Best Shoes for Jazzercise Training

Jazzercise might be the most flexible workouts you can engage. It includes strength training, kickboxing, yoga, pilates and aerobic training. These dance-workouts are physically demanding, and can only be attained if you are equipped with the right kind of shoes for Jazzercise.

Before getting a shoe for Jazzercise it’s important to understand your foot arch type. You need to know whether your foot arch is a low arch also knows as flat feet, a medium arch or it’s a high arch. This knowledge will help you get a shoe that has essential foot arch support features. Other features include removable shoe insert, lateral and heel support, optimal support, comfort, pivot points and breathable upper.

 Apparently, the market has many options to offer when it comes to jazzercise shoes but we have focused on the 10 best jazzercise shoes that meet the cut. We have also included a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Best Shoes for  Jazzercize

1. Slow Man Women's Jazz Shoes Lace-up Sneakers

If you're looking for a stylish pair of shoes that's exceptionally comfortable and supportive for your Jazzercise sessions, then you may want to check out this Women's Jazz Shoes from Slow Man.

This shoe comes packed with plenty of impressive features that make it one of the best and reliable options for Jazzercise. One of the highlight features is the unique split-sole design that not only gives the shoe a funky look but also provides you with extra flexibility.

This shoe features a lightweight upper made of a mesh fabric to ensure proper ventilation, so you can rest assured your feet will remain cool and dry throughout your Jazzercise session. The mesh fabric is also flexible enough to allow you to move with ease and firm enough to keep your feet well-supported.

The shoe features an EVA foam footbed covered with a mesh fabric to provide you with a breathable cushioning for added comfort. It also has a padded collar and built-in arch support for superior comfort. The MD outsole is super-bouncy and offers a high level of traction when you're working out.


  • Superb arch support and roomy toe-box
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight lace-up for a snug fit
  • Breathable and lightweight upper keeps feet cool and comfy
  • Exceptionally comfortable cushioning
  • Outstandingly flexible
  • The outsole offers excellent traction and shock-absorption


  • The heel might feel pretty high and unstable for some


The Nike FREE TR 8 is undoubtedly one of the most visually appealing and high-performing training shoes you can find out there on the market.

This shoe is specially designed for intensive workouts, including Jazzercise, HIIT, cross-training, and gym work, and is available in 15 different colorways to choose from. The shoe features a flexible mesh upper, which allows your feet to breathe as you're working out.

The lace-up closure integrates with Flywire cables to give you a perfect fit and optimal midfoot lockdown. The shoe boasts a flat heel design that provides a broader surface area for improved stability. The heel is also reinforced with an added layer for enhanced impact absorption and cushioning.

Another thing you may like about this shoe is the lightweight midsole that still provides your feet with extra cushioning and protection from impact. The rubber outsole features deep grooves and cutouts that enable the shoe to expand and flex easily, allowing your feet to move more naturally.


  • A wide range of color choices
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • The flat heel provides better stability
  • Mid-sole offers lightweight cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh upper
  • Deep groove outsole supports lateral movements


  • May run small for some

3. Under Armour Women's Charged Aurora Cross Trainer

The Charged Aurora Cross Trainer by Under Armour is another excellent shoe specially designed to provide female athletes with the much-needed support throughout their Jazzercise sessions.

This shoe has an ultra-light design as it's made of a lightweight, breathable mesh upper that helps to keep your feet properly aerated.  The shoe features TPU film with considerably raised print to help keep your feet locked into position.

The shoe's midsole include Under Armour's Charged Cushioning that offers impressive responsiveness and cushioning for superior comfort. The rubber outsole has a multi-directional traction pattern, which gives you excellent grip and lateral movement support.


  • Thick heel cushioning for added comfort
  • The outsole is highly flexible for an improved natural stride
  • Keeps the foot well-supported and locked in position
  • Breathable and flexible mesh upper
  • Offers comfortable cushioning


  • Tends to run small, so you may have to get a half size up

4.  RYKA Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe

RYKA Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe

Why we like it:  Ryka Women’s Cross Influence features direct-fuse and Flex-foil layers that give your feet support while doing lateral movements. Additionally, ryka influence has a medial post that provides arch support and a midsole cushioning for comfort at the pressure points on your feet. Also, the sole is ergonomically designed which facilitate natural movements when doing the dance-workout. Other than that, it has a pivot point to help you when you suddenly need to turn and ensures that you keep up with moves.

Key Features

The ryka influence features qualities that make it stand out as an ideal shoe for high impact dance-workout. It boasts a dual density impact midsole that provides great cushioning around the heel and the forefront of the foot for high impact and comfort. Additionally, this sneaker features a “Precise-Return bouncy insole” that helps to keep your feet cool, dry and breathing. This specialized feature also gives a cushiony support during high impact workouts. Again the rubber outsole has a footprint design which provides great traction when moving and dancing. The bottom of this sneaker’s sole has N-Gage EVA return energy for absorbing energy and retaining the shape of the shoe.

Another great feature of ryka influence is the padded tongue and collar which provides comfort to your feet and give support to your ankle. This shoe is also made of synthetic thus making it a lightweight and breathable, which is a great deal since it gives your feet comfort and can’t weigh you down during vigorous dance-workout.  


  • Great pivot point which is excellent for hopping, jumping and skipping.
  • Features traction control
  • Arch support and cushioning system for comfort
  • N-gage EVA for absorbing energy
  • Direct-fuse and flex-foil layers for lateral support
  • A precise-return bouncy insole for feet breathability and support


  • The pointed toe design makes it feel small for some users.

5. PUMA Women's Cell Riaze Heather Cross-Trainer Shoe

Why we like it:  Cell Riaze is all about women who specifically love style, comfort and cushioning. This shoe is made with the sport in mind as it features heels with a  10-cell bubble technology that help protect your joints from hurting, cushioned midsole for comfort, the two-part pivot point for easy movement and a stylish design that is lightweight.


The reason we are head over heels over this sneakers is that it offers  10-cell Puma’s bubble technology in their heel which, gives excellent shock-absorbency and protects your joints when skipping and jumping. Cell Riaze also has a low-traction profile smooth sole that makes it ideal for sliding, pivoting and chasseing.  The low-traction profile ensures that your ankles and knees are protected from being injured during exercise.

 Cell Riaze also poses a cushioned midsole that ensures comfort for your feet and a two-way pivot point for ease of movement. This shoe is practically stylish and lightweight.

Cell riaze is a bit pricier compared to some of the sneakers on this list but its great features make the sneaker worth the price.


  • Shock absorbing bubble technology
  • Generously cushioned for comfort
  • Easy pivoting due to a low- traction profile sole
  • Surpassing ankle support


  • Runs Narrow hence not fit for wide feet.
  • Doesn’t come in many colors

6. Ryka Women's Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe

Ryka Women's Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe

Why we like it: Vida RZX Cross training shoes is another from Ryka that we love since they feature a Re-Zorb heel cushioning for comfort, Anatomic footbeds that feet different heel shapes, roomier forefront that protect your toes from high impact and also offers great traction which is perfect for dance workouts. Additionally, their outsoles have a pivot point which ensures easy transitioning and turning making it an essential shoe for Jazzercise.


To start with Vida RZX Cross training shoes features RE-ZORB cushioning technology that is included in the shoe heel which makes these shoes unique. This technology is great for absorption of impact hence promoting feet comfort and offering a great performance. Vida RZX also is designed with a rubber outsole, which is excellent for easy movements when dancing and flex grooves at the forefoot make it flexible enough for executing turns and working out your gloves and calves.

Better still; the shoe has a generously padded collar and tongue that comes with sufficient cushioning system and extra cozy fitting. Furthermore, Vida RZX shoes have insole with Precise-Return Anatomic skill that comes with smooth sock liners to provide comfort.

Vida RZX also features a pivot point that is convenient for any level of twirling, spinning, and dancing.

Vida RZX has a unique sleek design and comes with detailed bright colors. These sneakers have the right integration of style, support, and great performance.


  • The excellent pivot point for flexibility
  • Lightweight with a great support
  • Modern and stylish look
  • The toe box is spacious and offers comfort in any dancing position
  • Has a great integration of technologies for shock absorption


  • Compared to other ryka shoes they are a bit pricier
  • Narrow heel hence can only fit women feet.

7. ASICS Women's Rhythmic 2 Cross-Training Shoe

ASICS Women's Rhythmic 2 Cross-Training Shoe

Why we like it:  ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 2 Cross Training shoe is quite impressing as it has a patented technology construction that offers support to the arch and your heel.  It also features a forefoot Gel cushioning to enhance foot movements and reduce shock when doing vigorous dance work-outs. Additionally, ASICS rhythmic training shoes have a lateral support wraps, pivot point outsole, and full-length EVA foam midsole.

Key Features

Asics women’s rhythmic 2 cross training shoe is another great shoe suitable for Jazzercise. It has a Gel cushioning system at the forefoot and the rearfoot for shock absorption. The outsoles also feature medial and lateral wraps that provide your feet with support and stability.

The midsole of this shoe is made out of full-length EVA technology that provides shock absorption and cushioning for the comfort of your feet.

Additionally, this shoe has a sleek and seamless body, Low profile outsole with a pivot point that allows you to transition and turn during jazzercise dance workout

ASICS Women’s training shoes are made of 100% polyester fabric making it not so breathable, unlike other sneakers that are made of synthetic fabric.


  • Flexible, Light and supple
  • Modern and sleek look
  • Features thick sole which provides improved stability
  • Excellent pivot point that is efficient when dancing
  • Great combination of shock absorption technologies


  • The design of this shoe is not so appealing
  • It has minimal arch support.

8. Bloch Dance Women's Boost Mesh DRT Split Sole Dance Sneaker

Bloch Dance Women's Boost Mesh DRT Split Sole Dance Sneaker

Why we like it:  Bloch Booster was practically built with dancing in mind as it’s the only shoe on the list that prides a split sole design. It also has a built-in arch support, Dri-lex lining, and a “spin-spot”.  The suede heel of this shoe with D.R.T cushioning is approximately 1¼” and the platform is ¾”. Bloch booster also comes with the variable racing system, Eva sock liner, and manmade four-part high-density outsole. The midsole has 4PSI air cushion for shock absorption.  


The most distinctive features of Bloch booster is the variable lacing system that allows individual lace adjustment for a perfect, secure fit and maximizes comfort. Moreover, the shoe is equipped with a built-in arch support and a molded EVA sock liner that elevates the arch to prevent injuries during throughout the dance workouts. The EVA foam midsole is padded to provide a high-level 4PSI cushioning for shock absorption and they are also removable.

The outsole is four-part split which is superb for flexibility and also the pivot point allows 360 degrees movements which are essential as it allows sliding and pivoting in Jazzercise.

Additionally, is made of a lightweight mesh upper which allows air circulation keeping your feet cool and dry, hence making it comfortable for jazzercise movements.

This shoe price is reasonable and equals the value of the shoe. The construction of this shoe is durable, sturdy with a stylish design that makes it trendy. The spin-spot design is better and suitable for turns.


  • Variable lacing design
  • Has a spin-spot design
  • It’s equipped with EVA sock liner
  • Canvas
  • Perfect secure fitting
  • Generously padded for comfort


  • This shoe is a small fit runs 1 to 1.5 sizes.

9. Ryka Women's Grafik 2 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Ryka Women's Grafik 2 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Why we like it: Ryka Grafik is suitable if you’re looking for low-Impact sneakers that are lightweight, comfortable and offers both style and function. Its sole has a circular pivot point and a diamond-shape pattern which makes it ideal for dancing as it grips to the dancefloor safely but doesn’t get caught.


Ryka Grafik low profile design makes it feel like a layer of socks on your feet, unlike other sneakers that are bulky. The rounded toe box design makes it sleek thus comfortable and the upper is flexible.

Better still this sneaker’s has a rubber outsole designed with a flush diamond pattern and a circular pivot point making the sneaker an great option for gliding and sliding effectively across the dance floor.

Additionally, the upper of the shoe is made of a breathable mesh fabric with an Anatomical Precise-Return footbed that is cushioned for ultimate comfort.  This quality sneaker is among some of the most affordable on the list.


  • Low-profile design
  • Cushioned footbed with Anatomical Precise-Return 
  • Molded EVA midsole that has gel heel clip
  • Has rubber outsole with pivot point and strategic cutouts
  • Breathable upper, made of mesh and synthetic


  • It’s small and narrow
  • Doesn’t have a shock absorbing technology

10. Ryka Women's Tenacity High Top Training Shoes

Ryka Women's Tenacity High Top Training Shoes

Why we like it: Ryka Tenacity has a different look from other Ryka sneakers and that makes it unique. It also offers great ankle and lateral support unlike other sneakers as it has a high top that laces to the ankle. The upper is made of a direct fuse and flex-foil technology. It also has an RE-ZORB footbed which is another great feature for high impact absorption. 


Rkya Tenacity sneaker has a high-top design that provides excellent ankle and lateral support. This model has a snug fit on your feet due to the added loop and hooks Velcro strap and the design is supportive and lightweight.

Not only does this sneaker offer great support, it’s also shock-absorbent as it features RE-ZORB footbed. Moreover, the tenacity has a pivot point on the ball of foot for flexibility.

Ryka tenacity is pricier than any other sneaker on the list but it’s worth the price since it’s practically perfect when it comes to design and support for jazzercise dance workouts.


  • Superior lateral and ankle support
  • Has a variety of color
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Perfect fit for dance fitness


  • The high top design might be irritating to some users.
  • It’s kind of bulky compared to sneakers that have a low-profile

11. Ryka Women's Dynamic 2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Ryka Women's Dynamic 2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Why we like it: Dynamic 2.5 is another one from Ryka that we like since it posses 5 more flex grooves unlike any other dancing sneaker and an Ortholite foam insole that is removable. It also has a sturdy upper outer shell that mainly comprises mesh allowing it to withstand lateral movements with high impact and remain breathable.


Dynamic 2.5 have a unique exo-shell on top of the mesh layer that has high abrasion resistance which ensures that your feet can’t get misshapen when you ball-change or jump. The sneaker has a unique lacing system that gives you a custom fit and better lateral support throughout the dance workout.

Moreover, the sneakers come with Ortholite removable insoles that are greatly cushioned to give your feet comfort. The removable insoles are a great feature as it allows you to use custom-made inserts when need be, and you can still use them with any other sneakers.

Additionally, the re-zorb sock liner that is fused in the shoe is an advantage as it enhances cushioning under the foot of the shoe. The rubber sole is another remarkable feature as it enhances the shoe comfort level. 

Dynamic 2.5 are sturdy and durable making it worth their price.


  • Has a stable upper that support your forefoot and mid-foot
  • Removable TM Ortholite insole
  • Built to last as it’s sturdy
  • Great cushioning that makes it comfortable


  • Runs quite small you might require a size bigger than the size you normally put.

12. NIKE Women's Flex Trainer 6

NIKE Women's Flex Trainer 6

Why we like it:  Flex Trainer 6 is built to flex as the name suggests. Its sole construction is made with a technology that enhances flexibility just like ryka Vida RZX.  The sole is not entirely made of rubber thus making it feel light on your feet. Also, the midsole is made of pylon giving the shoe great cushioned support. Better still this sneaker is designed with a lightweight mesh that promotes breathability and enhances comfort.


Flex trainer 6 is extremely light on your feet since it has an injected unit midsole that is made of pylon and phylon outsole with fewer rubber pods.  Each shoe weighs 7 ounce each which is great for maximum comfort.

Additionally, these sneakers are equipped with multidirectional flex grooves which enhance flexibility making it suitable for jazzercise as it involves multi-movement dance workouts. It also has a shaft that is 2.6” from the arch and gives this shoe a sleek appearance.

Flex Trainer 6 comes in many different colors which gives you an option to choose your favorite. You will be able to coordinate your training outfit with this “swoosh” multicolored lightweight sneakers.


  • “Flywire” cables for a comfy fit on the forefoot
  • Featherweight construction
  • Comes in a variety of color to choose from
  • Flexible and comfortable with arch support
  • Phylon foam midsole that provides comfort


  • Runs Narrow
  • Similar to many other Nike sneakers hence makes it not to be unique.

13. NIKE Women's Flex Supreme TR 5 Cross Training Shoe

NIKE Women's Flex Supreme TR 5 Cross Training Shoe

Why we like it:  Nike flex supreme TR 5 wrap-up the list and we recommend it as it boasts “flywire” cables at the forefoot for a dynamic fit, foam pods that are anatomically-placed on the inner heel sides to prevent heel slippage and provide comfort. It also has dual-density foam for a customized cushioning and outsoles that provides durable cushioning and unlike flex trainer 6, flex supreme has a snug fit.

Key Features

Flex supreme has Nike's “flywire” cables in the forefoot which are designed with the same function as the suspension bridge cables to offer a snug, comfortable fit, and support. The heel of this shoe also has foam pods that prevent heel spillage and this feature ensure that the sneakers stay in place during your dance workouts.

Additionally, Flex supreme boasts a dual-density midsole foam merged together to offer a customized cushioning. The upper layer is soft and offers comfort to your feet, while the lower layer is sturdier to provide support and durable cushioning.

The outsole is made to flex and displays a hexagon pattern that is hot-knifed. The pattern doesn’t go through the midsole; it wraps the sidewall to offer natural motion making it supportive and flexible for all the 360-degree jazzercise movements.


  • It’s lightweight but sturdy
  • Fits both wide and narrow feet
  • It’s famous for the snug fitting and less heel slippage
  • Has a flexible sole construction
  • It’s stylish and comfortable with sufficient cushioning system


  • The heel might be a bother for sensitive feet

Buyers Guide on How to Evaluate Best Jazzercise Shoes

Lateral and Heel Support

Jazzercise is a high-impact workout. Therefore, your shoes should be in a capacity to cushion and absorb this kind of impact. To avoid stressing and hurting your feet and knees you need shoes that have great heel support. Again, jazzercise involves a lot of twists and turn movements, moving forward and backward and for that reason, you will need shoes that have lateral support.


Flexibility is an important feature in Jazzercise as a flex shoe helps you to point, kick, move and bend properly. For flexibility, most shoemakers ensure that they put a shank between the insole and the outsole underneath the foot arch which acts as a support structure.

As much as flexibility is vital when it comes to jazzercise you must also ensure that your shoes are not too flimsy. When doing jazzercise you require flexibility between the ball of your feet and the heel, hence the need for a shoe that offers both support and flexibility.

Shock Absorption

Jazzercise includes lateral moves therefore; you need to ensure that your sneaker can absorb shock from this high impact exercise. Shock absorbers are essential in the construction of a shoe as it protects your feet, ankle, and joints from injuries and it doesn’t interfere with the integrity design of the shoe.

 It’s important to note that shock absorbers can’t be purchased as a separate insert or be added to the shoe later. Therefore it’s important to go for a shoe with shock absorbers for the metatarsal area of foot protection.      


Since jazzercise involves a lot of pivoting and springing, the last thing you need is a shoe that weighs you down.  You will require shoes that have a lightweight construction and enhance mobility to prevent your feet and legs from straining and getting tired quickly. 

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