7 Best Shoes for Massage Therapists

Being a massage therapist means you’ll have to spend most of your time on feet. Doing what you love is satisfying but do not forget to take care of your feet as you work on your clients. Being on the move or standing for long can result in stiffness and foot pain.

That is why Barbara Bergin advice on investing in healthy shoes.

Buying shoes that are too tight or too loose to fit can lead to severe issues down the road. A healthy shoe needs to have a wide toe box for a perfect fit. In addition to cute fitting shoes, you can also invest in a floor pad, principally known as anti-fatigue mats.

We realize that getting the best shoes for massage therapist can be unnerving. That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best shoes you can wear as you massage your client. 

Ready? Let’s begin

7 Best Shoes for Massage Therapists

1. Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap Slipper

Being a massage therapist is both exciting, but it can also get a bit uncomfortable especially if you don’t have comfortable shoes to relief your arching feet. That's why you should delight your feet with the comfort of Acorn Spa Wrap slipper. Since 1976, Acorn has been designing footwear for all kinds, styles, and all types of people. Their aim is always to make their friends comfortable. True to their word, Acorn Spa slipper provides uncompromising comfort. The sandals have a terry surface for a warm and soft touch.

Delve into a luxuriously soft experience with this versatile Spa slipper from Acorn. The contoured footbed layered with dynamic memory foam and the soft terry linings offers you comfort that you need. Fitted on this slipper is a hidden elastic heel band that is ingeniously engineered for a perfect fit. The brand keeps your foot in place, with relaxed toes.

Spa Wrap slipper is fitted with a weatherproof and skid-resistant outsole, making it a perfect indoor and outdoor footwear. The insole hugs your foot perfectly. The moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet cool and dry even during summer.

Being on your feet on hard surfaces like marble, concrete and tile floors can take a dreadful toll on your feet. And when your feet hurt, everything else hurt! This is the reason why Acorn Women's Spa Wrap slipper is designed to be supportive, luxurious, comfortable and soft. The best bit of it is that you can wear them with socks or not. Either way, they're still cozy. It fit people with wide feet and alleviate plantar fasciitis.

The slipper comes in various colors and sizes. It's an all-around shoe suitable for all feet sizes. The variety of colors gives you a chance to select your preferred shade for timeless style. It's machine washable and dry. They are true to the size.

However, these slippers are expensive. But the indubitable features make it worth the price.


  • Machine washable and dry
  • Supportive, soft, comfortable, warm, and luxurious
  • They fit perfectly with or without socks
  • True to the size
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • The moisture-wicking outsole for indoor and outdoor wear
  • Adjustable


  • Not suitable when working on a budget

2. Vionic Men's Maxwell Slipper

Vionic Men's Maxwell slipper is designed by Philip Vasyli, a renown podiatrist. It’s equipped with a dynamic footbed for stabilizing the heel and controlling overpronation. It returns the heel to its position. Several studies have proved that controlling overpronation prevents many painful conditions such as knee pain, lower back pain, and even plantar fasciitis. With excellent support in a men’s slipper style, Vionic Maxwell is quintessentially warm and ready to keep your feet comfy all season long.

With its fantastic support and sophisticated design, it can relieve your knee or heel pain almost instantaneously. Vionic is a company that aims at getting things right for their clients. This is mostly like why they designed Vionic Mens Maxwell Slipper using a supportive biomechanics footbed. Essentially, the foot is made up of 19 muscles, 33 joints, 26 bines and 107 ligaments, and several tendons. To keep all these parts in the right position, you need a shoe with complex biomechanics. And that's precisely what Vionic had in mind when designing this men's slipper. Designed with Orthaheel technology, Vionic Maxwell slipper offers addictive support, stylish look and necessary stability.

Another compelling feature is the pronounced arch to keep your foot in a natural position and stay put. To keep your foot further in its place, this elegant shoe features a deep heel cup. The combination of great features reduces tension and stress on your foot. It heals the ligament faster.

To make it niftier, Vionic used a rubber sole to absorbs all impacts. More so, it provides additional stability and support to your foot. The rubber sole also makes it durable.

The team behind the design of this slipper didn't slumber in its work. It's one of those shoes you wouldn't want to take off once you slid in.


  • Can be worn indoor and outdoor as well
  • It's about a slipper that gives you addictive support, and it takes your comfort to the next level
  • The rubber sole acts a shock absorber
  • Excellent arch support
  • It’s elegant
  • Apart from aligning your foot into a natural position, it also alleviates pain from Plantar Fasciitis


  • Apart from its superb features, Maxwell Slipper will make you dig a little bit deeper into your pockets.

3. Orhofeet Charlotte Women’s Slippers

Amuse your feet with this therapeutic shoe. Its design takes an innovative path by featuring a shock-absorbing outsole fitted firmly with ergonomic stride for stability. It naturally propels your foot to the next step. Its addictive support and incredible cushioning are as a result of the removable EVA insole. The sued upper makes it easy to clean and maintain. Get a customized fit with this slipper due to its hook and loop closure system.

Orthofeet Charlotte is designed using suede leather for durability and stability. Charlotte Women’s slipper is geared towards giving you excellent support and excellent cushioning. Thanks to its premium orthotic insole with anatomical arch support. The Gel padded heel conforms to the foot anatomy as you walk. It takes care of your every step by enhancing comfort and preventing pain at the foot, heel, knees, hips, and the lower back.

This slipper is lightweight thanks to the Ortho-Cushion system. You will not feel overburden as you work around the clock working on your clients. The air cushioning softens and adds spring to your step. Using a biomechanical cushion system, this shoe boost stability, facilitate foot motion and alleviate stress on the joints.

Moreover, they can separate on the side, making it extremely adjustable to adapt to your foot. This makes it perfect wear for women with both narrow and wide feet. The adjustment gives you a customized fit which most slipper cannot provide. Soothe your Plantar Fasciitis and keep your toes toasty. The Ergonomic stride is another amazing Orthofeet Charlotte feature that helps the foot to follow its natural posture.  Hence reducing stress on the foot.

The insole is padded with foam to prevent pressure on joints and also to improve the overall stability and comfort. It's no doubt that this is one of the best shoes for a massage therapist.


  • It provides excellent arch support
  • Leather upper to enhance durability
  • The rubber sole acts as a shock absorber
  • Extremely adjustable for a customized fit
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Removable insole for cleaning or replacement
  • The Ergonomic stride keep the foot on its natural gait


  • They're good-looking, but it would be better if they could be available in various colors
  • They're not the most expensive massage therapist shoes, but the price is relatively high.

4. Haflinger Unisex GZ Clog

Haflinger blends creativity, innovation, design, and function along with excellent materials to offer an uncompromising product line of indoor and outdoor footwear. Their shoes pay distinctive attention to the need of your foot. Their outstanding workmanship and quality is felt in many international markets. And true to their word, their creation of the Unisex GZ Clog has fetched them a sturdy reputation- from both men and women. They have given the shoe a unique touch and style making it one of the best shoes for massage therapists. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The clog is fortified with a skip light and non-slip rubber soles. It offers stability and prevents slippage on a wet floor. This turns the GZ clog into an indoor and outdoor capable slipper. Apart from being a great shoe for a massage therapist, Haflinger GZ Clog can be a great company whether you’re walking across the yard, strolling in a mall, park, or even visiting flower gardens. The wool material enhances comfort on any surface.

The steadfast and sturdy cork is the Haflinger's masterpieces. It's a unique style commonly found in Germany and a few other parts of the world. However, the GZ Clogs are mere slippers and not suitable for outdoor adventures like running and hiking. The shoes are designed for walking purposes.

On the upper, you will find fine pure wool, which according to a podiatrist, are ultimate materials for slippers. The upper is thick to protect your foot against injuries. Its breathability nature keeps your feet dry and fresh. It's equipped with a cork footbed to provide superior support. This makes it an optimal pair of slippers for people with slight aches. Its shape is appealing, and it fits most forms of feet. Different colors surrounding the ankle area make it more stylish.


  • The material on the upper is sturdy yet breathable to keep your feet cool and dry
  • It fits most shapes of feet
  • The rubber outsole is equipped with a non-slip feature
  • Reliable cork footbed for addictive support
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • GZ Clogs comes in multiple ankle print designs.


  • It's bulky when worn with socks
  • There are a few complaints on the lumpy sole

5. Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Mule

Spenco is a dedicated and innovative company known for producing high-quality Spenco footwear. The design, technology, and the shape of their footbed and insoles are the most scientifically developed, biochemically and medically researched platforms available across the globe. You can, therefore, be guaranteed that Spenco Women's Supreme Slide Mule will exceed your expectations concerning comfort, stability, and luxury. 

Do you want to work for long hours without hurting your heel and knee? Don't get worried. Spenco has a solution for you. Supreme Slide Mule promotes good health by featuring luxurious faux shearling collar that does not only provide you with hard-nosed comfort, but it also guarantees you stanch support to your feet.

More so, the upper of Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Mule features premium sued material for maximum durability. Premium suede is a proprietary material in all Spenco shoes and other great brands of orthotic slippers and shoes. It adds up to the relaxing and comfortable feeling, especially during cold season. It's the ideal shoe to keep your feet warm while massaging your client.

Another signature feature of Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Mule is the EVA footbed. It molds perfectly to hug your foot and fit like a glove. It’s easy to carry and walk with the entire day due to its lightweight nature. Additionally, the forefoot is expertly cushioned for a relaxing feel and also to keep you warm throughout the day. Supreme Slide Mule is the optimal choice for women who are suffering various kind of illness. Support your arch and alleviate Plantar Fasciitis with this slipper.

For ultimate comfort, Spenco Slide Mule features a zero-dropped heel which helps in reducing aches and pains. Furthermore, it’s designed with a non-slip outsole safer to be worn on smooth and wet surfaces. The antimicrobial prevents your feet from getting foot odor and allergies.


  • Its available in different colors for timeless style
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Great slipper for a massage therapist
  • Slip-on and comfortable to wear.
  • The EVA footbed holds your foot tightly
  • Ideal to alleviate Plantar Fasciitis
  • The warm feeling is contributed by the luxurious faux shearling collar.


  • Fur can be sometimes annoying
  • Some users complain about the living getting damaged easily when the slipper get continuously washed.

6. Dansko Men’s Wayne Slip-On

Give your feet a treat by immersing them into Dansko Men’s Wayne shoes. The loafer infuses support and comfort, thanks to the removable triple-density footbed and a dynamic slip-resistant outsole. Dansko Wayne loafer is the ideal shoe for work. The footwear is not only suitable for massage therapist but also to nurses, and everyone in general. They bring about a unique blend of quality, style, and comfort to provide you with a luxurious experience while at work. The shoe can also be worn casually. More so, it's created from full grain leather. The leather fabric does not only make the shoe look elegant but is also extremely durable.

The upper leather is smooth which make the shoe easy and quick to clean. Wayne slip-on is also fitted with a synthetic sole to give you excellent resistant on slippery floors. You should not worry about slippage since this shoe is very safe and stable.

Besides, Dansko Men’s Wayne Slip-on are very flexible, a dynamic feature that every massage therapist will be happy about since they work on their feet for long hours. It also features a removable footbed which you can easily replace with the insoles of your choice. In case you have any orthotic problems, the shoe alleviates pains and aches. The leather sock-liner keeps your feet dry and fresh. The midsole of Wayne loafer is exceptionally soft, and it also provides a great deal of cushioning.

Unlike other massage therapist shoes, Dansko Men’s Wayne Slip-on is on the heavier side. For more comfort at work, it’s recommendable to get shoes that are light. However, the combination of other essential features should not make you think twice about buying it.


  • The TPU arch support on the PU footbed provides heel support and comfort throughout the day
  • It accommodates most orthotics
  • The tuckboard with steel shank enhances support and stability
  • Elegant and classy
  • Perfect shoe for a massage therapist
  • It doesn’t take long to break in


  • They are a bit heavier
  • Some users say they are a bit large

7. Skechers for Work Men’s Slip-Resistant Shoe

Skechers is an award-winning international leader in the health lifestyle footwear industry. Their solid reputation comes from its diversified, affordable and high-quality product line that meets users' various needs. Skechers for Work Men's Slip Resistant Cottonwood Elks shoe is a perfect example of what the company is capable of. The removable comfort insole and the shock absorbing midsole keep your feet relaxed.

Essentially, the shoes are stylish, classy, and formal, but they can be worn casually. Skechers engineered the shoe to offer exceptional support. The smooth Nappa leather material used provides a nice glossy finish for timeless style. Moreover, the shoes have laces for adjustment to the right fit. It also makes the shoe to hug your foot seamlessly. The rubber is slip-resistant to provide stability on slippery floors, and it also increases its longevity. The boot also features a collar that wraps your foot well, giving you a great sensation. Apart from being beautiful, Skechers for Work Men's Slip Resistant Cottonwood Elks shoe has a soft lining on the inside to prevent you from getting blisters. It's comfortable to wear with socks.

Even though it’s made of leather, its flexibility is exceptional. This means people with wide feet can wear it. It takes less time to break in. However, the toe box is not very wide but its spacious enough for you to move your toes freely. Generally, the shoe looks great. You will fall in love with them at first sight. It's well designed and look elegant and remarkably classy.

The memory foam cushioned removable insole gives you a chance to replace the insole with your preferred brand. It makes it quick and easy to clean and maintain. Its outsole is chemically tested using ASTM standards exceeding a .5 coefficient even on oily and wet surfaces. Your safety is guaranteed. However, this shoe doesn’t look athletic or sporty, which is one of the aspects to consider when buying the best shoes for massage therapists. But it offers you optimal comfort and stability. And that is a significant reason why you should prioritize buying it.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • It looks modish
  • Its midsole is shock absorbing
  • The leather fabric is flexible, and it also enhances its durability
  • The slip-resistant rubber offers exceptional stability on oily and wet surfaces.
  • Lace up from for adjustment and snug fit
  • The padded collar wraps well on your foot
  • Provides arch support
  • Ideal for a massage therapist


  • The leather on the upper can wear out quickly

Being a massage therapist is fulfilling. You work extremely hard to ensure your clients are comfortable, relaxed and well-taken care of. However, don't forget to take care of yourself.  In this article, we have reviewed the best shoes for massage therapists. It’s now up to you to choose the one that suits your lifestyle needs. They are healthy shoes that are worth investing in. More so, do not forget to get the right fit as it will keep your foot relaxed, warm, and comfortable.

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