7 Best Soccer Cleats for Ankle Support

As with any other sport, playing soccer can be hard on your joints- especially if you’re playing on an artificial surface. If you have ever suffered an ankle sprain, twist or worse, then you will appreciate having footwear that supports your ankle. Sports connoisseurs estimate that 25% of sports injuries are ankle related.

For the players with persistent or recurring ankle problems, wearing cleats for ankle support will boost not only your confidence in the arena, but also your performance.

However, getting the best cleats for ankle support is daunting and taxing. Luckily, we have decided to save your time by reviewing a few of them. So, let’s begin;

7 Best Soccer Cleats for Ankle Support

1. Nike Mercurial Superfly V

Nike has taken the overall performance and design by releasing its fifth edition blockbuster. Nike Mercurial Superfly V features some serious upgrades.  The anatomical soleplate and a textured Flyknit upper are some of the tech specs used in designing this shoe.

Breaking in and Excellent Comfort

Nike Mercurial has a tight fit, but once you squeeze your foot in, it kowtows and snug right throughout. It creates a perfect fit from the ankle collar down to the entire foot. The Flyknit upper is a friendly and stretchy material that conforms to the shape of your foot. It makes Mercurial Superfly V one of the most comfortable boots released by Nike. 

A speedy Boot in Soccer

The Superfly V is designed with excellent materials that interlock naturally to produce an efficient package possible. The textured Flyknit upper material features horizontal style ribs that run across the entire upper, while the vibrant mid-cut collar gives the foot strong support. The blend of design and science makes Mercurial Superfly V the fastest boot in soccer.

Textured Flyknit Upper

The 3D Textured Flyknit upper make the shoe look stylish. The raised surfaces provide great friction between the ball and the upper. Concerning general touch, Superfly V is an exceptionally designed soccer cleat for ankle support. The Flyknit is a superior fabric as it's thin to provide a natural feel and thick enough to protect your foot as you play.

Dynamic Mid-Cut Collar

One thing you’ll love about this shoe is the collar, which remains unchanged. It’s stretchy enough to give a snug fit. The shoe conforms to the shape of your foot. However, pulling off is the hardest part. But the tight fitting prevents slippage.


Superfly V is engineered to fit both players with narrow and wide feet. Thanks to the Flyknit upper which stretches enough to accommodate wide feet. It also snugs back for a slim fit. It makes it the best accommodating soccer shoe Nike has released. Regarding length, the shoes are true to size.

Generally, the shoe has it all. Support, comfort, stability, ankle support, stylish, performance, and brand value.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Lightweight
  • It Provides comfort and stability.


  • The collar might loosen up with time

2. Nikes Hypervenom Phantom II Soccer Cleats

Before we get down to some startling specs, Nike Phantom II looks absolutely amazing. The blend of multiple colors with a zigzag pattern near the soleplate gives it an astounding look. The Dynamic Fit collar is a welcome feature for the boots. The design of the grooves on the upper Nikeskin show that the boot is designed to help players strike with agility.

The Feel and Fit

Nike Phantom II certainly has a distinctive look, which makes it comfortable and modish. The design creates the unbroken feel that prevents the discomfort of the boot rubbing against the backs and sides of your ankle. Thanks to it dynamic fit collar that sits seamlessly over the ankle like a glove. However, the cleat requires a little breaking in. The Flywire upper enhances a snug fit by looking down your feet. It, therefore, prevent slippage, which is essential when making a sharp or a sudden turn.

Essentially, Phantom II is suitable for wide feet, with plenty of space provided. At the forefoot, you'll get sufficient breathing space for a wide range of movement. The mid-cut collar also has a wider cut, enough to accommodate users that require an extra wiggle room.  It's not the kind of a boot that will suit players with the widest feet, but it offers the most suitable fit in the entire Nike collection. And just to mention, if you have narrow feet, Phantom II is not your optimal choice!

Mid-Cut Collar

At this juncture, Nike has blend design and technology to offer a sense of enhanced support, comfort, and fit around the ankle. The mid-cut collar holds the feet perfectly for a snug fit and to prevent slipping off.

Flywire Upper Design

Nike added Flywire through the upper with the aim of securing the foot. The technology concept behind this design is simple: to provide a locked-down feel. Its positioning is standard. The soleplate running around the lacing system makes the boot tighten up around your foot while tying the laces.  The mesh design provides a spring-like feel that offers extra cushion as you control and strike the ball. The plenty of materials used in this shoes ensures a confident and comfortable touch.


Everything about Phantom II is engineered for attack natured players, who can make quick and sharp turns. As a result, Phantom II's soleplate is comprised of a soft compound for added comfort. The agility traction pattern and split-toe design unleash a superior change of direction. It also features 10 conical studs (4 on the heel and 6 towards the front).


  • Great traction
  • Snug fit
  • Stylish
  • Suitable for wide feet


  • A bit loose for people with narrow feet.

3. Adidas Kids Predator 18+ FG Core

When you become a predator, you gain the full control of the prey. With Adidas Kids Predator 18+ FG Core cleats, you get the power and confidence to rule in the field. Before the world knew of Paul Pogba, he was already ruling in his neighborhood playgrounds and fields in a magical pair of Adidas Predators. Adidas adapted a conventional design to create a versatile shoe for a modern game. The grippy textured upper makes you keep the ball under your spell and rule the pitch.

On Feet

The shoe looks far much better on feet than it does off. It will feel snug at first, a little bit tight. It's normal. Being a laceless cleat, people tend to assume the shoe is going to be loose. Wrong assumption! Once you put it on, the foot will push against the cleat to feel less condensed. It just takes a couple of training sessions, and you'll have a perfect fit.

Sizing and Fit

As mentioned earlier, the boot will feel snug at first- which is perfectly reasonable. With time, it kowtows to the shape of your foot great fit. It's true to its size, and they become comfortable as you play on. For wide feet, it's recommendable to go for a half size up than the regular fit. As other boots are built for racing the opposition, the Predator 18+ is designed for control. Although it's designed without a tongue, Predator 18+ still contains a lacing system that keeps your foot locked down and customized fit.


The incorporation of an injection-molded Controlframe used in building the soleplate offers excellent stability during fast play. It guarantees safety on your ankle as you make sudden and sharp turns. The stud alignment features dynamic Hybrid stud tips for ultimate grip and rotation. Besides, the primeknit sock which stretches to the ankle offers excellent foot support while enhancing the boot's comfort. Moreover, it expedites seamless foot entry while slipping on the pair.


The upper features Control Skin technology. The ridged extending across the upper absorbs the ball impact, allowing you to stop the ball with ease. Giving a thicker and a natural feel than a conventional Primeknit upper, it enhances ultimate boot control and has a comfortable and soft feel. Apart from adding comfort, the Primeknit also provides excellent foot support.


  • Durability is not a concern for predator 18+
  • It’s suitable for both novices and football legends
  • It has a comfortable fit
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight


  • Not an ultimate choice when working on a budget

4. Nike Men’s Magista Obra II FG

The launch of Nike Obra is believed to be one of the most hyped events in boot history. But Nike knew there’s always a room for innovation and creativity. With Nike Obra II being a better version than the first generation, the company solidified its reputation in making sturdy shoes. It always gets better!

Striking Performance

If we can start with a conclusion, Magista Obra II is the next best thing after sliced bread. You get a seamless level of touch and feel on the ball. Thanks to its upper fabric that allows you to strike the ball with uncontainable speed. With the material wrapping correctly on your foot, it gives you full control over the ball.

Advanced Mid-Cut Collar

Nike has fully incorporated an anatomically Dynamic Fit Collar, built to accommodate the shape of the ankle bone. Moreover, the titivated collar dips lower on the tendon to provide comfort and support. Another modification is on the tongue-less design. Nike added a light padding beneath the laces for coverage since this is an area of high contact.


Soccer is a sport that requires a great combination of skills and apposite equipment. Remember you're as good as your cleats. You need shoes that support your agility and speed. Obra II offers you all that you want. The inside dos padded with a soft material that conforms perfectly across your forefoot. As you begin your training sessions, the entire structure will contours-  naturally. The sock and the tongue are designed using Flyknit making them flexible, soft, and comfortable.

Besides, the outsole is designed with half-circular studs that provide exceptional traction. It is one of the wider boots Nike has created. The internal heel cups and an outstanding insole locks you down into the boot.


  • Ideal for players with wide feet
  • Mid-cut collar fits effectively
  • Comfortable, supportive, and stable
  • Perfect fit
  • Suitable for ankle support


  • Some users complained about its breathability.

5. ANLUKE Men’s Hightop Athletic Soccer Cleats

Soccer, whether indoor or outdoor, is a turf game. Players need shoes with good traction, superior ankle support construction and excellent comfort. Anluke Men's Hightop soccer cleats have been designed to solve all these issues. They come in three colors: red, green and blue. The features a leather construction for durability and they happen to be affordable. It’s a rare combination of quality and affordability. They're engineered for soft ground use.

Construction and material

Anluke Men's Athletic cleats come in a choice of three distinctive colors. This gives limited options for colors. Luckily, the tech specs used to design the cleats outweighs its limited prints. They are fitted with a fabric ankle support for extra protection and control. The ankle support also prevents bits of soil and other particles getting into your shoes.

Fit and Sizing

The leather used in designing the shoe mold perfectly around your foot for an excellent fit. The waterproofing specs will keep your foot cool and dry. Its durability is unquestionable, thanks to the leather fabric. However, these cleats are a bit heavier compared to a regular synthetic boot. Anluke Athletic cleats are true to their size. However, it’s not a suitable choice for people with wide feet.


The top fabric enables you to keep the ball under your spell and rule in the field. The supple lightweight upper is equipped with a cushioned and padded collar for superior support.


The studs on the soleplate are transparent, which give them an impressive look. More so, they are arranged steadily to provide great traction on hard surfaces. It's is an ideal shoe for turf and wet grounds.


  • They give the player a tight grip and great control
  • Affordable
  • Superior traction
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Durable
  • Lightweight upper for added support
  • Stylish
  • True to size


  • Quality may not be superior compared to other boots
  • Heavy leather

6. Adidas Original Men’s Ace Tango 17.3 Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Ace Tango cleats are some of the most excellent cleats in the market concerning comfort, stability, and performance. This is attested by the awe-inspiring positive reviews from online buyers. Adidas is a giant footwear brand that has been hailed for their superior quality shoes for all kind of sports. And with Adidas Original Men’s Ace Tango 17.3 Soccer Cleats, they have yet again solidified their reputation.

The shoe combines excellent protection and traction with significant levels of comfort and style. You will not only run in circles around your opponent with uncontainable speed, but you will also look great in this pair. A comfortable fit is guaranteed with this cleat as the material on upper conforms to the shape of the player. The outsole is designed with Total Control features which are meant to boost ground grip and acceleration. 

Fit and Sizing

In reality, soccer cleats don’t make players, but they help. You’re as good as your cleat!

Every soccer shoe on the market fits differently. Ensure you get a right fit. In that case, Adidas Ace Tango is designed for men. Its size range from 6.5 to 13.5. The soft Control feels upper provides a snug fit. It's also adjustable through its dynamic lacing system.


Adidas Original Men's Ace Tango 17.3 Soccer Cleats features an upper built with synthetic material. The mid stop collar is made of elastic and smooth textile and sock-like sensation for sturdy ankle support.

the midsole is designed using the synthetic material that has a leather feel. This helps in enhancing comfortability. Flowing through the toe area is a unique textured pattern created to improve ball touch. In short, wearing this cleat gives you the confidence to attack your contenders and control the ball. The classic stripes running through both sides complete the distinctive turf package.


The high tech used on the outsole makes Ace Tango 17.3 withstand artificial turf, mainly known as short-bladed synthetic. Primarily, the outsole is typically labeled as Total Control. This is because it features several circular knobs designed for acceleration and stability on the arena. It has a sole rubber which serves as an anti-slip element as well as proving excellent traction.

On top of these features, Ace Turf Tango is inexpensive. It gives you the best value for your money. However, due to its small and narrow fit, the cleat is, therefore, unsuitable for players with wide feet.


  • Great traction
  • Excellent ankle support
  • It’s affordable
  • Stylish, smart-looking, and trendy
  • Grippy
  •  Its comfortability is unquestionable


  • The absence of a solid heel padding might cause a painful sensation on the heel.
  • The toe area can rip off after a few training sessions.

7. Adidas Men’s Ace Tango 18.3 in

We cannot fold our list of the best soccer cleats for ankle support without mentioning Adidas Men’s Ace Tango 18.3 in. Hailing from the Predator line, this shoe is a no-brainer for well natured indoor soccer players. With its high-quality finish and budget-friendly rate, this boot is commendable for its exceptional fit and comfort.

From the upper to the rubber sole, the combination of amazing features of the Adidas Tango 18.3 provides adaptive support to the foot. It conforms naturally to the anatomy of the foot. The mesh quality on the upper is coated with dynamic Control embroidery texture that offers footballers with a barefoot sensation. The mesh upper also allows the player to control the ball at high speed. The sock-like collar gives a snug fit and exceptional ankle support.


The upper is designed with contrasting features to make the shoe unique. It enhances responsive sensation, especially when handling the ball. Additionally, the central toe area is densely covered with soft mesh material for comfort while the remaining part is layered with super Control embossing surface for an intense sensation. The stretch collar runs to the forefoot area which allows foot-hugging.

The lace-up enclosure has been perfectly fitted at the top of the sock-like extension to give a customized fit. This offers stability to the player when making sharp and sudden turns without hurting the ankle. On the lateral side is the classic Adidas stripes raced with a zigzag embroidery in the stretch color reminiscence the Predator signature. 

Fit and Sizing

The combination of stretchy sock-like collar and lace-up enclosure provides a flexible lock-in feel that kowtows to one’s desired fit. The Adidas Men’s Ace Tango 18.3 in can be procured in standard size but in men’s version only.

The Outsole

The conventional Adidas outsole construction features several tiled cleats. The hexagon-shaped studs arranged on the soleplate are built for rational maneuverability. The non-marking rubber sole leaves no mark on the surface, and it's great for traction and stability.


  • The look of the boot is modish
  • The shoe is excellent with sudden changes of direction
  • It conforms to the foot shape
  • It offers remarkable fit
  • Flexible
  • durable


  • It is not suitable for wide-footed players
  • It lacks the rubber texture

Getting the best soccer cleats for ankle support is not a walk in the park.  Players who get ankle injuries get demotivated, and some end up giving up on their soccer career. The best remedy for ankle injuries is getting yourself a quality cleat that will provide you with noteworthy ankle support. The above cleats happen to be the best choices in the market. Grab a pair or even more and take the chance to rule on the field.

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