Brooks Beast 14 Review - Cushion, Stability and Motion

Brook Beast 14 is a monster that unleashes the fury of a beast. As a sturdy shoe engineered to provide support and comfort, it enables you to attack your runs with uncontainable speed. The tough look befits its names, and it’s an optimal choice for runners with moderate to severe overpronation. They come with unparalleled support and excellent cushioning.

Brooks Beast’s Construction and Material

Heel-to-toe drop

Inherently, runners who want to experience minimalist running prefer low heel-to-toe drop. However, the Brooks Beast measures about 12mm, which is a bit high for both men and women versions.

Forefoot and Heel Heights

The forefoot and heel heights of this model are described to be higher than other Brooks models. These features protect the forefoot and heel from particles or debris on the ground.


The outsole is designed with great features to enhance quality and stability.  The HRP (High Performance), durable Green rubber in the forefoot, provides superior traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Flextra rubber is another fantastic feature that offers the required flexibility according to the running movement and the weight of the runner. 


The Brooks upper is made from extremely lightweight, durable and breathable material. It’s designed with ultimate sockliner and moisture-management mesh that helps to keep the runner's feet dry and fresh. The internal support saddle provides comfort and a secure fit.


The Brooks midsole showcases various technological advancements used to design this versatile beast model shoe. BioMoGo is an environment-friendly material explicitly used in Brooks Beast 14. It offers striking cushioning. The full-length DNA cushioning gel used to design this shoe offers optimal stability and customized cushioning.

Brooks Beast 14 Performance


When it comes to running, stability is of paramount importance. The Beast 14 is one of the most supportive and sturdy shoes by the Brooks. The Beast is known to deliver ultimate stability, suitable for severe overpronation. They’re designed to prevent knee pain and plantar fasciitis. Different stability features depicted in the design of the shoe helps stop shin splints developing. The amount of tech loaded in designing the midsole adapts to runner’s stride.

Quality and Durability

Brooks is known to excel in making quality brands, and Brooks Beast 14 is no exception. Its quality is outstanding. The outsole, midsole, and the upper are all built with durable and quality materials. The construction provides excellent durability that makes Brooks Beast 14 one of the sturdiest shoes by Brooks. You can certainly rely on this versatile shoes for your long distance runs without fearing that the shoe might break down during the race. Laces that comes with the shoes are relatively thick and hold together tightly. The shoe has the ability to outlast several other running shoes in the same category.


Comfort is an essential element when choosing running shoes. The Beast 14 is one of the most comfortable running shoes you'll find in the market. The plush insole is designed to cradle runner's feet. The breathability fabric in the upper is meant to keep runner's feet cool and dry. It enhances comfortability during hot days. Another feature you will fall for is the flexible laces. They(laces) are less irritating and hold together well. The cushioning system used in designing this shoe provides comfort that allows you to stand all day, even on hard or rugged surfaces. Brooks Beast 14 are supportive and comfortable enough to keep feet pain at bay. 

Arch Support and Pronation Control

The shoe is made for both moderate and severe overpronation. If you have chronic knee pain or plantar fasciitis, then Brooks Beast 14 is your ultimate choice. The shoe is excellent for people who have flat feet. Use the shoe with inserts for high arch support.


Brooks Beast 14 is an upgrade of Beast 12. This 14 version runs a little narrower compared to 12. It’s redesigned to wrap runner's foot better, making it fit like a glove. The available size and widths are excellent for tall, heavy runners and flat feet. If you want a perfect fit, get a ½ to 1 full size bigger than your regular wear.


As mentioned earlier, Brooks Beast 14 has an effective moisture-management system on the upper to keep your feet dry and cool in any weather conditions. Further, the shoes feature an optimal Sockliner to provide ultimate cushioning, and also to help in eliminating the moisture built up inside this great running shoes. The combination of these features makes you enjoy training or running for long hours without worrying about odor.


The Brooks’ full-length DNA cushioning gel, Segmented Crash Pad and the BioMoGo full-length midsole provides the Beast with a considerable amount of cushioning. Besides, the outsole is designed with Flextra rubber and durable HPR Green rubber to enhance durability, gives good traction and boost cushioning to the shoes. This cushioning prevents pain on the feet- after a long walk, run, or any other exercises.


Beast 14 weighs 13.8 ounces for men and 12.2 ounces for women. With this weight, the shoe tends to be a bit lighter than other Brooks models. However, compared to other running shoes in the market, the shoe is considered a heavyweight. The weights hinder the shoes to be used for speed works. The moisture management system and other great features are some of the benefits afforded to runners. Therefore, 13.8/12.2 ounces is a minute sacrifice for all incontestable benefits provided.

Who is Brooks Beast 14 best suited for?

The construction of Brooks Beast 14 is engineered for regular running and training. The shoes are suitable for lifting sessions at the gym. However, due to their heavyweight, Beast 14 cannot be used for speed works.


  • Sizing and fit are ideal for flat feet and heavy runners
  • Provides maximum support and stability to severe overpronation and flat arches people
  • Have great cushioning than other models
  • Stylish, durable and optimal breathability feature


  • Heavyweight
  • The price is slightly high


Brooks Beast 14 provides unparalleled support, remarkable stability and ultimate cushioning. Most runners will agree that the shoe lives up to its name. over-pronators and those with flat feet will appreciate the solid feel and ruggedness of the Beast 14. It’s perfectly suitable for both on-road and off-road trips. The mesh in the shoe will keep your feet cold and dry during the race.

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