Best Winter Boots for Men

 Working outdoors during winter seasons can be very hard due to extremely low temperature that causes your toes to freeze and become numb. Therefore, you need to invest in work boots that will keep your feet warm, cushioned and protect you by all means. They should be insulated to help you retain the warmth, waterproofed and tough to protect and support you throughout this extreme climatic condition.

Here is what you should consider when buying a winter boots for men

Waterproof - winter work boots should be waterproofed to prevent penetration of water or the moisture in the atmosphere. This ensures that your feet remain warm and free from wetness. Waterproofed boots are normally made of oiled leather, proprietary membranes or Tex lining.

Insulation - Thinsulate lining is placed on the inside of winter work boots to ensure that they retain heat in order to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Safety toes - they protect your toes in case something heavy falls on your feet accidentally. Depending on your preference choose winter work boots that have steel, composite or plastic safety toes.

Traction - most places are covered with snow during winter seasons thus you need work boots that will grip the surface to help you stay steady as you walk. Soles that have aggressive or semi-aggressive tread patterns lock into the particles on the ground providing maximum traction.

Durability - winter work boots should be tough hence durable to withstand the harsh conditions. They should be made of a strong material that is long lasting to prevent the boots from falling apart and also be able to serve you for long.

best mens winter boots in 2018

1. Wolverine Men's Durbin Waterproof Steel

The Wolverine men’s waterproof boot ensures that your feet remain warm even in very extreme cold conditions because they don’t allow moisture to penetrate. Besides that, they have a nylon shank that reduces transfer of heat to your feet which is a better choice compared to steel. The cushioned foot bed absorbs the shock and impact created and distributes the pressure equally around your sole thus preventing straining the heel and ankles.

They come in a brown color which makes them stand out in terms of style and design. These boots are also long lasting due to the high quality leather used to craft the upper part and rubber sole that endures the harsh conditions. The nylon shank provides maximum support to your feet and enhances the arch preventing straining the sole.

The ultra-insulation helps to lock in the warmth hence keeping your feet warm and free from the extremely low temperatures during winter seasons. They are affordable and very durable hence worth investing in.


  • Made from leather and rubber sole
  • Provided with nylon shank
  • 400 grams Thinsulate ultra insulation
  • Cushioned foot bed that provide comfort
  • Waterproof to prevent entry of moisture

2. Chippewa Men's 29416 8" Waterproof Insulated Work Boot

The Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Work boot is made using Chip-A-Tex liner that is waterproof thus this pair of boots does not allow water to pass through. Another lining crafted from Ruby Dri-Lex is responsible for keeping your feet warm and protected from the extreme low temperatures.

Apart from that, this pair of boots is not heavy. This adds to its comfort making it ideal for long hours of working. Being lightweight also prevents pains which may develop over a long period of working in this boots unlike other heavy boots.

The 4 iron rubber midsole are best suited for winter areas because snow is usually slippery. It supports your feet and provides stability as you walk to prevent you from sliding or slipping accidentally. The triple ribbed steel shank provides maximum support to your heel and ankle as you walk thus preventing building in of pressure that can result to strains and bone injuries.


  • Matching lace-up shaft
  • Soft safety toe
  • Waterproof leather
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Does not lose color/brightness
  • 4 iron rubber midsole
  • Triple ribbed steel shank


Danner boots are of high quality and crafted to perfection to offer you protection, keep your feet warm and enable you to stay comfortable as you work throughout the day. The upper parts are skillfully stitched together using triple-stitches that do no not war out easily. A breathable membrane is placed on the inside to enhance comfort and prevent penetration of water whatsoever.

The sole is shock resistant, non-conductive and immune to temperature thus locks out cold keeping your feet sate at all times. It is also oil and slip resistant hence gives you maximum traction. The composite safety toe provides safety of your toes at all given times mostly around logging jobs.

Other outstanding details like the ankle collar and fiberglass shank supports your arch keeping you away from bone injuries and strains. These boots are very flexible allowing natural movement of your feet as you work all day in this harsh weather conditions. They also durable and they serve you for long without being forced to repair or replace them.


  • Gore-Tex proofing
  • Composite safety toe
  • Fiberglass shank
  • VI Bram sole
  • Water/Oil/Slip resistant
  • Oil Nubuck leather

4. KEEN Utility Men's Sheridan Insulated Comp Toe Work Boot

The Keen Utility Men’s Sheridan Insulated Comp Toe Work Boot are also a good choice for anyone looking for insulated and boots because they have inner linings that are made from a waterproof fabric hence capable of keeping your feet dry and warm trough out the day. They have a unique lacing system that is something to admire and adds a sense of design to these boots.

You can easily regulate the temperature inside the boots using the thermal heat removable footbed. On top of that, their durability is quit long than normal boots because of the quality welt construction and the shank that provides your feet with stability as you work. They are also oil and slip resistant due to the rubber sole that ensures you stay safe by preventing you from slipping accidentally.


  • Stability TPU shank
  • Waterproof nubuck leather
  • Asymmetrical composite safety toe
  • Oil and slip resistant rubber sole
  • Thermal heat footbed (removable)
  • Locking metal hocks and lacing eyelets
  • 600g Keen Warm insulation


One feature that makes these work boots to stand out anti-fatigue technology that absorbs all the shock and helps to distribute pressure exerted as you walk around the sole of your feet equally. The outer sole has deep lugs for maximum traction and also oil and slip resistant to prevent you from slipping.

The rubber toe protector is abrasion resistance thus increases the boot’s durability.  External heel cups are very rigid hence they provide flexibility and maximum stability to ensure that your feet are firm on the ground because during winter most places are covered with snow or extremely muddy. The fiberglass shank also provides support to make sure that you feel comfortable as you work.


  • Composite safety toe
  • Welt/Cement heel construction
  • External heel cap for lateral stability and flexibility
  • Fiberglass shank for maximum structural support
  • Plastic urethane outsole
  • Waterproof leather
 Rubber toe protector


The Timberland Pro Men's Direct Attach 8" Waterproof Work Boot is another top contender for the best insulated and waterproof winter boots. They are available in either steel or soft toe to keep your toes safe and also adding to their comfort. The upper part is crafted from high quality leather that I waterproof hence prevents entry of water keeping your feet warm and dry which is then directly attached to the sole. Many users also indicated this is a versatile boot ideal for all terrains and weather conditions.

Its sole is oil and slip resistant and also prevents you from electric hazards. The treads of are also aggressive hence holds on to the ground preventing you from slipping. The inside of these boots is lined with a contoured sock that prevents your feet from rubbing against the harsh leather and also absorbs sweat to prevent bad odor.

The mesh lining features Agion antimicrobial treatment to control odor even when worn for long hours. We also love the nylon shock diffusion plate for added support and comfort.


  • Steel/Soft safety toe
  • Nylon shock diffusion plate
  • Contoured sock liner
  • Seam-sealed waterproof leather upper part.


These steel toe boots are elongated increasing the covered parts of your feet to ensure that you remain warm during the winter season unlike most other work boots. They are also resistant to sludge, oil and chemicals guaranteeing the safety of your feet regardless of the industrial work you do. This makes them a smart option for oil and gas industries workers. The ankle shaft facilitates easy movement of your feet and also adds to your feet’s protection.

The ortholite insole makes them comfortable and absorbs the unnecessary shock while the TPU heel gains traction very easily thus prevent you from slipping and supporting your feet. To wrap it all up, the steel shank raises the arch which in return ensures that your feet is properly supported and keeps you free from bone injuries, pains, aches and strains.


  • Steel toe design
  • Water/Chemical proof
  • OrthoLite insole
  • Steel shank
  • Waterproof yet breathable membrane
  • Safe from electrical hazards
  • abrasion-resistant and tear resistant Cordura


These Timberland boots keep your feet dry preventing them from getting blistered, infected and cold at all times. The fiberglass shank ensures that your feet have maximum support as you work while the steel flex that is puncture resistant protects you from sharp object that may penetrate and hurt your sole like thorns and nails. Polyurethane midsole of these boots reduce shock by ensuring that pressure exerted is equally distributed on the feet.

The insole is removable giving you the freedom to change to your preferred insoles. Its steel toed and has impressive versatility.

Last but not least, they contain a mesh lining that is antimicrobial hence controls the odor and you don’t have to worry about your feet having a bad smell after a long day at work.


  • Fiberglass shank
  • Steel flex that is puncture resistant
  • Full-grain leather
  • Mesh lining
  • Steel safety toe
  • Polyurethane midsole


They look like the Timberland Boondock but they come in brown oil-tanned leather which is both water resistant and more flexible than normal leather. Free movement of your feet is facilitated by these boots and they also absorb all physical shock created as you walk due to the presence of 5 layers of cushions. Adding to the comfort is the padded tongue and collars for a better comfort and fit. The breathable yet waterproof membrane keeps the shoe breathable but ensures its waterproof.

These boots simply soften your walk as you work in areas with stones, gravel or snow. The sole is oil and slip resistant and keeps you safe from electric hazards. Apart from that, these work boots are very comfortable and they keep your feet warm and dry due to the 400g thinsulate insulation.


  • Brown oil-tanned leather
  • Composite safety toe
  • Ruggedflex technology
  • Eva heel cups
  • TPU shank
  • 400g thinsulate insulation
  • Comfortable


If you are looking for a pair of winter work boots to invest in, we would recommend any of the above pairs because they have all the required qualities to withstand the harsh conditions and are of reasonable prices and long lasting.

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