5 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes For Arthritis

When you are in pain, any form of relieve is always welcome. Rocker Bottom shoes offer more than pain ease; they offer comfort and assurance that walking and enjoying your day's activities won't breed more misery. Arthritis attacks body joints, causing inflammation and tenderness; this leads to pain when you move the affected joint. Rocker bottom shoes have a unique sole which helps to redistribute plantar pressure during walking or standing by limiting the movement of the affected joint.

Types Of Rocker Bottom Shoes

There are two significant types of rocker bottom shoes; Forefoot-Rocker soles and Heel to Toe Rocker soles. The Forefoot=Rocker sole has the rocker fixed just behind the toe ends. Its main objective is to reduce the pressure applied under the ball of the foot and reduce motion in the toe joints. It is very effective in treating Hallux Limitus, also known as Big toe Arthritis.

The Heel to Toe Rocker Soles has the thickest point mid-way of the foot; in front of the heel but behind the toes. The soles have reduced motion on the heel as well as limiting midfoot movement. This kind of soles is handy for ankle Arthritis and mid-foot arthritis.

Best Five Rocker Bottom Shoes for Arthritis.

1. Hoka One One

Hoka One One, is loosely translated as fly over the earth, a heel to toe rocker produced by the Hoka Company which is a subsidiary of the Decker outdoor Corporation. It has a characteristically wide sole that is thickest at the mid-point. The shoe is light and softly cushioned to offer support for feet with heel pain or ball of foot pain.

The shoe sports a two-part midsole that cushions the landing and offers a responsive toe-off providing a unique soft and snappy feel while walking or running. The heel is supported by an active foot frame which helps to hold the foot firmly into the mid-sole which relieves the heel and toes from much pressure during gait.

Hoka One One is ideal if you have ankle and midfoot arthritis as it holds the heel in place while the added padding at the midpoint holds most of the pressure exerted by body weight. Its wide sole built is useful in distributing pressure while offering maximum stability whether you are standing, walking or running.


  • The shoe is softly cushioned due to the extra padding
  • It has a wide sole that is very effective providing support and stability
  • Has a stylish design that is quite appealing compared to other Rocker Sole Shoes.
  • The Rocker shoes spot Meta-Rocker design in their build which aids the natural gait cycle by reducing the height differential between the heel and the front. 
  • Due to its design as a running shoe, the Hoka One One is very light and offers a comfortable feel during walking for arthritis patients.


  • The shoe has a relatively tight toe box which might be uncomfortable for people with slightly wide feet, leading to the formation of blisters or bunions.


MBT, which stands s for Masai Barefoot Technology brand, was conceptualised by Switzerland's Karl Muller and became popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The company concentrates on rock bottom shoes and have a wide array of shoes from running shoes to rock bottom sandals.

The rock bottom sole has layers of materials with a varying density that change poor posture and gait to a more active gait that is gentler on the back. When walking with MTB rock bottom shoes, your stretch your calf muscles, initiating rolling forward activating the sensor which encourages instability, naturally your body moves to gain more stability reducing stress to the joints. This feature of reducing movements and pressure applied to the joints relieves pain while walking for arthritis patients.

The shoes spot an exo-heel counter that encourages lateral support, maximising on stability. MTB shoes are stylish in design, and the upper part has a combination of leather and mesh that allows free flow of air and moisture management.


  • They have good traction as a result of the treaded rubber soles
  • The design of the shoe encourages midfoot strike walking; this alleviates the discomfort for ankle and toe arthritis.
  • The outsole is highly resistant; it doesn't wear off quickly, making the shoe durable.
  • The design of the shoes encourages balanced weight distribution, reducing stress on joints.
  • The shoe comes with unique memory foam on the heel for a firmness feel.


  • Walking in this shoe feels less responsive due to the midsole strike.
  • The shoe comes in slightly smaller sizes compared to the rest; customers have to buy a half size bigger than their standard sizes.

3. Clarks Women’s wave Trek Sneakers

Clark's company is well known for producing sturdy, durable leather shoes. And in the Clarks women's wave trek shoes, they decided to add their famous durability with a twist of style and a rocker bottom sole for effortless walking.

The shoe encompasses the Clarks wave technology; a rocker bottom sole designed to aid people with difficult orthopaedic problems. Women wave trek sneakers have reliable arch support to provide support for the foot ballpoint reducing strain on your back, legs and feet. This feature is very favourable for women with arthritis of the ankle or toes by decreasing the movement of the ankle and metatarsal joints.  The shoe has extra padding at the midpoint, which helps create the forward rolling motion.

The upper part is full-grain sturdy leather that follows the natural contours of the foot. It is not only stylish but tough to withstand abrasion while still being uniquely soft to enhance flexibility. The inner side is soft fabric lining that covers the foot for lasting comfort.


  • The rocker bottom sole conserves energy by encouraging the forward foot roll for effortless walking.
  • The shoe is all-weather ready; it has a waterproof build which is highlighted by its upper leather sewn to rocker bottom rubber outsole.
  • Clarks women's wave sneakers cushions impact during walking, protecting the foot from shocks reducing any pain for arthritis patients.
  • Not only is the shoe stylish but also fits well with a wide array of outfit to maintain a classy, quality and comfortable look.


4. New Balance 928 Men's Walking Shoes

As a man who is looking for comfortable rocker bottom shoes while still cautious of style, this is the shoe for you.  New Balance is known for producing excellent sports and athletics wears, they have used this prowess with an injection of technology to path create, probably the best rocker soles shoes yet, new balance 928 men's walking shoes.

The outsole is Ndurance rubber; a proprietary pattern that offers traction technology design that is extremely tough and durable for use even in a rugged environment.. The rear part of the outsole spots a slight bevel together with an off centred band of rubber, walking strike path technology, which guides the foot through the gait cycle.

The rocker- shaped midsole helps reduce plantar flexing, which is extremely helpful for people with orthopaedic problems such as arthritis by removing the stress from the ball of the foot. The inner sole is polyurethane sock liner which has anti-microbial properties ensuring a healthy foot environment as well as comfort.

You can choose between leather, suede and fabric upperparts, intertwined with mesh fabric to ensure the flow of air.


  • The shoe has ABZORB cushioning for all-day comfort.
  • New Balance 928 Men's Walking shoes come with varying widths to comfortably suit any foot shape.
  • It comes with the motion control and roll bar stability technology to aid in walking and support during gait.
  • The build of the collar and ankle area, offers ample ankle support that is appreciated by people with ankle arthritis as well as other orthopaedic limitations.
  • The inside of the shoe has anti-microbial properties as well as a phantom socklike liner that reduces irritation, blister formation and keeps the foot area healthy.
  • The availability of the shoe in more than one upper material primes it for its fashionability character and easily worn with a wide range of outfits.


  • The shoe has a narrow toe box as well as a short natural tongue that can be limiting to some people.

5. Algeria Carina Sandals for Women

This shoe is specially built for beauty and comfort, making it must-have for women experiencing feet pain, arthritis or back problems. The Alegria Carina Sandals for Women is made using premium upper leather that comes in vibrant colours and cheerful prints to spruce up the style and suit every outfit and occasion. The uppers comprise of adjustable hook and loop instep strap to ensure the shoe is secured to the foot comfortably preventing your feet from slipping out as you walk.

The footbed is three layers; latex, memory foam and a cork base. This design, meant to fit the natural contours and variations of the feet, creating the perfect arch to support your feet, whether standing or walking by relieving stress on legs, hips and back.

The rocker outsole is polyurethane, which makes it super light and slip-resistant to avoid abrasion or injury of your tender feet. The sole outer build propels you during gait and ease movements of the ankle and metatarsal joint by supporting the ball of the foot.


  • The shoe features a classic clog style, designed to roll naturally, reducing heel pressure and control metatarsal pressure.
  • It has a leather lining that is stylish and durable.
  • The uppers are hand sewn for durability and added textual CONTRAST.
  • The shoe comes in a wide array of colours and patterns, making it extraordinarily stylish and suits any outfit, whether official or casual.


  • The front strap is between the big toe and second toe; this limits the use of the shoe for ladies suffering from Big Toe arthritis.

As you’ve seen, rocker bottom shoes are built with the thicker-than-normal soles to ensure when you wear them, you don't get a flat footing along the proximal-distal axis of the foot.

Previously the shoes were used exclusively to protect the foot, however with time they have been developed to improve the functions of the feet and lower limbs, arthritis, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, healing ulcers, heel pain amongst many others.

It is privy to note that rocker bottom shoes are beneficial to some people but still have detrimental effects on others. It is important to seek professional advice before purchasing one of these life savers to ensure you get the right one for your specific needs.


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