pain from your feet can be aggravating leaving you incapacitated especially after work. Right?

Wearing uncomfortable formal footwear can sometimes result in heel pain a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis.

This condition is not life-threatening but can be very uncomfortable and tender. The symptoms begin slowly and progress to painful, inflamed feet. The plantar fasciitis is a ligament that runs from the foot, through the heel bone to the toes.

If you’ve been having constant pain from under your feet after work, maybe it’s time you checked out our list of Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford with VerseLite Technology

The Dunham Bryce men’s lace-up Oxford’s smooth dress footwear with versatile technology is creatively designed to offer you with lightweight, flexible and stylish office-friendly wear.

The shoes feature removable EVA heel cups, cushioned insoles for a softened wear best for men looking for comfort and pain-free heels. The removable insole is easily replaceable with a custom orthotic.  

The full-grain leather upper blends in durability and breathability properties offering more air circulation to keep you comfortable in hot weather.

Dunham Bryce features ortholite open-cell foam that allows more provides odor resistance while the full-length Abzorb offers additional cushioning and shock attenuation.

This Oxford wingtip gives you a sense of style and tradition with an elegant leather upper and textile lining to fit your style and protect sore feet from further injury.

The Dunham Bryce features waterproof outsole material for added durability. It's easy to make an impression with this Dunham line of dress footwear customized with various sizes and widths for a perfect fit.


  • Extra cushioning and shock absorption
  • Superior breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Very flexible
  • Synthetic sole for durability


  • Some consumers comment of pressure on the little toes but the shoe provides overall comfort

2. Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Wingtips Stability Shoes with Anatomical Arch Support

The Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Wingtips is the world’s most comfortable formal orthopedic and therapeutic footwear that features anatomical arch support for supreme protection against stress points. The Gramercy features a combination of a Premium orthotic insole and ergonomic for a plush feel and enhanced stability.

This Gramercy’s wing tips biomechanical is engineering with an Easy Gait Ortho-Cushion system to enable a smooth, natural foot motion best recommended for men with various foot conditions among them plantar fasciitis.

The non-binding upper extra depth design reduces stress on bunions and hammer toes. This Orthopedics also features a full toe box, a padded foam, and a soft seam-free interior lining to provide that exclusive comfort.

This Gramercy Orthotic friendly design features two sets of removable spacers for a more adjustable and perfect fit.

This Gramercy’s therapeutic footwear attributes pain relief from the heel, arch, through the foot and gradually helps to heal the plantar fascia ligament. The shoe is best for men suffering Diabetic feet, Arthritic feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Pronation and other foot conditions.


  • Non-binding relaxed fit
  • Seam-free lining
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Premium Ortho-comfort insoles
  • Adjustable fit
  • Proper heel protection
  • Added cushioning


  • Slightly high but worth the value for your plantar fasciitis
  • May run small thus you'll need to order a ½ size bigger

3. Rockport Men’s Almartin Oxford for Stability and Classical Look

Rockport Men’s Almartin Oxford footwear combines that classic look and superior comfort. The Almartin Oxford features biomechanically designed outsoles that support the natural gait cycle for men with plantar fasciitis.

The shoe offers a sponge ethylene-vinyl acetate footbed that corresponds to the shape of the foot while the comfort system is creatively fabricated to deliver lightweight shock attenuation for all-day extended wear.

The Almartin classical men’s footwear heel measures about one inch for superior comfort and stability.

The leather upper on this Rockport model is easy to clean and care. The shoe features a padded collar and tongue that prevent blisters and lace bruising.

This Rockport version of men’s dress footwear comes in various extended sizes and widths while the outsole has flex materials that help the shoe to flex in all directions for extra cushion.

The Almartin Oxford has a sophisticated look with traditional wingtip details with a full-grain leather upper for durability and a confident style.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Superior comfort
  • Remarkable shock absorption
  • Prevents blisters and lace bruising
  • Breathable lining


  • A bit stiff takes time to break into, but after wearing for a day or two, it breaks in
  • We wish it were available in more than two colors

4. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Mule Shoe #1 Best Seller for Unbeatable Comfort and All-Day Support

Dansko Pro XP Mule is the #1 Bestseller clog loved by millions for its unbeatable comfort and all- day long support.

The Dansko clogs attribute a leather-line memory foam footbed which is the best feature that the Dansko has to offer for an exceptional comfort a popular choice for women with excessive weight working long hours on their feet.  

The Dansko clogs which are a favorite in the nursing and hospitality industry feature a wide reinforced toe box for safety against injuries and a polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom for maximum shock attenuation.

This Pro XP Mule features a full heel strike for remarkable stability while the PU inner frame averts foot twisting.  The Dansko clog also features natural arch support and minimizes the amount of arch, heel, feet and knee pain.

Women with excess weight and painful heels that result from plantar fasciitis can insert insoles and orthotics in the Dansko clogs. The natural leather lining on the clogs ensures better breathability that can take you through a twelve-hour shift.

Other notable features include non-slip resistant rubber outsole with greater traction on wet surfaces, stain resistant leather that is easy to clean with a heel that is approximately two inches.

The clogs come in assorted colors and prints, so it’s easy to pick up a favorite pair that suits your personality and work for most foot types.  


  • Padded instep collar
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Outstanding natural arch support
  • Temperature control
  • Cushy foam footbed
  • PU midsole
  • Protective heel counter
  • Little-break in required
  • Unbeatable comfort for long hours on your feet


  • They don't come in a full fit, so you may have to order a more specific version if your feet are too wide
  • They don’t have that dressy formal board meeting look but offer superior comfort for duties requiring long hours

5. Propet Women Olivia Oxford Therapeutic and Comfort Walking Shoes with Removable Double Insoles

The Propet Olivia orthopedic women walking shoes is one of the most comfortable women’s footwear that features removable double insoles for added depth or custom-made orthotics. Propet make boasts footwear versions that have been endorsed by the Medicare Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetics Benefit.

The Olivia Women’s brand is designed with the Propet Ev insole system to offer protective, functional yet stylish footwear best for women looking for aid in healing the plantar fascia ligament.

Propet have also paid extra attention to the Olivia giving it a soft textured vamp, a loop strap and a broad base that stability all day. The blucher style and single strap closure system provide adjustability.

Another notable feature is the shark reinforced PU outsole for superior traction and stability on wet surfaces. The Olivia features stretchable leatherette, and neoprene panels to protect against bunions and hammers toes and offer a comfortable fit.

The shaft in this Propet’s women’s version measures almost low-top from the arch. The padded collar and the tongue offer smooth seems, and the rigid heel counter provides a comfortable snug fit and minimized shoe movement.


  • Stretchable footwear
  • Rigid heel counter
  • Double insole
  • Padded collar for extra comfort
  • Easily adjustable
  • Cushy comfort
  • Perfect fit
  • Medicare-approved footwear


  • Plenty of toe room meaning you'll have to find an ideal fit
  • May run small for some
  • Not very high fashion though very comfortable

6. OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog with OOfoam Recovery Technology

The OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clogs with Oofoam Recovery Technology are plain, simple professional clogs that are specifically designed to ease the strain on your feet and joints thus supporting the recovery process from plantar fasciitis.

The clog is innovatively made to absorb 37% foot impact providing extra cushion best for people in professions such as teaching and workers in fast-paced environments that tend to stand on their feet for long hours. The layers on the OOcloog have been reduced leaving the OOfoam material between the foot and the ground to offer a more comfortable sandal.

The sandal is lightweight featuring minimalist construction technology, is machine washable and odor-resistant. The OOcloog also features impact-resistant slip-on with outstanding arch support.

The sandal offers unparalleled cushioning with a biomechanically engineered footbed that allows a natural gait cycle better than any existing EVA foam commonly used in many footwear.  

The OOclog features a rubber sole, Nubuck leather, and fabric.

Ideal for

Various foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Arthritis, Heel Pain, and Overpronation among other foot conditions.


  • Substantial support for the entire foot
  • Helps the feet to recover from Plantar Fasciitis
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Incredible shock absorption
  • Great arch support
  • Ideal for ligament and joint recovery
  • Soft, luxurious comfort
  • Machine washable


  • Limited ventilation
  • Not a very attractive sandal especially for our women consumers

7. Nunn Bush Men’s Lincoln Penny Loafer Slip-on with Flexible polyurethane For Added Comfort

If you are looking for a stacked style heel that offers comfort and a finished style, you may have to consider this classic comfort footwear from the Nunn Bush Men’s Lincoln Penny Loafer Slip-on with flexible polyurethane.

The fully cushioned footbed on this moc-toe slip-on shoe is engineered to provide you with extra comfort for formal or that business casual wear.

The smooth polished upper leather with a full-strap across the instep is hand sewn for excellent quality and durability.  

The fully-padded sock lining with comfort Gel alleviates the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. This moc-style toe also features a rubber sole for added traction while the various width varieties offer a perfect fit.


  • Fully cushioned flatbed
  • Extra comfort
  • Durable footwear
  • Non- slip
  • Perfect fit
  • Fits the bill


  • Thick rubber soles make this footwear, not a total dressy loafer though looks nice
  • Lightweight and flexible but not wide enough

If you work in shifts and stand on your feet for long hours, or whether you have sore feet and need comfortable ‘anti-fatigue’ dress footwear, we recommend the seven types of shoes we’ve reviewed here.

These shoes that we’ve examined are designed to protect the feet, heel, arches, and the back from the strain caused by standing or walking for long hours.

The Unisex OOcloog Clogs will help you recover faster from Plantar Fasciitis while the Olivia orthopedic women walking shoes offer excellent arch support for those with prolonged pain caused by various foot conditions.

If you’re a man and are looking for a stylish yet comfortable shoe that will give you ample support when working or walking, we would recommend Rockport Men’s Almartin Oxford shoes.

Your perfect fit should feature at least three best features that we mentioned earlier; arch support, weight, cushion and support that will recharge, rejuvenate and help your feet to recover from Plantar Fasciitis.

The correct shoe size that offers proper fit will quicken the recovery process. Additionally, a combination of supportive orthopedic footwear and insoles with optimal support is fundamental in healing Plantar Fasciitis.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis refers to pain that results from the repeated movement that overstretches or tears the plantar fascia ligament at the arch.

The overstretched plantar fascia ligament can cause several symptoms; sharp pain under the feet or in the arch and pain in the feet after long hours of standing, walking or running. The mild or severe strain on your feet can last for several months.

What is the cause of plantar fasciitis?

Several risk factors lead to the development of plantar fasciitis. Excess weight intensifies the load on this ligament and your feet aggravating pain. Jobs that demand long standing hours and specific sports that repeatedly stretch the plantar fascia can place additional stress to this ligament.

High arches and feet that are excessively pronated (flat feet) affect pressure distribution on your feet straining the plantar fascia ligament.  

Probably, the highest risk factor that leads to the development of plantar fasciitis is inadequate footwear that doesn’t support the plantar fascia sufficiently.

However, there are numerous things that you can do to protect your feet and guard them against developing plantar fasciitis.

The first thing should be losing excess weight, avoid walking barefoot and most importantly wear supportive footwear that’s recommended for walking, running or exercising. Additionally, wear shoes that have a moderate heel to shorten the arch and reduce the risk of injuring the plantar fascia ligament.

How do you choose office-friendly footwear that supports your feet?

If you’re on your feet for extended periods of time, it’s essential to invest in a type of footwear that you use to prevent the risk of injuring your plantar fascia.

Wearing excessively flat dress shoes increases the risk of injuring the plantar fascia ligament. Footwear with a moderate heel will reduce the probability of developing plantar fasciitis.

Here are some factors that you should consider when buying formal footwear suitable for plantar fasciitis

1. Arch Support

Plantar- friendly footwear should feature adequate arch support to reduce strain on the arches. The shoe should have a good shock attenuation material that will go hand in hand with arch support.

2. Weight

Some plantar fasciitis footwear users comment that lightweight dress shoes take off the excess load reducing pressure on the plantar fascia ligament.

3. Cushion

Cushioning is an essential factor to consider when buying dress shoes for plantar fasciitis for that extra comfort and support.

4. Stability

Stability or motion control footwear reduce the risk of both feet and knee pain or injury. More full heels promote stability and deter the feet from pronating to improve the stride.

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