NIKE Lunarglide 6 Men’s Running Sneaker

Do you want a running shoe that offers stability, superior comfort and excellent cushioning? Well, Nike had you in mind by designing Nike Lunarglide 6 to solve those issues. The inspiration behind the perfect design of this shoe is drawn from astronauts bouncing weightlessly and effortlessly on the moon. It aims to offer runners a lightweight and responsive ride during the race.

Thanks to a myriad of innovations and upgrades, Nike Lunarglide 6 is engineered to support any pronation while delivering a comfy, plush ride. 

Its dual-density midsole consists of Lunarlon and firm Phylon working together to give you the cushioning you need for every stride. The laser-cut perforations on the upper add ventilation for breathability. Your feet will, therefore, remain cool and dry throughout the race.

NIKE Lunarglide 6 Men’s Running Sneaker In-depth Review


The innovation and significant updates on the upper of Lunarglide 6 make it stylish and comfortable to ride on. Lunarglide 6's upper utilizes lightweight and breathable mesh material that covers your foot comfortably. It also features Five Flywire lacing system, engineered to give you a snug fit. The Five Flywire system is connected to the outsole and run smoothly on both sides of the upper to enhance a comfortable and customized fit. Besides, the external heel holds the foot firmly to avoid accidental shoe removal and slippage.


The sixth edition of Lunarglide depicts robust adjustment on its outsole unit. Nike made superior updates to help runners feel redefined by adding cushioning and making the entire shoe lightweight. It features a durable rubber that covers the high-wear area to ensure the outsole's veracity is retained. It enhances great traction. Besides, the Pressure-mapped outsole provides runners with optimal stability and traction. The flex grooves that run through the platform make this edition flexible and pliable, for a natural movement throughout the race.


Nike Lunarglide 6 is designed with a Lunarlon midsole to enhance springy, cushioned support. The shoe cements Nike’s reputation for making stable and comfortable running sneakers. Users will appreciate the denser foam in the midfoot, built to provide medial stability both while standing or running. All these features speak of this shoe edition being an all-round sneaker, for everyday use. Overall, the midsole of Lunarglide 6 has been upgraded to offer overpronation protection. It's suitable for both moderate and overpronating racers.


You would hate to have a shoe that doesn't keep your feet cool and dry. Luckily, Nike heard your plea when engineering Lunarglide 6. The soft form used to design the shoe is extremely breathable. And to make it more breathable, Nike engineered the upper with a mesh that kowtows to the foot after lace-up. It simply fit like a glove! When making the shoe, Nike strived to have a comfortable and a lightweight shoe by removing as much material as possible. This enhances natural motion while the breathable mesh on the upper gives a perfect combination of function and form. The shoe doesn’t allow your feet to get hot and sweaty. Therefore, it eliminates any possibility of slippage while racing.


This versatile shoe is considered as a top-rate Nike shoe. Not only because of its stability and comfort, but also due to its durability. Lunarglide 6 has been tested on non-technical trails, long runs, and even on everyday walking. Its durability is impressive enough to defend Nike’s solid reputation in making sturdy shoes. It’s no doubt it was built to last. The toughness felt on Lunarglide 6 is a telltale sign that its quality has not been compromised.


A runner who overpronates requires a shoe that is designed to offer extra stability. It's no doubt that the running sneaker will keep your feet supported and stable. The Lunarlon foam midsole absorbs shock that comes with every footfall. The Pressure-mapped outsoles add support that a runner needs to race with confidence.


Getting a shoe that blends functionality and comfort can be a taxing balance to strike. However, Nike strived to attain the balance by using materials that make Lunarglide a lightweight and an efficient running shoe that scores extremely high in comfortability. The soft, springy Lunarlon midsole adds more comfort. The seamless upper prevents blisters and abrasions, while its lightweight nature allows the runner to hit the terrains with uncontainable speed.


The shoe is a no-brainer for overpronators. Its responsiveness, traction, and comfort level are some of the significant features that make it superior. Lunarlon midsole, breathable upper, and the flex groove make the shoe kowtow to the shape of the feet for maximum flexibility. Nike Lunarglide 6 is not too loose, not too firm, but the perfect fit.

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