Superfeet Insoles Buying Guide

Superfeet insoles are catching up in the market today and they help to reduce feet pain and discomfort. There are different types of the supefeet insole according to the different shapes and sizes of your feet.

Getting the required insole is very crucial and can help prevent heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. But obviously, these superfeet insoles are mostly recommended by your physician or doctor. Here is a full and comprehensive buying guide that will make you more knowledgeable about the different types of superfeet insoles.

Superfeet Insoles Buying Guide

1. Adaptability 

Being adaptable to the superfeet refers to the ability of the superfeet insoles to resemble the anatomical shape of your feet. This allows the users to have access to features that improve their specific foot shape and proportion. Those little aspects that are not included in your normal standard insoles do make a difference in your foot performance in the long run. One of the adaptive features to always keep in mind is the ability to enhance arch support. Mostly, we tend to ignore arch support not realizing how important it is and that it can greatly affect your performance in your normal daily routine. Another aspect to consider is the heel cushioning as this is the part that receives most of the pressure especially while standing or taking on very strenuous activities. Most, of the foot discomforts, occurs at the heel and these results to extreme pain after some time. The adaptability of the superfeet insoles is one of the crucial importance to always consider while looking for a perfect insole for your feet.

2. Protective properties

Let’s face it the reason for getting a superfeet insole is to get the required protection on your feet and to ensure that your feet do not suffer from heel and arch discomfort. There are a few protective properties that should always be in your mind when looking for the perfect superfeet insoles.

3. Heel support

The heel is mainly the part of the foot that supports the whole body weight and this causes it to be the first part that can be affected. If the heel part is greatly affected and in a lot of pain most of your daily activities are put on hold. Having a perfect superfeet insole offers great heel support that allows your feet to have less pain and this allows you to carry out most of your activities with ease.

4. Shock absorption and arch support

When your feet are exposed to a lot of standing for long hours they tend to develop discomfort and if this goes on for a long time you might end up having foot problems. This can be corrected by getting a great superfeet insole that is designed for your foot type. This allows your feet to have an increased support and the foot arches to be aligned correctly. There are some superfeet insoles that absorb shock from your feet and help in increasing the feet support by redistributing your weight evenly throughout your feet. This allows and prevents any future foot medical issues and most importantly correct ay current foot problems that you might have.

5. Cushioning

Most people usually ignore cushioning of the insoles but this is actually an important factor in protecting the delicate parts of your sole from extreme pressures.  Unfortunately, most shoe manufacturers always ignore this fact and these mistakes end up costing some of their customer's feet discomfort. Perfect cushioning will always allow you to carry on your daily duties with ease and to provide your feet with the needed comfort.

6. Level of comfort

 The level of comfort should always be of utmost importance. You need to be comfortable when wearing any shoe, and so you need to have the best insoles in the market. Always ensure you get the best superfeet insoles in the market for your foot type. This will greatly improve your comfort and your general foot health.

How to trim my super feet insoles?

The insoles come in different sizes and most often they need to be trimmed so that they can fit in your shoes perfectly. The trimming process can be a little bit tricky but here are a few steps that will make it much easier for you to have the perfect trim.

Step 1

Remove any existing insole from your shoes. This insole will be used to trim your exact shoe size in the superfeet insoles.

Step 2

Place the superfeet insole on a surface preferably a flat surface. Put the standard insole on top of the suprefeet insole and align them from the toes to the heels and inside edges. Draw around with a pen or marker and outline the superfeet. When the insole is stuck in place, take the superfeet insole and place it under the shoe and mark the toe line.

Step 3

Trim around the outside markings, always make sure you trim a little bit away from the marking lines. Leave room for you to trim some more if necessary.

Step 4

Insert the superfeet and make sure it has room to move so that it does not resist when your feet are inside. Make sure that it is the correct size and it does not hurt your feet.

1. Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole

The superfeeet green full-length insoles are designed for high arched feet. They are equipped with a deep heel cup that offers maximum support and aligns the soft feet tissues correctly to prevent and absorb shock from your feet.

This feature adds support and arch alignment to your feet, therefore, adding comfort to your feet. Also, they have a biomechanical shape that allows your feet to form and mold in the insole thus providing more support to your heel and knees.

Furthermore, the insoles are fitted with an odor control coating that kills bacteria from sweating leaving your feet healthy and dry. Additionally, the superfeet insoles are fitted with a stabilizer cap that increases support to your feet and offers stability to the foam layer.


  • Has a deep heel cup
  • Has a biomechanical shape
  • Equipped with an odor control coating
  • Has a stabilizer cap for added support


  • Not fit for flat feet

2. Superfeet Orange Premium Insole

The superfeet orange insoles were manufactured for the people who want a little bit of spring to under their feet to go that extra mile. They are better suited to the people with high arch feet and athletes who are always exercising.

These superfeet insoles have an odor eliminating coat that reduces the odor and kills the bacteria I the foot that is known to cause foot odor. They fit all types of medium and high- volume footwear with ease. 

Also, they are equipped with a reinforced stabilizer cap that offers support to the rearfoot and to provide structure and stability to your foot, knees, and ankles. Moreover, they are equipped with a biomechanical shape that allows the foot to mold into the superfeet insoles and reduce foot stress.


  • Have a reinforced stabilizer cap
  • Has a deep heel cup
  • It has a high impact foam forefoot


  • Not suited for flat feet

3. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

The superfeet Black premium insoles are a made to fit the low arched feet. Moreover, they are designed for light support and to give the required support to a low arch foot. They are perfect for shock absorption and offer arch support and this makes your feet to be comfortable.

 Additionally, they can be fitted in most footwear with ease even the tight fitting type of shoes. Furthermore, they offer protection from foot pain, heel pain, arch pain and plantar fasciitis. They are equipped with NXT anti-bacteria coating that is excellent to kill any bacteria from your feet and maintain your feet healthy and less sweaty.

An added advantage is that they have a 1/16 inch foundation high-density foam that offers added comfort to your feet and absorbs moisture from sweaty feet leaving your feet dry and free from bacterial and fungal diseases.


  • Have high-density foam that resists moisture and offer more heel comfort
  • Has anti-bacterial coating that protects your feet from bacterial diseases
  • Best suited for low arch and flat feet
  • Has a heel cup that helps stabilize your foot


  • Not suited for high arch feet

4. Superfeet Women's BERRY Performance & Comfort Insoles 

The superfeet women’s berry superfeet insoles offer an exceptional biomechanical support for athletic women who love to go that extra mile.

The superfeet insoles feature resilient high impact foam that easily molds to the shape of your feet to offer that extra support to your feet. They are specially designed to fit women’s footwear ranging from high heels, running shoes, boots and dress shoes. Moreover, these superfeet insoles are designed for all types of medium and high volume women’s footwear and medium profile feet.

Also, it has a deep heel cup that helps support the foot during high impact activities and long distances. This allows you to train with ease and comfort to your feet.


  • Has a reinforced stabilizer cap
  • Has a deep heel cup
  • Has a responsive full-length foam layer


  • Not suited for low arch and flat feet

5. Superfeet COPPER Personalized Comfort Insoles

This superfeet cooper insole creates a perfect impression of your feet without casting or baking. They easily mold into your foot shape easily and offer the needed support. They are specially designed for a low profile that offers the most accommodating shape and support.

Additionally, they fit the high volume athletic, casual, and dress shoes easily. They have an organic, odor control coating that eliminates odor from your shoes and insoles that can cause bacterial and fungal diseases.

This helps keep your feet healthy and dry and prevents any medical issues. It is equipped with a high impact foam forefoot that provides shock absorption and arch support thus offering a long lasting comfort to you.


  • Has organic odor control foam
  • Has a responsive full-length foam layer that foams support and cushioning to your feet
  • Has a reinforced stabilizer cap
  • Has a deep heel cup


  • Not suited for high arch feet

6. Superfeet Unisex Carbon Full Length Insoles

These carbon superfeet insoles have a carbon fibers stabilizer cap that is reinforced with EVOLyte carbon fiber and polymer blends. This unique cap helps to stabilize and offer support to the low volume insoles this ensures that the insoles offer the much-needed comfort to your feet.

Also, it is equipped with a heel cup that offers support and stability to your feet and it positions the heel to a much natural position to help it absorb impact more naturally. The carbon superfeet insoles are well suited for the low profile shape and it has a biomechanical shape that reduces stress to the feet, ankles, and knees.

Moreover, it has foam perforations that allow air circulation by improving breathability and reduce weight exerted on the heel of the foot.


  • Has a lightweight high-density foam
  • It has foam perforations for breathability
  • It is equipped with a heel cup
  • It accommodates a wider range of shoes


  • None identified

7. Superfeet Trim-To-Fit Insoles Low Profile

The superfeet trim to fit insoles are blue in color and they offer support to your feet and help stabilize your ankles and knees.

They offer the required biomechanical principles and mold your foot to the sole thus helping add support and stability to your feet this aspect greatly improves the comfort of your foot. They have an odor control film that eliminates the odor from bacteria and sweat that can cause bacterial diseases.


  • Has an odor eliminating coat
  • Has a deep heel stabilizer cap


  • None identified

Now say bye bye to your feet discomfort and welcome a new way to have relaxing and comfort feet. We hope that this buying guide has helped you. Foot discomfort can make you not take part in most of your daily activities. This can be easily controlled by getting one of these superfeet insoles that offer support and stabilize your arch and heel.

All the best!

Frequently asked questions 

1. Can I use one pair of superfeet in different shoes?

Of course, you can use the superfeet insoles in each pair of shoe you use. It is advisable that when buying a new pair of shoe you carry the superfeet and see if they fit in the new pair of shoe you planning on buying.

2. Can I use my superfeet with high heels?

I don’t see why not you can’t use them with your high heels or full-length lifts. For more comfort, you can connect your heel lift with tape to the superfeet insole.

3. How should I clean my superfeet insoles?

Always hand wash the insoles with soap and lukewarm water. If possible use a toothbrush as a tool to thoroughly clean the superfeet insoles. After cleaning remove the excess water with a towel and leave them to air dry. Do not wash them in wash and dryer machine or leave them to dry in front of any heat.

4. How long do superfeet insoles last before getting a new pair?

This definitely depends on the person using the superfeet insoles. The average lifetime will depend on the person weight, gait, and usage. If you tend to wear them every day for more hours it will definitely not last as long as the person who uses it a few times a week for just a few hours. After a prolonged period of use, your feet will most likely tell you when to replace the superfeet insoles.

5. Can I use my superfeet with waterproof insoles?

First, you need to protect the insoles from contact with the liner if you are going to use a superfeet that is not recommended for the job. You can use a thin strip of duct tape and place it correctly on the bottom of stabilizer cap, this will provide a protective lining.

Secondly, make sure that your shoes are frequently inspected regardless of what type of insoles you use. Also, clean your shoes regularly and remove any dirt debris, stones or sand in your shoes.

6. Can the superfeet help heel spurs?

Honestly, this is a tough question to answer but one thing is for sure the superfeet insoles will definitely improve your comfort. This is done via the deep heel cup and cushion that holds more fat under the heel bone.  This improves the comfort of your foot while standing for long hours.

7. Can superfeet prevent foot elongation?

Foot elongation usually happens when you apply a lot of force and weight on your foot. Foot elongation can be prevented by the use of superfeet insoles this is done by stabilizing the foot. This is improved by the addition of the superfeet insoles and when this happens the overall fit gets improved and foot elongation is greatly reduced.

8. What causes my superfeet insoles to squeak?

Squeaking can be caused by a few things and it’s not a thing to be worried about. First, the squeaking could be caused by the fact that the insoles move independently inside the shoe but this all changes once your feet are adjusted and molds in the superfeet insoles.

If the squeaking still continues this could be caused by the fact that trimming was not done correctly, you should remove the superfeet insoles and trim them to correct size of your feet. If the squeaking continues to try a little talc on the inside of the shoe as well as the bottom of the stabilizer cap to readjust your shoe size.

9. What if the superfeet insoles cause foot odor?

If you notice that your feet are getting a strong odor here are a few tips that you need to follow;

  • Try different brands or material of the sock
  • Let your shoes air out each night by removing the insoles
  • Apply lotion to your feet regularly
  • Add baby powder to the insole and the shoe
  • Refrain from wearing the same shoes for three consecutive days
  • Soak your feet in Epsom salt twice a week
  • Clean the insoles following the advice is given

The selection of superfeet insoles depend on two attributes; the profile and volume. This allows you to know the correct superfeet insole that is needed for your exact foot type and size.

Insole profile

The profile of the insole depends on the height of the insoles and how they feel under your feet. They are divided into three types; the low, medium and high profiles.

1. Low profile

They are better suited to people who have flat feet or low arches. This shape accommodates and supports the widest variety of foot types.

2. Medium profile

They target the neural arches and moderate arch in the foot. They offer moderate support and shape to the foot.

3. High profile

They mostly target the feet with a high and deep arch. They offer the best support and shape, especially to athletes.

Insole volume

This refers to how much space the insole requires inside your shoe

1. Low volume

These insoles take up little space and they are suited to almost all shoe types and boots.

2. Medium volume

They are better suited for the casual shoes and footwear. They are specially designed for an active lifestyle.

3. High volume

They fit best in shoes that have extra space. Most of them are boots for wider feet.

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