Best Diabetic Slippers for Swollen Feet for Men and Women

Swelling of feet is often experienced by people who suffer from diabetes, liver conditions, heart problems as well as those that are pregnant. This usually happens when there is a buildup of fluids due to compression or too much pressure.

The good news is that the condition can be remedied by wearing the right footwear such as the diabetic slippers. Diabetic slippers are specially designed wide enough to comfortably accommodate your swollen feet and heavily cushioned to ensure minimal pressure is exerted on the veins, thus preventing the accumulation of fluids.

The not-so-good news is that there are dozens of great diabetic slippers on the market to choose from, which makes finding the right one for you quite overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a list of the top 20 diabetic slippers of superior quality and guarantee to keep your swollen feet as comfortable as possible:

Best Diabetic Slippers for Swollen Feet

1. MEJORMEN Women's House Diabetic Slippers

MEJORMEN Women’s Diabetic slippers tops our list for its high-quality breathable material and superior design to ensure your swollen feet are always comfy.

These slippers also stand out from the rest as they come with adjustable straps both at the top and back part. This allows you to adjust the slippers according to the size of your swollen feet for utmost comfort. With the adjustable straps, you can also open the slipper entirely for easy putting on and off.

These sippers feature an upper made using an elastic ultra-soft material, which helps to ensure minimal pressure on your skin and proper blood flow. The insole is padded using high-density foam for maximum cushioning and shock-absorption, giving you a comfortable walking experience.

You may also love that these slippers have sturdy rubber outsoles that provide maximum grip and traction, which prevents you from sliding even when walking on slippery surfaces. 


  • Adjusted easily to help comfort swollen feet
  • The sole provides maximum grip so you don’t fall when walking on slippery floors
  • Generous heel-to-toe padding provides comfortable cushioning
  • Ultra-light weight design for flexible walking experience
  • Machine-washable makes them easy to keep clean


2. Secret Slippers Men's Extra Wide Width Diabetic Recovery Slippers

Coming second on our list is another outstanding pair of diabetic slippers that feature a deep and spacious design to provide ample room for your swollen feet.

These slippers also come with plenty of amazing features like a soft-upper fabric and foam padding, which helps to eliminate pressure points and provide unmatched comfort for your sensitive swollen feet.

The slipper’s anatomy includes an extra-deep design with superior arch support, padded heel, and wide toe-box to keep your feet well-supported and comfortable while wearing them. The orthotic insoles help alleviate any pain you may be experiencing in your swollen feet, ensuring you recover a lot faster.

It also has hook and loop straps on the upper and at the heel, allowing you to adjust the width to fit the size of your feet.


  • High-quality material and features for enhanced durability
  • Wide toe box and great arch support
  • Memory foam insoles provide incredible cushioning
  • Helps alleviate feet pain
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Exceptionally lightweight and breathable
  • Available in ten different sizes


  • While the slipper may not be beautiful, it offers exceptional comfort and pain relief for your swollen feet

3. Foamtreads Men's Doctor

If you’re looking for a simple, compact, and lightweight pair of slippers for your swollen feet, then you can’t go wrong with these Foamtreads Men’s Doctor Slippers.

This pair of diabetic slippers feature an easily accessible hook-and-loop closure, which allows you to adjust the width to accommodate the large size of your foot the best way possible. The slipper is also super-lightweight, meaning it won’t weigh you down while wearing them for long.

They are well-made using premium textile and wool materials that offer exceptional breathability and flexibility, which helps to ensure your feet stay cool and fresh even in the hottest days. They also boast antimicrobial Nylex footbeds, eliminating any moisture and odors to keep your feet in the most pleasant and comfortable condition.


  • Super soft wool lining keeps your feet comfortable all-day
  • Designed easy to put on and remove
  • Allows easy adjustment to fit different feet sizes
  • Offers extra depth and widths keeps your feet well-supported
  • Synthetic outsoles deliver exceptional flexibility and high traction
  • Breathable materials help to keep your feet cool and prevent odors


  • Not ideal for narrow feet

4. Git-up Women Diabetic Slippers

The Git-up Women’s Diabetic Slippers are inarguably one of the best budget options that guarantee to keep your swollen feet pain-free and incredibly comfy all-day.

While these slippers come at a reasonable price tag, they feature premium knitting plush materials with exceptional moisture-wicking abilities so your feet can remain dry and comfy when wearing them. The slippers feature Velcro closures that you can easily adjust to best fit the level of swelling in your feet.

Besides the extra-wide design, these slippers boast an open-toe box design for enhanced breathability, which helps to keep your feet cool and comfy during the hottest days. The slippers also come with TPR rubber outsoles that provide excellent traction on different floors, so you won’t skid or slip even when walking on slippery surfaces.


  • Available at an affordable price tag
  • Moisture-wicking knitting plush keeps feet dry and comfy
  • Wide and breathable design
  • Memory foam insoles provide excellent cushioning
  • The soft interior provides exceptional comfort
  • Rubber outsoles prevent skidding and slipping on slippery floors


  • Not ideal for narrow feet

5. Silvert's Extra Wide Width Men's Slippers

These Men's Extra Extra Wide Slippers from Silvert is another terrific option for elderly men with extremely swollen feet.

These extra-wide slippers are well-made using a woven fabric that’s remarkably gentle and comfortable, which is important for sensitive and swollen feet. The hook-and-loop closures are adjustable and open up nicely for enhanced ventilation. This also makes it hassle-free to put on or get off the slippers, whenever you want.

Swollen feet often overheat and sweat a lot, creating an ideal environment for microbes and odor. This won’t be an issue when you’re wearing these slippers as the footbeds have antibacterial prevention properties. The memory foam insoles provide ample cushioning and shock absorption so you can walk comfortably.


  • A great choice for elderly with swollen feet
  • Spacious toe-box for better toe movement
  • Great arch support
  • Soft and supportive uppers
  • Hook and loop closures allow easy on and off
  • Helps to prevent foot odors and bacterial accumulation


  • Limited color options

6. FAHOTE Men's Diabetic Slippers

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of diabetic slippers that’s well-made to keep your swollen feet warm and comfy while also taking care of pressure points, then you should consider these FAHOTE Men's Diabetic Slippers.

These slippers feature an extra-depth design with soft, non-bidding uppers to provide enhanced protection and superior comfort for your sensitive and swollen feet. The slippers have a roomy toe-box, which helps prevent bunions and hammer toes and better toe movement.

Another thing that makes these slippers perfect for swollen feet is that you can adjust them both from the back and upper Velcro closures for better accommodation. The back closure provides you with adequate heel support and stability and doesn’t collapse easily. The high-density foam insole provides adequate cushioning to your feet.


  • Rubber outsole helps deliver excellent traction
  • The hook and loop strap closures allow for easy entry
  • Sturdy and comfortable heel support
  • The fleece lining provides superior comfort and warmth to swollen feet
  • Machine washable makes cleaning easy


  • Runs small, so go one size up

7. LongBay Men's Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

The LongBay Men's Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers are an excellent option for different levels of feet swelling, providing superior in around-the-house comfort.

The slippers boast an extra depth and wide toe box design, which helps to eliminate pressure on hammer toes, bunions, edema, and sensitive skin as well as alleviate pain. On the inside, these slippers feature seam-free lining that hugs your feet nicely without being too tight.

The insoles are thickly padded with high-density 70D memory foam for enhanced shock absorption and superior cushioning. This not only ensures you can walk comfortably but also offers the much-needed support to alleviate foot pain from plantar fasciitis.


  • A unique fastening design that makes wearing and removing super-easy for you
  • Thickly padded memory foam insoles offer exceptional comfort
  • Help alleviate common foot problems
  • Non-slip outsoles offer excellent grip
  • Available in a range of sizes


  • The slippers may run small, choose one size up

8. EuropeanSoftest Men's 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slipper

If you want a stylish pair of slippers with Velcro closure that will not only keep your feet comfortable but also relieve foot stress, then you may want to check out these EuropeanSoftest Men's 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers.

These slippers stand out from the rest due to the 80-D memory foam that nicely conforms to the shape of your feet to give you maximum support and unmatched comfort. The memory foam retains its shape even after wearing these slippers throughout the day.

The slippers feature an adjustable Velcro closure, which makes wearing them pretty easy for you and helps to comfortably accommodate your swollen feet. The roomy toe box design makes these slippers the perfect solution for swollen feet as it allows better toe movement and reduces pressure on your toes.

The upper is made of soft Terry cloth and coral fleece lining on the inside to give your swollen feet utmost comfort.


  • Stylish and elegant looking
  • Boasts high-density memory foam for superior comfort
  • Superb cost-effective option
  • Can be washed both by hand and machine
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to adjust Velcro closure


  • Best suited for cold weather

9. Propet Cush N Foot Slipper

Propet is a renowned brand for producing some of the best diabetic footwear you can find on the market. And the Cush N Foot Slipper is no different as it comes packed with all the features you may need to keep your swollen feet super warm and comfortable.

To begin with, these slippers feature adjustable straps, allowing you to achieve the most comfortable fit for your swollen feet. The slipper is specially made using 100 percent Synthetic fiber material that delivers maximum breathability, so your feet can stay fresh and well-aerated.

The upper neoprene material is stretchable so you can easily wear and remove the slippers and hugs your feet nicely with minimal pressure. Additionally, this pair is made with a non-slip rubber outsole to keep you safe and stable even when walking on slippery grounds.


  • The slippers open wide for easy wearing
  • Stretchable edges help eliminate pressure points for superior comfort
  • Made of 100 percent synthetic material means they are long-lasting
  • the synthetic outsole offers excellent traction
  • Lightweight design allows easy and flexible walking


  • Doesn’t include memory foam cushioning

10. Vionic Women’s Adilyn Adjustable Slipper

The Vionic Women’s Adilyn is an elegant-looking pair of slippers that stands out from other diabetic slippers for its amazing arch support.

First off, this pair comes in a vast range of width sizes so you can easily choose a size that comfortably accommodates your swollen feet. There is also an adjustable hook-and-loop strap, which makes it easy for you to get the best fit depending on the degree of swelling of your feet.

The footbed is made using Vionic’s Orthaheel technology, which helps minimize over-pronation, alleviate foot pain, and promote proper foot alignment from the ground up. The built-in orthotic hugs your feet perfectly, providing much-needed support and comfort. The padded heel and roomy toe-box also guarantee to give your feet the ultimate comfort and enjoyable experience when in these slippers.


  • Offers outstanding arch support
  • Slip-on design makes getting on and off hassle-free
  • Helps eliminate pressure on your heel
  • Comfortable and lightweight design


  • The orthotic footbed may take some time to break-in

11. JIONS Unisex extra-wide adjustability slippers

These Unisex extra-wide adjustability slippers from JIONS are specially designed to cater for the elderly and diabetics with swollen feet and other foot-related problems.

These slippers feature a hook-and-loop closure design that allows you to adjust the width to better accommodate your swollen feet. The slipper’s upper is made from breathable woven fabric, which helps to keep your swollen feet cool and comfortable during hot weather.

The memory foam insole works perfectly in absorbing impact and evenly distributing pressure throughout the entire sole, so you can walk comfortably or even stand for long without feeling pain on your feet. The seamless inner lining provides a plush feel, providing more comfort for your feet.


  • Suitable for spring, autumn, and even winter
  • Velcro closure design allows for a comfortable fit
  • Offers unparalleled comfort for swollen feet
  • The rubber outsole provides exceptional grip
  • Breathable upper helps to keep feet cool and comfy


  • May run big for some

12. RockDove Men's Geri-Active Adjustable Slipper

These remarkably affordable slippers do a great job of supporting and protecting your swollen feet as you go on with your day to day activities such as mowing the lawn and walking around the house.

These RockDove slippers feature a hook and loop fastener that opens up wide, allowing you to easily get your foot in and seal for a comfortable fit. The pair is also extra wide and deep so you can rest assured they will comfortably accommodate your swollen feet.

On the inside the slipper features soft Sherpa lining with moisture-wicking properties, helping to promote improved circulation and keep your feet warm during cold weather. The high-density foam midsole provides great shock absorption and adequate arch support to minimize foot stress. This helps to ensure your feet are well-supported, letting you walk effortlessly and comfortably.


  • Hassle-free to put on and get off
  • Keeps feet warm and comfortable
  • Rubber outsole provides great stability on slippery floors
  • Ample cushioning provides effortless walking
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Runs small, so order a size bigger

13. CLINIC SHOE Women's Terry Cloth Comfort Slippers

This pair of diabetic slippers are not only incredibly cute but also allows diabetic women with swollen feet to walk comfortably with ease.

The terry cloth slippers come loaded with plenty of impressive features like the adjustable upper design, which lets you to easily tighten or loosen them using the hook-and-loop closure for a comfortable fit. The upper is made of soft and breathable terry cloth and cotton padding so your feet can stay cozy and comfy all day.

The memory foam insole conforms well to the shape of your feet to comfort pressure points, relieve heel pain, and any other discomfort you may be experiencing.


  • Helps to comfort pressure points
  • A roomy toe-box allows free toe movement
  • Offers a soft and protective interior
  • An adjustable strap ensures better accommodation of swollen feet
  • The non-slip TPR outsole for indoor and outdoor use


  • Runs small for some

14. Mei MACLEOD Women's House Slippers

The Mei MACLEOD Women's House Slippers are another superb option for different levels of feet swelling.

This pair features an open toe design to provide you with ample room for your swollen feet and hammer toes. With adjustable straps, you can conveniently adjust the width if the slipper depending on the level of swelling for a custom fit. This also makes wearing and removing the slipper effortless for you.

The slipper also features rubber outsole offers excellent traction for enhanced stability and protection from falling even when walking on slippery floors.


  • Supper-easy to wear and take off
  • Accommodates all levels of foot swelling comfortably
  • Uniquely designed to cater for hammertoe deformity
  • Lightweight and comfy


  • The insole may feel a little hard initially

15. Lasiper Mens Slippers

The Lasiper Men’s slippers are well-made to relieve any discomfort and irritation caused by aching swollen feet.

These diabetic slippers feature hook and loop system for easy wearing and getting them off. You also can adjust the straps according to the extent of swelling of your feet for the most comfortable fit. The pair also flaunts an open-back and open-toe design so you can move your toes freely while also enjoying maximum air circulation.

The insole comprises three memory foam layers that nicely molds to the shape of your feet to give you maximum support and comfort. The memory foam also retains its shape even after hours of wearing the slippers.


  • Anti-slip sole prevents you from sliding
  • Exceptionally comfortable and supportive memory foam insole
  • Breathable design ensures your feet stay cool and comfy
  • Open-back design and adjustable straps make wearing easy
  •  Machine washable makes cleaning effortless


  • The fabric tends to wear off quickly

16. Hotme Men's Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

If you have swollen feet and are experiencing terrible pains, you may want to consider these diabetic slippers from Hotme.

Featuring a soft velvet fabric upper and coral fleece lining, your feet stay nicely hugged in plush comfort when in these slippers. The soft lining also helps to keep your feet warm during cold weather. The high-density memory foam insole adds to the comfort while also alleviating foot pain.

You shouldn’t worry about sliding when you’re wearing these slippers, thanks to the non-slip rubber outsole.


  • high-density memory insole delivers unmatched comfort
  • Thickly cushioned to eliminate pressure on your feet and relieves pain
  • The rubber sole lasts long and keeps you from slipping
  • Adjustable Velcro closure better accommodates swollen feet
  • The soft lining keeps your feet warm and comfy
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use


  • Runs too small, you should get two sizes up

17. Orthofeet Asheville Men's Slippers

Next on our list is another excellent pair of diabetic slippers that looks impressively great and uniquely designed to provide extra support and comfort for people with swollen feet.

This pair features soft, non-bidding upper with a simple Velcro closure on the side so you can adjust for extra width to get the most comfortable fit for your swollen feet. The orthotic insole conforms to your foot’s shape to give you extreme comfort on pressure points.


  • Great depth design guarantees maximum foot support
  • Unique, stylish design
  • Keeps feet comfortable and pain-free
  • The soft fleece lining keeps feet cozy and comfy


  • Limited adjustability

18. AOIREMON Women Diabetic Extra Wide Slippers

These extra wide diabetic slippers are specially designed to offer pregnant women and the elderly with swollen feet unparalleled comfort and increased stability for easy walking.

This pair boasts unique Velcro flaps that you can adjust for the most comfortable fit for your swollen feet. The slipper also features an ultra-soft memory foam insole that offers superior comfort and support to pressure points.


  • The non-Skid outsole helps to keep you from falling
  • Extra-Wide Design better accommodates swollen feet
  • Memory foam insole offers ample cushioning 
  • Flexible rubber heel
  • Adjustable Velcro tabs make fitting swollen feet easy


  • Runs slightly small, consider getting one size up

19. Foamtreads Men's Extra-Depth Wool Slippers

The Men's Extra-Depth Wool Slippers are another great diabetic slipper from Foamtreads that promises to deliver superior comfort for swollen feet.

These slippers stands out for its generous padding and superior fabric that helps eliminate awful foot odors and bacteria accumulation. This pair features two hook-and-loop straps that let you adjust for the most comfortable fit.  This also makes getting the slipper on and off pretty effortless for you.

You may also like that these slippers come with a non-marking rubber outsole that provides enhanced traction on different kinds of floors.


  • Offers generous padding
  • The hook and loop closure allows for easy on and off
  • Wide toe box promotes free toe movement
  • Available in different color options
  • Incredibly lightweight and breathable


  • Some wearers experience issues with sizing

20. LongBay Men's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

The last diabetic slipper on our list is a superb option for any diabetic looking for a pair of soft, warm, and cozy slippers for their swollen feet.

This pair features a unique adjustable elastic design, which makes wearing them painless for you. This also makes it possible to fit in your swollen feet. The inner lining is ultra-soft to give your feet a comfortable cushioning.

The roomy toe box promotes better toe movements, which makes them the perfect solution if you experience toe irritation. The rubber outsole is non-slip so you can rest assured you’re well-protected from sliding.


  • Soft uppers keep feet warm and cozy
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Extra-wide width perfect for people with wide feet and swollen feet
  • The elastic design makes it easy to fit swollen feet


  • Could stretch a bit more
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