Best Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

People with wide toes and narrow heels are considered to have triangle feet. Triangle footed people face various challenges when purchasing a suitable and comfortable shoe for walking or running. 

A majority of shoes have a narrow toe box making it difficult to find a perfect fit. The right footwear will allow you to run on all types of terrain comfortably and helps maintain healthy feet.

Every runner is on the lookout for new technologies in the market. Thankfully, many leading shoe manufacturers are now paying more attention to people with special needs and designing footwear that fit their requirements.

According to the various research we've done and multiple reviews we've studied we have observed that most runners initially buy their running shoes and once they fit them, they find them too narrow and tight at the toes when running.

As the feet swell due to the heat, the toes become cramped resulting to pain.

Here are 7 top favorite running shoes with a full toe box and a narrow heel for both men and women that are certain to give you improved performance.

Best Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

1. Altra Women’s Torin 2.5 Train Runner with Foot-Shaped Toe Box

The Women’s Torin 2.5 neutral runner footwear with a foot-shaped design that makes you stand out among other runners. The shoe offers a full toe box and a narrow heel to ensure that your toes have enough room to wiggle while the small heel locks your foot securely.

The midsole features A-Bound top layer and Innerflex that enables the Torin 2.5 take in pounds and offer added cushion.

The Torin 2.5 features a Dual-layer EVA Midsole for a high amount of cushion and extra arch support best for heavy-framed moderate to long distance women runners. Additionally, these high cushion shoes also offer the zero-drop feature for the minimal drop runner.

The transition from landing to take-off is smooth and performs best in a variety of terrains. 

Another notable feature with the Altra Women Torin brand is the improved upper design that enhances aesthetic appeal. The Torin is lightweight and performs well without compromising responsiveness or cushion.


  • Wide toe box
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum cushioning
  • Super grip on wet/dry surfaces
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Very responsive
  • Better fit for women with larger frames


  • Needs break in period for a comfortable run
  • Not very breathable with a quick-drying material
  • Not a very attractive looking shoe but runners enjoy lots of cushions

2. Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 with Omega Flex Grooves for Optimized Forefoot Flexibility

The Brooks Women's Ghost 10 has several updates that offer the neutral runner with some benefits. The Ghost 10 comes with Omega flex groove that provides the runner with optimized forefoot flexibility.

The full toe box in this Brooks 10th women's version is just what will give you that extra comfort as your toes will splay naturally. 

This footwear combines the BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning to offer you a plush ride while the segmented crash pad provides stability and support from your heel to the midfoot while maintaining flexibility on your foot landing.

The clever combination of materials gives the shoe a lightweight feel while the carbon rubber enhances protection against wear and tear. Overall the outsole provides superb traction and a better transition feel.

The newly updated 3D stretch print engineered upper with flexible overlays offers you a generous fit, a sleeker look and allows the air to circulate better to keep the feet cool as you run.


  • Improved arch support
  • Higher and broader toe box construction
  • Comfortable ample cushioning
  • Smoother ride feel
  • Very breathable
  • Lighter than its predecessor
  • Affordable
  • True-size fit


  • Reduced responsiveness somewhat but with a cloud-like ride
  • Issues with durability but an overall great version than the 9th edition

3. Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte Men's Training Running Shoe

The Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte version with added flexibility, structure and durability is a shoe that the everyday trainer will appreciate. In addition to the full toe box, this footwear maintains a lightweight feel at the same time adding more flexibility.

The foot-friendly shape allows the toes to spread more naturally while the upgraded midsole EVA cushioning provides a flexible running experience suitable for runners with triangle feet, bunions, and wide feet.

The EVA rubber on the outsole is designed to withstand abrasion and on solid surfaces for better traction. The upper mesh updates offer more aeration, durability, and structure.

Most reviewers are pleased with the additional eyelets from the previous version that helps keep the foot in place for a more structured feel. 

Topo has managed to maintain the overall shoe weight which is a plus for runners looking to excel in a variety of terrains.


  • Lightweight
  • Foot-friendly shape
  • Full toe box
  • Smooth ride
  • Highly responsive
  • Affordably priced


  • Not very flexible but gives a smooth ride
  • additional material on the tongue rubs the foot, but the overall comfort is good

4. Altra AFM1759F Olympus 2.5 Trail Running Shoe – Men’s with a Zero Drop Platform

The Olympus 2.5 Men's trail running shoe features the foot-shaped toe box and a zero drop design to offer you with natural stability on any terrain.

The Altra Olympus 2.5 version with remarkable full toe box and narrow heels offers fantastic comfort suitable for people with bunions. The foot-shaped design allows the toes to spread naturally for better support and stability.

The shoe features GaiterTrap technology Vibram MegaGrip outsole and 36mm cushion while the Zero Drop platform places the heel and the forefoot at the same with the ground to encourage a more natural gait cycle.

The Vibram outsoles improve traction while the double layer EVA foam with an A-Bound top layer and a 5mm contour footbed offer maximum cushion.


  • Maximum cushion
  • Foot-shaped toe box
  • Superior traction on wet surfaces
  • Greater comfort
  • excellent cushioning


  • Runs small, need to order ½ larger
  • The thick outsole makes it not very flexible but overall a high performance running footwear

5. New Balance Men's MT10V1 Minimus Trail Running Shoe with Minimalist Design

The New Balance is a famous brand well-known in general world athletics. The Minimus 10v1 version is constructed to be minimalist, lightweight footwear.

The Minimus 10v1 features a Vibram outsole designed to provide grip on surfaces suitable for those seeking a lightweight trail running shoe. The trail running New Balance footwear features Acteva foam midsole with a slightly more full toe box for the perfect amount of space and comfort.

Another notable feature is the extra padding on the Acteva for comfort and cushion. The upper has a mesh which offers flexibility and breathability, while the synthetic overlays at the top add more stability while the toe protection provides harsh impact. The mesh has an anti-bacterial liner which helps with odor.

New Balance has maintained low weight on this version at 6.3 ounces for a light and responsive heel. The shoe is very breathable with a woven hole for better aeration and is available in multiple colors. 


  • Decent value
  • Stylish trail running shoe
  • Adequate protection
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Great traction on rocky surfaces


  • Not very durable but an overall responsive trail running footwear
  • Not the most updated version

6. Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

The All-New Cloudwave Mizuno’s Rider 20 men’s footwear is designed to offer a functional sports shoe. The Wave Rider 20 features U4IC midsole foam that delivers 33% more response for better bounce and durability.

This Mizuno Sports version with Dynamotion Fit feature offers comfort to the runner seeking a cushioned yet responsive ride. The shoe is adequately lightweight and an excellent option for men with more massive weight profiles.

The Wave Rider 20 features 12 mm heel offset to facilitate smooth heel strike and comfort. The construction of the upper is lightweight, breathable and comfortable that allows free flow of air.

An extra heel plate has been placed the midsole to offer excellent shock attenuation on heel strike.


  • Lighter fast-paced runs 
  • Terrific heel strike absorption
  • Robust and efficient cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot
  • Spacious toe box and forefoot


  • A bit lacking in stability though lightweight
  • Cushioning may feel firm for long-distance running

7. ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 4 Running Shoe with Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System

Not all women's running shoes with a spacious toe box and narrow heel give you a combination of features that provide you with style, comfort, and healthy feet.

The Gel Excite 4 ASICS women’s footwear has been designed to offer you with all-out features that you’d be looking for in a wide toe boxed narrow heel running shoe.

The Gel Excite 4 features ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole for increases durability best for women running on high-impact zones.

The shoe attributes the Rearfoot Gel cushioning system for increased shock absorption during impact.

Further, the Gel Excite 4 features a rubber sole that offers traction and a removable sock liner that which can be replaced with orthotic insoles for women with feet conditions that require extra special care.

The ASICS footwear has reflective material that enhances visibility in low lit areas and evenings. It's available in different width options to accommodate women with wide feet.


  • Comfortable ride
  • Maximum cushion
  • Decent durability
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Remarkable shock-absorption
  • Removable sock liner
  • Great comfort


  • You need to order a ½ size bigger as it runs small
  • A little narrower
  • Break in period required

It's heartbreaking to purchase a pair of running or walking sneakers, and at the end of the day, it becomes uncomfortable. Inadequately fitting footwear is a source of many foot complications.

Fortunately, these seven men and women’s running footwear we’ve discussed here will offer you with features to look out for to maintain healthy feet and higher performance as you hit the road.

Worn out running footwear may not provide sufficient support and shock attenuation. To maintain healthy feet, replace all worn-out shoes even if they still feel comfortable and don’t show signs of wear. Change them after you’ve reached 300-400 miles.

What are the consequences of wearing ill-fitting footwear?  

Tight footwear causes most foot problems. Tight shoes have their most significant impact on the toes. Pressure against the nail bed caused by wearing a heel can cause painful ingrown nails.

Other short-term problems such as frequent toe pain, corns, and blisters are some of the initial issues that start to emerge if wearing narrow shoes.

The condition can worsen resulting in Plantar fasciitis, Bunions, Hammertoes, Fallen Arches,  Morton's Neuroma, Heel and Back Pain.

How to Find a Proper Fitting

Most people buy footwear based on the style and trend. That’s why you’ll find out that everyone wants to take off their shoes once they get home!

Finding a correctly fitting shoe with the correct length and width that perfectly suits your feet is key to comfort and healthy feet.

When shopping for running footwear, ensure that the shoe doesn’t leave excess space in the heel but also provides enough room for your toes.

The arch support is an essential factor to consider before buying your train running or walking sneaker. Lets' look at some of the features that you'll be looking out for when purchasing running shoes with a spacious toe box and narrow heels.

Helpful Features to Look Out For in a Wide Toe Box Narrow Heel Footwear

  • Toe Box

A roomy toe box will provide enough room for your toes to wiggle and helps prevent callouses.

  • Heel Collar

The Heel Collar design is a feature that you'll be looking out for when purchasing narrow heel footwear.

  • Design

A foot-shaped shoe designed with a roomy toe box and a narrow heel will best suit your need if you have triangle feet. It will provide you with room on the toe box and hug your heel snugly.

  • Upper

The material used to make the upper allows a shoe's breathability. The Upper of most running footwear has synthetic, mesh or leather material.

  • Insole

The insoles provide cushion and support when walking or running. Some sneakers have removable insoles that are replaceable with orthotic insoles for people with feet conditions.

  • Achilles Tendon Protector

The Achilles tendon protector reduces strain on the Achilles tendon.

  • Midsole

The midsole for a roomier toe box and narrow heel runner should feature gel, foam or air midsole for maximum comfort.

  • Outsole

The outsole is the material that touches the ground. It should be durable and offer traction on wet or dry surfaces.

Measuring the Size of Your Feet

Knowing your shoe size will help you avert the risk of injuring your toes and the likelihood of developing foot-related complications. 

Once you’ve identified the shoe that suits your need, style, and color, next, you'll have to fit your running sneaker. 

It’s in this process when you’ll ensure there’s enough room in your for your toes and whether the shoe snugs perfectly at the heel.

Though some people have uniformly wide feet, others have narrow heels and wide toes (triangle feet). Therefore, purchasing a wide width shoe will leave excessive space at the heel.

On the other hand, footwear with a roomy toe box will squeeze and confine a uniformly wide foot. Your running sneaker should offer you more spacious toe box allowing the toes to spread out naturally.

While the size of your feet is continually changing, it's important to measure your feet every time you're purchasing new footwear. Here are some tips;

  • Best time - is - on a hot day or at the end of the day when the feet have expanded
  • Pick out a shoe molded like your foot
  • Fit your shoe when standing ensuring you leave 3/8 inches for your longest toe and ½ inch at the end of your running footwear
  • The ball of your foot should fit comfortably
  • Your heel should fit comfortably
  • Fit your pair with your larger foot
  • Wiggle your toes
  • Don’t have a notion that tight footwear will stretch out later  
  • Purchase your running shoe at an athletic shoe store
  • Test your pair by walking around in it to feel if it fits well before you hit the trail

Use the length and width of your feet on a sizing chart for a perfect fit running shoe. Men and women have distinct footwear sizes. However, some women with wide feet are unable to find an ideal fit. Such women should consider men’s shoes with bigger sizes.

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