Best Men’s Dress Shoes For Walking All Day

The dynamic 21’ st century world has seen Man being combated with more widespread activities during the day. This creates the need to find a Man’s shoe that can fit his daily routine while still maintaining style and embracing comfort; this has led to creation of dress shoes that can be worn fashionably as well as allow him to take a walk all day with the least hustle.

 A dress shoe, by simple terms, is a shoe that is smart and can be worn to the office in the morning, be appropriate for a lunch date, casually laid back for an afternoon stroll in the park while still fit for an event later in the evening. It has to be a standard shoe fit for all occasions and activities that may arise during the day. 

Features of the Best Dress Shoes for Walking All Day

The right dress shoe for walking should be comfortable to allow you to go one with the day’s hustle and bustle without necessarily causing any limitation to your daily activities. It is also essential for the shoe to be stylish yet, it doesn’t have too much ornamentation. Good dress shoes for walking should also fit properly and be versatile enough to be worn with a range of different clothes design. Most fall under the category of either being black or brown color. Good dress shoes are mostly leather and lightweight.

Here is a list of the five best dress shoes that you can walk in all day;

Review of 5 Best Men’s Dress Shoes For Walking All Day

1. Wolverine 1000 miles boot

A classy, legendary, handmade leather boot made in Michigan in the United States of America. The company that makes these boots have over 100 years’ experience, hence its legendary status. It is handcrafted with premium Horween leather and a suede inner side.

The boot is well known for its hardiness which, is prompted by a good year welt construction that helps bring out the true boot’s shape. Just like most dress shoes, it is made in either a variant of brown or black color. The Cap-Toe design is very stylish but it also helps add structure at the front of the boot while still maintaining the simplicity of style that is associated with dress shoes.

Wolverine 1000 miles boot boasts a smooth leather exterior complimented with contrast stitching to maximize style. It is equipped with a Vibram rubber heel which, ensures maximum grip.

Due to its casual look, the boot can be worn with denim amid other various preferences; you can’t go wrong by adding a blazer for a more official look.


  • The boot is of superior quality through the use of rough and steady leather.
  • It is very durable, as its name suggests, the 1000-mile boot.
  • The innersoles are made using space-age technology to ensure maximum comfort as well as absorbing shock during walking.
  • The boot comes with a standard 30-day comfort guarantee, where you can return it within 30 days if it doesn’t fit you right.


  • Due to its build of hard and steady leather, sometimes it takes a while to break in the shoe.

2. Wolf and Shepherd Senna

When creativity and experience come together, something amazing is bound to be born. Justin Schneider, in 2014, decided to use his experience as a runner and creativity as a former shoe designer for Adidas to create a truly amazing line of shoe, Wolf & Shepherd. The wolf and shepherd Senna is no exception as it’s one of the best dress shoes that you can step out with for a meeting with the executives, get you dancing at the wedding reception and still look sharp when you drop by the office later.

One of the highlight features of the Wolf and Shepherd Senna is full-grain Italian calfskin leather for the upper glossy outlook. Your feet rest in the extremely comfortable memory foam giving the illusion of walking on pillows.

The leather used to create this amazing pair is treated with a custom-blended formula to maximize softness and durability. The inside of the shoe is made with abrasion-resistant sheepskin lining, which ensures your feet enjoy optimal comfort, whether sitting in the office or for a stroll in the park. The heel to toe ratio is optimized for posture and support. The heel and tongue are padded to ensure they fit perfectly, whereas they come with a standard high traction re-soleable rubber and leather outsole.


  • The shoe is made with running shoe technology for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Very durable due to its waterproof leather.
  • High aesthetic appeal is enhanced by painting and staining by hand, ensuring perfect finishes.
  • They are made with extremely quality materials.


  • It has a limited number of shoes as well as the size.
  • The price is substantially high in comparison with other generic options.

3. Brecket Simonon Durant

When we talk of revolutionary, this shoe has to come to mind; everything about it is different, starting from its rich history, amazing design, and how it is made to its value worth price.

Becket Simonon has an in-house design team that creates new designs every month hence a liquid collection. Durant’s are sleek and made of full-grain Argentinian leather. The design uses the Blake stitching method where the outsoles and the insoles are sewn together to ensure a slimmer, lightweight, and narrow design.

The leather soles are made of Columbian leather with heel stacks for maximum comfort and quality.


  • Lightweight due to its low profile leather outsole
  • A wide range of style variety for everyone’s taste and preference
  • Very cost-effective due to the direct to consumer model
  • Very stylish due to its low profile outsoles


  • They are a little bit stiff and hard to break-in
  • Has a lengthy 3-month period from ordering to delivery

4. Rock Port Almartins

It started as a family business where father and son started making shoes on the back of a truck in 1971. The Rock Port Almartins are unmistakably stylish with their perforated wing tipped toe design, made from the best imported full-grain leather.

The shoe has a fabric interior with a padded collar and tongue for maximum comfort. They are well known for orthopedic abilities from the EVA footbed, a dynamic air-cushioning system designed to reduce pressure on the feet. Almartins comes with a standard rubber sole to ensure maximum grip on any surface throughout the day.

It has a simple yet very appealing design, complemented by a semi-brogue with a medallion on the cap toe. The shoe is particularly good for decent casual wear and excellent formal wear primed by its closed race-up design. Rock port Almartins are only available in black leather option.


  • They are designed for comfort and particularly good for orthopedics.
  • Very durable due to the quality leather used in its build.
  • They accommodate wide feet well due to its comfort-based design.
  • Rock Port Almartins fits excellently with a wide range of outfits.
  • Has a rubber sole that ensures maximum grip even in wet environments.


  • It is Limiting in design colors; it’s only available in black.
  • They are a little bit tight on the collar when wearing but fits right when properly won

5. Ecco Lisbon Plain Toe Tie

The company is best known for making comfortable shoes, which sometimes sacrifice looks to maximize comfort. On the other hand, they are a very appealing masculine style while still maintaining the comfort tag.

The shoe boasts of the legendary comfort fiber system designed for comfortable walking. The sole is made light using direct-injected polyurethane, which is incredibly good for shock absorption. The top part is made of vegetable-tanned leather, which is further detailed by antique finishes.

Blake stitching is used to join the cognac leather inner-side with the sole to maintain its lightweight quality. The inner sole, which is leather-covered, has a 5milimetre thick cushioning that ensures you get maximum comfort during your daily activities.  The design ensures extra softness and breathability. The shoe can easily be worn with a variety of outfits.


  • Uses Blake’s stitching method to be lightweight for stress-free walking.
  • The shoe design is good for all types of feet.
  • They Have flexible direct-injected Poly Urethane sole for easy walking.
  • The innersole has thick cushioning for comfort.
  • Very versatile and can be worn with a wide range of outfits.


  • The black variety of the shoe is boring in looks.
  • It lacks stylish detailing with brogues as other shoes in its category.

Men dress shoes are meant to ensure your comfort while still maintain a stylish appeal. It is essential to choose the right fitting shoes for comfort. The longer a shoe lasts, the more rewarding it will be for you; make sure you use the right procedure to clean and polish your leather exteriors.

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